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    This place is dead, no need to apply here.

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    -OOC (Out of character)-

    Minecraft Username: spawnfan55

    Age: 17

    Past experience with roleplay: I've been roleplaying across a few different platforms like Roll20, pen and paper DnD, Minecraft, Starbound, and so on for several years now. In terms of Minecraft servers, it mainly starts off with the third and final iteration of Crafthammer, then I believe I went onto Lord of the Craft, with Ericia coming afterwards, alongside that of Echoes of the Ancients, Echoes of Mankind, Swords of Abreth, The Last Ark, Realm of Saphriel, Wayward Realms, Realm of Imeros, Alaurin, Avaris, and Rapture.

    What is “Meta-gaming”?: Meta-gaming is the act of using OOC details for one's own IC benefit, aka Johnny learning of Bobbies location via an OOC message and him going out to kill him in order to carry out a bounty, instead of RPing such out and breaking logic doing such.

    What is “Power-gaming”?: Power-gaming is the act of forcing an action upon someone else, like Johnny suddenly just chopping Bobby’s head off despite the fact he has more than ample enough time to react to the attempt.

    -IC (In character)-

    Name: Hyrcranus Eichmann

    Age: 28

    Race: Imperial(Colovian)

    Appearance: Hycranus Eichmann stands at around 5’5 with what could be seen as a somewhat lean yet muscular build, having what can be seen as a rather tanned complexion to his skin, usually with a sort of gaunt demeanor to the way he walks. Hycranus’ face has a large scar running across his right cheek, the complexion to his face being a rather tanned sort of brown, with a set of brown eyes that seem to be rather focused and strict when they gaze upon something, having a roundish sort of face and a broad average sized nose, and typical round ears, with a set of short cut darkish brown hair on his head. His body is rather moderate in terms of physical feature, having a mix of a purely broad build and a rather lean one, his chest is only somewhat broad, followed with his arms and legs being seen, covered in slight amounts of scars from battles and working, all of which are at least proportioned to his mediocre size. His body is generally covered in what is a gambeson made of a mixture of linen and leather, with a set of arm sleeves and trousers made of leather as well, with a belt dominated by that is an iron longsword at his side, tending to wear the gambeson usually with typical linen and leather clothes underneath such.

    Personality: Hyrcranus Eichmann’s personality could be considered to be a rather quiet yet serious one, the man really not preferring to talk to much, usually letting others do the talking for him, less due to not being a charismatic individual, but more so in return due to the strict training he had underwent within the Legion. He in particular tends to not like to talk about things, only serious matters, a casual conversation to him is possible, but he isn’t going to go out of his way to talk with someone out in the open streets unless he absolutely has to, mainly due to the fact he sees it as a waste of time and somewhat dangerous. He isn’t too fond of just sitting about, idling by, and not doing anything, now every so often he might sit down and have a drink, but the training that he was went through, and the way that such tended to get in the way of time rather ruined his mood for such. Hyrcranus in himself is also not too fond of certain individuals, that being any of the Mer races, alongside that of the Nords, Argonians, and Khajit, mainly due to the fact of the Great War, but he has a respect for Orsimer due to their service in the legion, but he does have a general hatred of Nords due to the rather small Civil War he had wasted a good decade of his life fighting in just to retreat southwards into what is considered an Empire that is falling apart. He doesn’t mind any of the calmer individuals of each of the races, but he in himself feels odd and not at ease if he isn’t about any other human beings. He’s also somewhat of a rather cautious fellow, not willing to jump into a conflict without making sure there are others supporting him, and he also has a waning loyalty to the Empire, which is still there, but after a decade of fighting, and spending time he considered a waste in a wasteful Civil War that was ought to be lost, led him to question such, but in return he still adheres to the Empire, mostly due to him believing it being rather ungrateful to turn his back on the individuals who had raised him.

    Abilities (Magic and Skills): Hyrcranus Eichmann as of far, is no advocate of magic, in return he’d be willing to learn it, but he has no knowledge of any spells or any arcane knowledge in general, due to a lack of exposure to it. He in himself is capable of doing physical labor, now not to the extent of hauling logs for miles and clearing out a whole mine within seconds of ore, but he can lift his own weight, due to him having been raised on a farm which required quite some physical work, it left him in somewhat prime shape when he was tossed into service, and the physically rigorous training of the Legion in return had hardened his mind and body even more so. He so far, in terms of weaponry, is specifically devoted to bladed weaponry, more so of the longsword type and so on, although within the Imperial Legion he was one of the few known to use larger longswords and greatswords in return, serving within a regiment of those who used those types of swords, mainly as a way of combating rogue groups of Nords swinging about heavy two-handed weaponry. He can heft a longsword as well as any sort of larger bladed European styled weaponry, but he isn’t no sort of master, having lost and won his fair few bouts in his time. He’s also got somewhat of a knowledge of using a bow and arrow, mainly due to his young childhood spent hunting with his father, although having never really used such since then, besides when he needed a spare amount of money or food, or his regiment needed such as well, he never really came to be what could be considered good with a bow and arrow, although his father taught him how to make one in times of need, as well as arrows if need be. Overall, he’s capable of doing physical labor, he has devoted a bit of time to swinging about larger variants of swords and fighting with such, capable of at least using a bow and arrow if need be, but he’s still just a human who also has no clue of how the arcane works in itself.

    Backstory (Please write a minimum of 1 paragraph. Quality over quantity.):

    Hyrcranus Eichmann was born in the year of 183 of the Fourth Era in the Third Century, some time in the Summer of the year in one of the rolling farm fields in Western Colovia within Cyrodiil, to a father known as Cranike Eichmann and a mother known as Mara Eichmann, with his father being what was a retired legionnaire turned farmer and his mother being a farm woman that Cranike had met and fell in love with a year years ago. Hyrcranus Eichmann was the oldest child of the few, with them having several other sons and daughters later on within life, he was raised under the Nine Divines, with his parents worshipping that of Zenithar due to them being a family of farmers, that of a laboring family, he in return fell under the ideals of hardwork and labor and commerce, a specific shrine made for Zenithar of wood and stone within their hovel and the fields surrounding them. Hyrcranus grew up into what was his teenage years working on this farm, aiding with feeding the cattle, making sure the fields were prime enough to be harvested to feed their family and pass the bounty they had to collect to send to the hold within the area in order to keep the land and keep them off of their backs, it was considered a rather relaxed existence, free of the turmoil going on about Tamriel for a time as he lived with his family.

    A decade and about eight years passed as he became a man of sorts, at the time with the Empire in itself being wrought upon by adversaries of all sorts, and left barely functional following the Great War, practically in dire need of what would be considered cannon fodder, but just called able men in order to make them not think such, a local Legion scout came to the farm one day, calling to them that the oldest of their sons was needed to reinforce the garrisons to the north, being that of the Imperial holds within Skyrim in order to retain whatever power the Empire still had. Hyrcranus Eichmann was practically thrown into service under an Imperial Officer known as Titus Cerand, underneath a legion of what was pretty much a bunch of young lags fitted with shoddy armor and swords, all hyped for glory and fame as they marched miles and miles north to the province of what was Skyrim at the time, taking about a fair year to get there, in that time he was trained under Imperial code, taught how to fight, now far from being the best of the men, but not the worst, he was found to prefer a good sized sword held within both of his hands compared to the other men who would pick up a bow and arrow, or a shield and one-handed sword, he picked up a longsword, and was seen to prefer it, with Titus Cerand putting him within a separate regiment that acted as a good bit of skirmishers, mostly a mixture of Orsimer and Imperial sort of shock troops that, with their larger weaponry, was mainly made to hit any charge of enemy forces in the side to cut through such with such weaponry as the shield lines stayed and held the line. Conflict didn’t exactly start until laters when Ulfric slayed the High King, and fights began to break out amongst between Stormcloak forces and Imperial forces, now due to the fact that Imperial forces in themselves were strained and isolated due to a weakening Empire, Hyrcranus found himself fighting in what was a retreating sort of fight rather than a winning fight in itself, his sort of legion regiment retreating further south and south until only so many of them were left, moving back into a still somewhat crumbling Cyrodiil, he found himself working as a mere guard for a legion officer once again.

    As time went by for Hyrcranus, he found his sort of loyalty for the Empire waning more and more so, just idling by as a mere guard for a legion officer within a small village, he took more so to drinking for a bit, and would be seen grumbling to himself within his room within the barracks, praying to Akatosh constantly for some sort of opportunity to not just waste away in some mere village just like the one he had been raised in. He found himself being sent a spare letter by someone from within the county of Anvil within the Gold Coast, by a courier, who spoke of the death of Count Umbranox within Anvil, being one of the key proponents in keeping such a land under Imperial control. Hyrcranus found himself asking his local officer for the ability of retiring from the Legion, and due to him having served a good decade in a dark time for the Empire he was allowed to leave such, and in return he left it. A year passed as he wandered West through the expanses of Cyrodiil, and Tamriel, mainly as a partial sort of sellsword for a time, he found himself wandering upon the region of Gold Coast, seeking the county of Anvil mainly as a way of testifying his loyalty to the Empire.

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    IG name: Xaephros

    Age: 17

    Skype: reasonably_dank_memes (can't talk, can listen)


    IC name: Durak Rakshasi

    IC age: 23

    Character skills:

    Learned: Has been educated on a variety of subjects, including carpentry, medical sciences, animal husbandry, and more.

    Agile: Moves quickly and quietly.

    Southern: Accustomed to life in the desert.

    Darkvision: Orcs can see in any light level above pitch-blackness.

    Character flaws:

    Cowardly: Strongly prefers to avoid fights when possible, and almost exclusively uses a bow when he can't.

    Outsider: Unaware of many human customs and does not yet have full command of the language.

    Carnivorous: Orcs cannot eat bread and require a steady supply of meat.


    Durak hails from the city of Rakshasa, in the far-southern scrublands and desert. Rakshasa, like many cities in the south, was formed when one of the many warring Orcish tribes became successful enough to stop being a "tribe" and start being a "civilization". Durak grew up next to the only bookshop in the city, and spent his time reading everything he could get his hands on. Aside from learning practical knowledge, he also read about the stunning civilizations to the north, with their humans and elves and half a dozen races he hadn't even heard of before, and eventually developed the urge to actually go to places instead of just read about them. At 21, his wanderlust got the best of him, and he began to make his way north, finding his way to Arcadia after months of travel.

    When he heard about the expedition to Avaris, he jumped to the call.

    (One of the previous applicants had her race as half-orc, so I figured a full-blooded orc would still be lore-friendly.)

    APPLICATION- Accepted

    On the Orc, so, being a scholarly one in itself isn't too obscene, seeing as a few Orcs do live in Arcadia, so I can let that slide, but take into account being an Orc doesn't make you fast, you ain't slow but you aren't obscenely fast, also no, they don't see any better in the dark than the average human, also remember he is NOT any stronger than an upper tier human due to the fact he is a scholar. You are accepted, but remember he isn't a warrior, and unless he trains, he won't be stronger than any regular warrior character, and you don't have to write your own lore due to the fact some already exists, it isn't too readily available albeit.
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    Quote from BayMickey»

    You are hereby accepted to the server, being whitelisted as soon as I speak.
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    IG name: spawnfan55

    Age: 17

    Skype: Spawnfan55(Xilrak)


    IC name: Akka

    IC age: 25

    Character's skills:

    -Mainly experienced within the general idea of combat, not being the ‘best’ per say, but if you hand him the right weapons and equipment he could hold his own, though he doesn’t exactly specialize within such, though.

    -Natural survivalist, having lived in a semi-nomadic sort of tribe that tended to war with others in the area, he learned how to fend for himself, hunt, skin animals, live off the land, make his own leather gear, as well as tribal weaponry and tools.

    -Despite being a bit small in terms of height at 5’4, he’s a bit stronger than he looks, nothing too major, nothing equivalent to the hulks of men he has seen, but he could do some fair lifting and work if need be.

    -He’s capable of running and traversing terrain somewhat well, not being the fastest runner in the world, nor the fastest man alive, but his running speed and coordination are up to par.

    Character's faults:

    -Despite being somewhat experienced within the general idea of combat, he’s never specifically specialized in any sort of weaponry, so in return he tends to rely on just cunning and practically winging it within fights.

    -His time spent within the plains and forests of Jikl have granted him general knowledge with survival in the isolated parts of the world, but such has left him isolated from main cities and civilization, pretty much to where any ideas of technology, civility, or the like are alien to him.

    -Still, being a bit small, despite it being average height around medieval times, doesn’t mean he will be an exact powerhouse within combat scenarios, only capable of taking so many hits and blows.

    -Overall, the guy’s practically as human as one could get, with him being the more primitive side of humanity leaves him somewhat left out of the typical trivialities of the world, despite having some knowledge of such, he’d come off as rather blunt and rude, inexperienced with more ‘civilized’ people, speaking crude common, only capable of doing what a human could do, possibly making many differing mistakes over time, ticking off the wrong people, capable of dying, is the thing.

    Background: I suppose you’d want some sort of grand story of how some little boy had his parents killed by bandits during that one little raid done by the bandits that completely ****ed up their village, leaving him the only sole survivor of that one little special village in the middle of nowhere no other characters ever knew about nor cared about, and how this one boy started swinging sticks at a tree when he was the age of 5 up until he grew to be 20 years of age, and by then he had become a master swordsman easily capable of slaying a man with one stroke of his blade. Yeah, no, no, Akka, Akka isn’t some guy looking for glory, nor paradise, he isn’t some special bloody man with magical potential or some sorta master swordsman like mentioned above, no, no, just a backwards ass tribal man who decided to take part in the renewed interest of the old island of Avari, and the reason why is because he bloody wanted to get away from his tribe, wanted to see the world per say, decided to so such cause he could, and Akka could care less for glory and fame and the like, just seeing the world, even if he dies, because of the way he believes in his creator, he believes God ordained him with the right to do such, and he will do such as he wants.

    I’m not going to be taking this too seriously, I apologize for that, but let’s get onto this little story, now, about 150 years ago within the timeline of the lore, far off to the East of Arcadia’s empire on the continent of Jikl, existed a mixed set of plains and forests home to possibly less developed tribes of individuals who were actually only mainly within the middle of the Neolithic age in terms of advancement, having really just gotten off their feet from being hunter-gatherer tribes, now farming slight fields of barley and wheat, along with other crops, though some were starting to make a large, sudden jump to the age of steel due to trading with eager traders from the West, travelers from the Arcadian Empire who were looking to expand the Empire’s reach, and one of these few tribes were known as the Makkan Tribe, and these blokes, I’ll say, they weren’t necessarily intimidating looking at first because compared to some of the big, badder whiter looking individuals to the West, these copper-skinned guys that were half-naked and were actually a bit smaller in terms of height to these guys, covered in differing colors of paint, and the hides of animals they killed, yelling obscenities and the like probably came off as funny to these travelers, but they were known within the East to be some of the most brutal, most aggressive warrior-hunters, with the irony of their tribe’s name “Makkans” meaning “small, irritating man” in the name of the Cocka Tribe, who mainly were a set of farmers settling down within the valleys of a set of mountains to the East the Makkans united and came down upon from the hills surrounding the valleys to conquer, integrating such into their own, and them being the first of a set of tribes the Makkans would come to conquer and integrate into their own, and from then on they’d come to be known within the East as such, mainly as odd, whacky ‘savages’ to Arcadian traders, but to the tribals of the East as brutal Warrior-Hunters.

    Akka’s story starts about 24 years ago to a man known as Tokhta’Monx and Mara’Monx, Tokhta’Monx being one of the many warrior-hunters, and Mara being one of the many female hunters within the tribe as well, with Akka having been the only son of the two, only due to the fact Mara was only capable of bearing one child, and cause of this they never went on to have more children, he didn’t need to worry about having to compete with any siblings regarding the likeness of their father, and in return his childhood could be considered rather easy and spoiled in a sense due to the fact that his father mainly taught him what he knew regarding surviving off of the land, with his mother doing the same as well, although his mother mainly granted him some knowledge regarding the tending of crops and gardening as well, with his childhood up to his eighteenth year being considered rather safe and civil until he was took on his first actual hunt, this first actual hunt regarding him bring down a male moose with just his iron-tipped spear, and he managed to do such as well, coming back with the remains of the moose and granting it off to his father who then accepted him into the tribe as a man, now, mainly due to the fact I don’t really care to write a whole novel regarding this, let’s finish off in this paragraph that will finish this story off, with him then being introduced into the ideas of combat and war at the age of eighteen, he became a Makkan in terms of culture, mind, and war as he was given a horse, a bow, a spear, a knife, club, and hatchet to ride into battle alongside his father, and for about six years of his life, well about actually four, he fought alongside his father in dozens of tribal conflicts, helping bring the Makkan clan into prominence as they integrated the conquered ones into their own, over time in those four years he fought, he managed to get tired of constant fighting, with a lack of tribes within their general area to conquer he retired into being a hunter for quite some time, doing such for another two years, making his way across the plains and forests of the East to the city of Arcadia, and being one of the few of his Tribe to enter such a city, he was perplexed by the way these people were, but he took advantage of his skills for a time to make a living, a meager one, but one nonetheless for a time until a set of expeditionaries decided to come to him about the Arcadian Empire seeking to colonize Avaris, and he signed up onto such to continue seeing the rest of the world, and in return he wanted to see what God had in store for him.

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    OOC (Out of character)-

    Minecraft Username: spawnfan55

    Age: 17

    Past experience with roleplay: I've been roleplaying for the equivalent of several years now, mostly on MC servers to even Starbound and some Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader on Roll20, having played a variety of things from the simple human fisherman to the, you guessed it, big green hulking masses of muscle known as Orcs.

    What is “Meta-gaming”?: Meta-Gaming is the act of using OOC details for one's IC benefit, an example of this being Billy Joe Bob learning of Murderer Joe’s location via his brother Joe Billy Bob telling him where he is with an OOC message, with Billy Joe Bob going out of his merry way to cut off Murderer Joe's merry head to do justice, when in reality he did the exact opposite of justice breaking a serious rule.

    What is “Power-gaming”?: Power-Gaming is the act of forcing actions upon another. An example of this being Mighty Warrior Joe suddenly stepping forward and swiping off the head of Assassin of Edge John in one blow without Mighty Warrior Joe giving him a single chance to react, forcing a perma-death upon Assassin of Edge John and breaking a rule as well as defying logic with his mind boggling speed in his fancy shiny suit of platemail.

    -IC (In character)-

    Name: Gurok’Greyhide

    Age: 30

    Race: Gnoll

    Appearance: Gurok’Greyhide, or simply known as Gurok, stands at 6’3 when he walks on two legs, and around 4’5 usually when he crawls about on all fours, not being too remarkably tall for a Gnoll, but having a broader, thicker, more muscular build than the typical lean, sinewy build of other common Gnolls. Gurok’s stout frame is covered in a thick gray coat of fur accustomed to his namesake, mottled with a few splotches of black running across the exterior of the gray fur lining, appearing to be a bit rough to the touch, and thick enough to where it’d help protect the elements, although not thick enough to help cushion basic blows or protect against stabs or slashes from bladed weapons. His face is covered in thick grey fur, with a few splotches of black fur running across it, with him having brown eyes with a moderately sized maw with a large black nose, with a few small scars running across his face from a few spare fights he had with other Gnolls earlier on in his life. Gurok’s body is covered in a few scars and burns, alongside a large charcoal tattoo that is prevalent on his right arm, being shaped like a crude G with two slashes and a jagged mark coming from the lower bottom right part of it, being the mark of the Greyhide clan.

    Gurok usually tends to not wear too much clothing, mainly due to the fact that his thick gray coat tends to keep him a bit warmer than usual within temperate climates, mostly being only clothed with a simple thick leather loincloth to cover his modesty, although at times he can be seen wearing the hides of animals he has hunted across his body, usually stitched into crude tunics, gauntlets, leg coverings, and anything he can make mainly to provide some sort of protection for his body. He isn’t one to shy away from the usage of armor, mainly preferring to wear sets of chain or plate over his chest, wrapping his arms in leather and keeping his legs unarmored only due to the fact his leg’s structure doesn’t allow him to do such. Gurok tends to not wear too much jewelry, preferring to let the hides, tools, weapons, and skull masks he sometimes obtains, uses, and wear to be shown off as his “trophies” of sorts. He as of now doesn’t wear much clothing besides a thick hide loincloth covering his modesty, alongside the few hides of a few boars he had managed to kill earlier on.

    Personality: Gurok’s personality is rather typical of the majority of Gnolls, with him being rather straightforward and somewhat primal in nature, preferring the short route through problems and hellbent on demanding answers instead of asking for them. He doesn’t come off as too friendly to any individuals he’ll meet, even others of his own kin depending on the circumstances, although he’s more lenient to his own kin due to blood relations, but he’s generally one to not talk and mainly act within situations, preferring to be done with them instead of squander. Gurok does have an innate respect for those in power though, mainly due to the fact that his clan mainly respected strength, alongside typical Gnoll culture being built around violent ideologies and shows of strength, with him being smart enough to keep quiet so he can keep his head on his own shoulders so he can live just a bit longer to pass on his progeny.

    Gurok is also rather traditional for a Gnoll, compared to the majority of most other Gnolls who only pray to Gnall and Heyni for victory, he tends to try and pray to them everyday for good fortune and for good will, although he also prays to the Greyhide God of Nature known as “Antler” who is generally portrayed as a grotesque bipedal man with a human’s body, an Elk’s skull, and the legs of Elk as well. He tends to cover himself with the hides, blood, fat, bones, and remains of the animals and enemies that he has killed and or helped to kill. He’s rather religious and tends to deny the existence of other Gods, with him having a rather moderate view on magic, with him preferring its existence due to the powers he has seen shown off by the Gnoll Shamans during the few holy ceremonies he has partook in, thinking that it is a blessing given to them by the Gnall and Heyni for having survived and lived for so long. Gurok, unlike some Gnolls, also has a love for combat akin to the majority of other Greyhides, which is one reason why they are slowly dwindling, with it leading to him taking contracts across the more wild expanses of Eastern Oberley to fight with raiders, bandits, and anyone that pays well enough, leading to him not being fond of other races but used to them at the least, seeing them as rather useful. He doesn’t necessarily believe in honor or bravery, with him even alright with retreating, although he prefers for individuals to finish a battle they have started.

    Gurok overall is a semi-intelligent Gnoll who is also rather traditional and religious alongside superstitious, having a love for battle, and somewhat of a hatred for individuals of his kind who go against their ways. One thing that should be mentioned him is that one of the few things he takes pride in is his thick set of gray fur, which he usually refuses to shave unless the need arises, because it does grow back over time, but thing is that the thick gray coat marks him as a Greyhide compared to the other clans, and if someone else were to shave his coat, he’d consider his own pride lost.

    Abilities (Magic and Skills): Gurok is actually somewhat skilled with the usages of axes and spears as weapons with him having made usage of bows enough to where he can actually shoot one but being far from what’d be a crackshot with such, although he still retains an overall knowledge of how most typical weapons work but usage of any sort of firearms are completely alien to him. Gurok has spent the majority of his life fighting a large variety of enemies from his homeland to Eastern Oberley, with this granting him a fair bit of experience within combat. He also has a bit more muscular mass and strength than usual, mainly due to his body having adapted more muscle mass to make up for his lack of size, making him a tad bit stouter and stronger than usual, but it has left him with a bit less general speed than usual for a Gnoll. It should be mentioned his coordination is still up to par however, due to having spent years of his life fighting within the pits of Gno’Ging as well as mercenary firms of his own kind, he has managed to gain a particular sense of coordination to make up for his lessened speed. He also is rather accustomed to the usage of his senses, his senses not being particularly any better than the majority of his kind, although he’s mostly color blind due to such, but like most other Gnolls he can see rather well within the dark. He also holds no magical powers as of now, alongside no magical potential as of now due to the Greyhide blood within, with him not having much knowledge of magic and other supernatural phenomena. Gurok is also somewhat intelligent, not being too literate or academic in a sense but having a bit of common sense to know what to do and not to do in certain situations, although he can still make stupid mistakes in certain situations. His thick gray coat also grants him somewhat of a resistance against colder environments, although in warmer environments he tends to stay rather warm, sometimes causing him to shave his hide.

    Backstory (Please write a minimum of 2 paragraphs. Quality over quantity.):

    Thirty five years ago within the northern tundras of the Gnoll mainland known as Gno’Gonaldish existed a large camp of a Gnoll clan known as the Greyhides, it was the year 1209 on the 20th day of Spring that a large set of cubs was born to a female Greyhide Gnoll known as Sziika, with the father having been known as the male Greyhide named Sziil,. This litter consisted of six or so Greyhide Gnolls that were all born into the world, with them each individually being named due to their size, build, and color at birth, with them all being named: Moorak a male, Gurok a male, Makka a female, Mara a female, Miyka a female, and Siika a female. It was odd for a litter to have mainly mostly females instead of males due to the high male to female birth rate ratio, although all of them had been born with passing sizes, least under Gnoll circumstances, with Girtuk having been the largest of the litter and Gurok somewhere in the middle in terms of size, with all the females being either slightly smaller, slightly bigger, or the same size as him. The litter was then put under the care of their mother Sziika for the first few years of their lives, although the care was only partial for the males due to the fact there were only two of them, with the females being more cared for by Sziika compared to Moorak and Gurok, with Moorak and Gurok constantly having to fight between one another for scraps of food for the first several years of their lives.

    It should be mentioned that the Greyhide Clan was an odd clan, with them being a mixture of being a nomadic and civilized clan compared to the Firespitters and Mageborn, being similar in structure to the BlackClaw Clan in the manner they were ran by an alpha and his elites who governed over the tribe, but different in the sense that they weren’t as isolationistic as them, being as traditional but more willing to offer their services to other kingdoms and races for a cost. The Greyhide Clan was known to move back and forth between Gno’Gonaldish and the eastern expanses of Oberley in search of a sort of “mana” or life juice that their own Gnoll God “Antler” required a certain amount of in order to bring a Gnoll into his domain where one could battle and kill as much as they could, with such being a reason why they moved about and offered their services to kingdoms in Eastern Oberley. The Greyhide Clan is also typical of their name, being more atypical of wolves than hyenas unlike the majority of their kin, having thick gray sets of fur with shorter, stouter bodies that offered them more resilience and strength to combat the harsh cold environments their breed adapted to, trading some balance and speed for such, with their thick gray coats of fur leading to more common Gnolls dubbing them as the Greyhides, with the Greyhides having took a fair part in Gnoll history by helping aid the first Gnoll Khanate with their wars against the Gnoll rebels, coming to be known as fierce warriors who’d fight to the death as they slayed their way into the unrecorded history of the Gnolls.

    A decade passed as Gurok fought for survival as a cub for several years of the first decade of his life, having to constantly steal food from other litters as well as grown Gnolls alongside his brother Moorak, who constantly fought over scraps of food handed to them by their mother with Moorak usually overcoming his brother due to his larger size, with Gurok having to gain food in other ways by stealing food from other Gnolls, litters, and sometimes having to make his own as he struggled for survival in his first few years of life. Gurok’s life became somewhat easier over time as continued to grow, although he ended up not sharing the same exact size of his other brethren his muscular mass built up to compensate for his lack of general size, with him beginning to ‘conquer’ other Gnolls his age as he grew older for the food they could offer, with him sometimes ending up eating the runts of litters to help “purify” the bloodline of the clan as he was taught. Mainly the first decade of his life was spent sitting around with the males of his tribe, least the latter bits, where he was pretty much beaten into submission the main ideals of the Greyhide Clan, mainly of the typical Gnoll values of killing, pillaging, and subjugating one’s lessers, alongside the idea of acquiring “mana(glory)” to pass on into Antler’s paradise, with him becoming rather traditional and religious because of such, possibly more reverent of the Gnoll Gods compared to other Gnolls who simply just paid patronage to them before battle.

    Several years passed as the Gnoll entered what’d be the Gnoll equivalent of adolescence, Gurok spending a good portion of this time mainly fighting the other younger Gnolls of his clan to prove his worth within it, managing to prove himself worthy of living after he nearly killed off several of them within a test of his skill by one of the clan’s elders, although by then he still wasn’t exactly as large as he would get, nor actually ready to be sent off with other members of his clan to truly prove their worth as a Greyhide, but these years were mainly spent by Gurok “training” in the way that Gnolls train, which mainly is them usually nearly clawing away at one another till a few are left standing, with the remaining ones left to lick their wounds and heal as the still standing ones then proceeded to do the same with each other. Gurok mainly began to practice himself within the usage of axes and spears within the “training” grounds of Gno’Ging, being Gno’Gonaldish’ capital, with such having been the first time he had ever really seen the capital of the Gnoll Khanate where he learned of the basic structure of Gnoll society, generally being the same pecking order most other races had with the Gnoll Khan and his men subjugating those who were under them, generally being slaves and possibly wayward travelers to the Isles who possibly had some kind of deal to make with the Gnoll government, well, whatever government they had, usually the typical slave trade as well as the trades of goods and such. Mainly the capital exposed him to the civilized end of the Gnoll society, mainly teaching him of the large continent to the West known as Oberley which he knew he would be sent to within the span of a few years time, with such making him take part within the large pit arenas situated deep within Gno’Ging to garner some experience for himself within battle. Gurok wasn’t exactly a champion fighter but he managed to actually hold his own fairly well, with his broader physique allowing him to overcome the leaner builds of the other Gnolls, although every now and then much larger more experienced Gnolls would prove to him a challenge, using their superior speed to their advantage.

    Once Gurok entered his fifteenth year, or well, the year that Gnolls physically mature he was then sent off with a ragtag set of several dozen Gnolls of his clan off somewhere on the southern reaches of Gno’Gonaldish to deal with a set of human sea raiders ravaging the camps of one of the lesser nomadic tribes within the Isles. Mainly this battle is what helped Gurok garner a sense of pride within his kind as well as discover the abilities of humanity as well as his own kind, opening himself up to the world as he, well, the pack managed to make quick work of the human raiders due to the way they just swarmed them and their camps as well as their ships, killing off some of their own as well as the human sea raider band, keeping a set of them alive and sending them back off to Gno’Ging to be used as slaves to help build the many machines of war and buildings and the like needed to help with it’s growth. Mainly this first campaign he took part within was somewhat of a ploy to see if him and his other kin were useful cannon fodder of sorts to be used, with him as well as a set others having survived the ordeal made way for this band of Greyhides to be sent out across different campaigns along the Isles of Gno’Gonaldish to prove their worth as well as rid the Khanate of problems they didn’t wish to deal with directly themselves.

    Mainly a decade passed as Gurok managed to fully grow to his current physical status, standing somewhat small although still rather intimidating within a pack of his kind due to his broad build, mainly garnering himself some worth within his clan over the many campaigns he took part in, becoming far less seen as cannon fodder and more so actually as a member of the clan, mainly a part of Gno’Ging society as well as he actually began to work his way into the Khanate’s main forces. Becoming less attached to his clan and more so to the Khan and his own men as he garnered some worth, not becoming a sort of important figure within whatever Gnoll society could be considered, but he was a warrior that wasn’t seen as cannon fodder when he was sent off with a band of a mixture of Gnolls from differing clans by the Khan to aid the Palladin Empire with a heretical rebellion of a set of farmers who had begun to band together and side with a conglomerate of mutants and demons within deep Eastern Oberley. Mainly such was done by the Khan at the time mainly due to the promise of possible slaves that could aid the Khanate with its ever growing populations, as well as to not necessarily help with relations but keep the Palladin Empire and the Ordus Sapiens and its sects from creeping over into the islands of Gno’Gonaldish to see if their existence was considered heretical. Gurok spent about five or so years of his life within the deep expanses of Eastern Oberley, mainly helping kill off wayward bands of mutants, demons, and individuals considered heretics by the Ordus Sapiens as a way of keeping the Palladin Empire off the Gnoll Khanate’s case by the Khan, being used but Gurok not necessarily knowing as he hacked, slashed, and bit his way through the hordes of such for those years. Gurok’s band of Gnolls ended up just settling down within Eastern Oberley over the years, mainly far off from any humans or others that could bother them, although the possibility of him being capable of taking over this new clan was great, he turned it down when he hit his thirtieth year of birth.

    Usually when a Greyhide hits their thirtieth year of life, that usually marks them as an actual Gnoll, something capable of fighting and proving themselves as well as breed as they wished, but in Gurok’s case it was different in that he had been gone from his own kin for long, not necessarily being capable of proving his worth due to the large distance between him and them. Greyhides are known to have an odd sense of individuality, mainly taking pride in their own strength and skill compared to most other Gnolls that mainly just cared for what to eat next, usually such was what drove them to fight for the Khanate and be sent out across the expanses of the East to prove their worth. Gurok, in this situation, decided to cast off all the equipment he had and leave his old band of Gnolls behind, finding himself hearing of an olden castle deep within the Palladian Empire, as well as the gates of the Tempest Wall being opened within Stormgaard. Gurok found himself searching for this castle, less for the powers and knowledge it possibly contained, but the possibilities it allowed for him to prove his own worth, with the Greyhide embracing the ideal of “Uozen”, or his clan’s version of Ragnarok, not necessarily caring for death but for a sense of glory and possibly “mana” as he tapped into the lands of the Palladin Empire.

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    IGN: Spawnfan55

    Age: 16

    Past RP Experience: I’ve been roleplaying for several years now, starting from a Warhammer esque roleplay server called Crafthammer up to the edgefest most people nowadays known as Alaurin, alongside a bit of Roll20, Starbound RP, Terraria RP, and that’s it. Mainly my expertise lies alongside characters most people consider “big, green and OP”, alongside warrior characters like swordsmen and the sorts, having been more exposed to Medieval Fantasy RP than I ever was to Fallout RP although I’ve roleplayed on some fallout RP servers like that of Echoes of Mankind as a super mutant named Fruul, a bit of Nuclear Winter as Fruul as well, alongside the Scorched Sands Alpha as an officer named Zachary West, and the Shadows of the Old World Beta as a tribal named Ayudas. Overall I’ve been there and done that, probably not as much experience as some people here but a lot more than a noob you’d find on the side of the street.

    Fallout Experience: I’ve played a bit of most of the Fallout’s, mainly started with Fallout 3 several years back on my Xbox 360, played that a bit not knowing a clue of what to do, sent it back to Gamefly then got Fallout New Vegas for my birthday several years ago, then I finally got into it. Nowadays I own Fallout New Vegas for the Xbox 360, Fallout 3 and Fallout 1 for the PC as well, having beaten all of them though having never touched Tactics or 2 for some odd reason. Overall I got a bit of experience regarding it, having played a bit of Fallout 4 as well, knowing a bit of the lore and all that.

    Why you would like to join: The main reason I want to join the server is due to the fact of how most RP servers these days are highly lacking in any sort of quality, like that of Alaurin though a good exception could be Gildorym, and or the fact that it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a good sort of Fallout RP server as well. Another reason why is that most of these servers are well, medieval fantasy servers that do the same sort of thing over and over again, without any sort of unique twist to them most of the time.

    Have you been banned before?: Yes, actually several times, albeit some others were from a long time ago on some random survival servers for griefing and trolling, though recently been banned from two servers via a bit of disrespect and or offensive language I believe, that being the Realm of Saphriel and The Shadows of the Old World Beta.


    Name: Adahy

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Race: Human Tribal

    Appearance: Adahy is a rather large tribal man standing at around 6’4, with a large sort of tanned muscular frame dotting his body that would appear to be covered with some scars of varying size. He’s got no facial hair on his roundish sort of face, alongside no hair running alongside the top of his head, having a set of moderately sized ears and brown eyes, with a few scars running alongside cheeks, with a slight underbite to his jaw as well. His body is one of a tanned large muscular build with a bit of fat within it, with some scars and the like typical of someone who’d live within the wastes, being covered in the hides, furs and the sort of animals he has killed alongside his tribe mates, usually keeping himself bare-chested but covering his lower bits with a loincloth made of such, wearing a necklace made of the bones of mutated animals as well, plus a small crude leather belt that he tends to carry his tools and weapons on, plus a crude leather sack of sorts on his back.

    Personality: Adahy is a rather simplistic, brutal sort of tribal that tends to take a sort of brawn over brains approach to situations, preferring more of an up close and personal experience compared to lobbing javelins and the sort at his enemies. He’s not the nicest nor the most sociable sort of person as well, plus not being the prettiest looking man on the block as well, but those who prove themselves to him over time he becomes rather loyal to, albeit if they insult him he’ll do the same sort of thing that what would happen to any stranger that insulted him. Adahy isn’t really one that aspires for any sort of greater goal as well, or anything of the sort only really caring for what he’ll have to eat tomorrow, alongside what state his tribe is in, only caring for the now and the future, not what happened yesterday or the day before. He’s also somewhat mentally unstable as well, with a tendency to lash out at others who tick him off in any sort of manner, mainly via insults on the way he looked or anything of the sort, also having somewhat of a sadistic side to him as well, always liking to see things in pain; either by his own hands or that of some other person or creature. Overall he’s a brutish, simplistic tribal that doesn’t speak much, tends to get ticked off easily and or prefers a more brawn over brains approach to things.

    (Spend 40 Special Points, we do not go off of Fallout 4 Special Stats)

    S – 9

    P – 5
    E – 8
    C – 3
    I – 5
    A – 5
    L –5

    Requested Equipment: A stone hatchet, plus an old rusty combat knife and two metal-tipped or bone-tipped javelins.

    Skills: Adahy’s large physique grants him an odd amount of strength compared to most other humans, enough to allow him to do things that most average human beings couldn't do. He's also more accustomed to fighting things within close quarters combat with whatever he can get his hands on, most of the time being anything heavy like a large club, axe, hammer or anything of the sort that causes a good bit of damage, sometimes a spear though he prefers blunt weaponry over anything else. He’s also somewhat accustomed to using throwing weapons like throwing knives, axes, spears and the sort, mainly having done such to soften up his targets then run in with his main weapon to finish it off. Another sort of strength he’d have is due to his way of life and or how he is built, he can take a good bit more punishment than most regular people could, albeit body still being human, plus another one could be due to his lifestyle once again he’s quite capable of cooking his own meals and making his own sort of crude weapons, not necessarily knowing how to forge metal or anything of the sort although.

    Flaws: Adahy’s size and strength comes at the cost of having rather average senses of smell and the sort, alongside with him not being the fastest nor the slowest man around, being pretty average in that regard. His high pain tolerance also comes at a cost as well, being that if he’s hurt in any sort of way like an arrow to the back or anything of the sort, he’ll probably not be too aware of said wound up until it’s too late. Another problem Adahy has is that he’s not necessarily the nicest nor the prettiest man you’ll ever see, coming from a rather brutal sort of tribal background that prized strength over anything else, with such leading to him becoming a rather moody man that’s prone to fits of rage, more running alongside that of bipolar disorder due to him not being one to take insults so lightly and or being capable of swinging about in moods so quickly. He’s also not considered to be the smartest sort of man nor is he the dumbest sort of man either, with him not having a clue on how firearms or machinery works alongside preferring a more brawn over brains approach to things makes it to where he could easily injure himself within a combat scenario.

    Starting Faction/Town (Optional): Coahuiltecan Tribe

    Place of birth: Somewhere within the canyon

    Role-Play Example:

    Returning home from a short spout of scavenging, you decide to cut through a small alleyway to get there quicker. As you're walking along, two men appear to be bickering. A third man lays on the floor, clearly wounded. They have yet to notice you. You notice they have a couple of knives at their sides. How do you respond?

    The two men have combat knives, but appear to be wearing nothing else otherwise. They appear fairly ragged, and appear to nothing more than a seemingly empty satchel. The man on the ground appears to be wearing a cleaner suit, with a bulging backpack on the ground next to him. You can see various types of bags inside from where you are, as well as a few caps scattered on the ground.

    On your person, you went out scavenging fairly prepared, but ran into some trouble along the way. You brought along a 10mm pistol, with a now empty magazine. You're wearing a ragged set of leather armor, with no helmet.


    • 2 combat knives
    • 2 sets of ragged clothing
    • 2 empty satchels

    Unconscious Man

    • Clean suit
    • Full backpack [Several small bags inside]
    • A few caps on the ground


    • 10mm pistol [Unloaded; No ammo remaining]
    • Ragged leather armor [No helmet]
    • Small amount of scavenged junk

    The large tribal raised an sort of eyebrow at the two men as they bickered amongst one another, reaching down to the holster of his 10mm pistol to grip the handgrip of it and pull it out, knowing full well that the fire spitter had not been fed lead, and assuming by now he at least knew how guns sorta worked he’d slowly begin to raise it up to chest level with his right hand, gripping the trigger with his right index finger as he slowly backed off from the two men with the gun aimed at them, with them having not noticed him just yet.

    The two robbers managed to hear the tribal draw his pistol and begin to slowly back off, with the two robbers shifting themselves about to look at the large tribal, one of the two appearing to stand at 5’8 looking like a man whose someone of mainly mexican descent, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a tanned complexion, being clad in ragged clothing with the combat knife held out in his right hand, being stained with some blood as he appeared to be the one who had stabbed the man who had passed out from blood loss. The other man appeared to just be a slight bit taller with the same build, although appearing to be of Caucasian descent with green eyes, blond hair, and what’d be a much lighter shade of skin than the man of mexican descent. The two slowly began to approach the tribal with a stern expression on their face, appearing to be somewhat weary of the gun as they stood side by side, slowly approaching him with their knives out.

    The one of mexican descent gritted his teeth at the tribal, eyeing him over for a moment as his expression changed to one of mixed confusion, disgust and anger as he spoke out to him, “Okay, big boy, you back off and we get this guy’s **** alright?”, with him nodding to the other man who took a few more strides forward than the one of mexican descent, seeming to be a bit more confident than the other one who stood behind and sifted through the belongings, with him continuing to get ever so closer to Adahy now than before, with Adahy keeping the gun pointed at the man as his companion sifted through the other man’s belongings.

    The blonde-headed one continued to approach Adahy for a moment until Adahy backed off out of the alleyway, with the blonde-headed one stepping back as he realized he had managed to make the large tribal back out of the alleyway, a low sigh came from him as he chuckled, “Oy, Pablo, the ****er’s gone, let’s just stop bitching and ‘share’ his shiy!”

    Adahy lightly grumbled as he backed out of the alleyway, with him looking at the unloaded gun for a moment as he placed it into the holster, shifting about as he turned to quickly run off away from the alleyway into the streets, looking about as he ran away.

    Background (2-3 detailed paragraph minimum):

    Adahy was born in 2258 somewhere within a cave of the canyon to one of the smaller, less significant tribes that were trapped within the canyon 40 year or so back by a group of people from the East after the fall of the New Covenant Tribe, having been born about 18 years after the sealing of such, with his tribe being possibly one of the more brutal sort of tribes that were trapped in the canyon, who tended to practices things like cannibalism and the sort, being consisted of large men and women who lived up in the higher regions of the canyon who lived amongst its caves, somewhat far enough from other tribes to be considered somewhat safe although close enough to be capable of wreaking havoc and the sort upon the smaller tribes that lived within the canyon at the time.

    Adahy was born to one of the larger male warriors to the tribe alongside one of the more brutish sort of females within it, being a rather large sort of child that had to be tended to constantly like all children had to at such an age, being the norm for the tribe at the time, due to the tribe’s harsh upbringing forcing them and their children to be large and or strong in order to survive within the canyon, with them being large due to just that and their preference to eat the meat of animals and or tribals that lived within the canyon, the tribals they lived off of most of whom who lived off of a mixture of the plants they grew and or the animals they could eat down in the canyon itself.

    Adahy’s upbringing was rather harsh and or brutal, having been beaten around by that of his mother and father during his young childhood years to “strengthen” him for his rites of passage later on in his teenage years, with his father and mother caring for him in a harsh sort of manner, feeding him only when he did what he was told to do and punished for doing a single sort of thing out of line, with him sometimes reaching near the brink of starvation and or dehydration just to gain sustenance once again due to him either nearly dying because of such, or finally doing what his parents ordered him to do. He spent about 13 years of his life being practically beaten around by his mother and father, being nearly starved and dehydrated to death alongside sometimes being nearly killed by his father who’d so stupidly bring him along to hunt down either other tribals to cannibalize or animals to eat; which in all helped him gain a rather insanely large tolerance to that of pain due to constant abuse from that of his parents, and nearly dying of starvation and or dehydration as well.

    Adahy’s first rite of passage occurred when he was 14 years of age, having just started growing up in height rather quickly at the time, only being about 5’6 when he was 14 years of age, where he was brought by his father alongside another kid within the tribe he had became companions with in his earlier childhood to an area within the cave that was large enough only for the adults to completely climb out of, with him being tossed into the large crevice with a wooden club alongside his longtime companion of his, with the fathers looking down onto their children with eyes of murderous intent, yelling at the kids to bludgeon each other with their wooden clubs until one was left standing. Adahy and his companion stared at each other for a moment confused about the whole situation, up until his companion nodded to his father and made the first blow.

    Adahy was took aback by the murderous intent of his companion as his old friend’s club came careening down onto that of his left shoulder, causing for Adahy to swing back at him, causing him to bust the very upper bit of the club against the mouth of his old companions, filling him with an odd sort of satisfaction as he started to fight back against him up until he was standing over the crippled, bloody unconconscious body of his old companion, with this first rite of passage helping Adahy lose whatever sort of innocence he had beforehand, helping him become the brutal sort of warrior he’d turn into later on in life, with his first rite of passage done he was no longer so harshly beaten by his father and mother, allowed somewhat free reign since he had done such albeit at the cost of his old friend’s hatred and or their parents as well.

    Several years passed as Adahy learned how to hunt from hunting alongside his mother and father within the lower reaches of the canyon, learning how to kill the geckos, molerats and all the mutated creatures within the canyon with whatever he could put his hands on, learning how to kill such with a mere club if that’s all he had, with him learning how to cook and eat the rough meats of the creatures that he killed alongside his mother and father, with the nourishments of the food he was given by his parents helping spur his insane growth sprout up to where he started to be somewhat of a spitting image of his father, with his constant hunting of even other tribals and the mutated creatures down in the canyon’s expanses helping aid his musculature to become one of rather odd proportions even for that of his tribe, growing to be max around the height of 6’4 when he grew to be 18, matching his father in size and somewhat dwarfing that of his old companion’s family, becoming a large tanned young man with all sorts of scars and the like running across a large musculature made of a mixture of fat and muscle.

    Adahy’s final rite of passage came when he grew to be 18 years of age, though being less a rite of passage and more so a mark of maturation and full initiation into the tribe via the usage of a large charcoal tattoo driven into his arm in the shape of a stone hammer on his right arm to mark Adahy as one of their own, and or fully matured as well, like mentioned before being a spitting image of his father standing at around 6’4 with a large muscular frame, one that made him an exact image of how the tribe was, being a large brutish sort of tribal that used their own raw strength to establish themselves their own place within the canyon at the time,.

    Adahy spent the next 4 years of his life hunting alongside not just his father and mother, but even other members of their tribe within his tribe’s hunting grounds, gaining a sort of respect from most of the other tribes people, besides that of the family that he had somewhat dishonored by turning their own son into pretty much a cripple. These 4 years up until he was 22 were quite well for Adahy, with him garnering respect from that of most of the tribe and or having grown to be quite an imposing figure within the tribe itself, even beginning to start ‘wooing’ one of the women within the tribe, appearing to be doing quite well for himself and his own tribe up until something happened that would tear his tribe apart and rend them into nothing.

    During the time of Adahy’s ascension within his own tribe, the Coahuiltecan tribe was going on their own sort of crusade, even a few or so decades after the change of power within the Coahuiltecan tribe, they were still doing their best to try and retain their dominance within the canyon, subjugating and bringing any sort of spare tribes under them so they could use them as potential slave labor/warriors if need be, and they happened to catch word of what’d be Adahy’s tribe from a spare few other tribes they had subjugated, being a small group of large cannibalistic men and women that preyed upon the tribes that lived below, sort of told as bedtime stories to the children of tribes that lived down below, except they existed but in less numbers and not as fearsome as told.

    One of the few higher members within the Coahuiltecan society sent out a large group of the tribes lesser warriors in order to capture and subjugate Adahy’s tribe into the mold, because the idea of having just a few of the brutes that were told to exist within the tribe would prove to be an asset to the Coahuiltecan tribe, but that being a large “if” if said few of them decided to just give in and be converted into slaves for the tribe to use for their own benefits, and with that they were sent out to the higher reaches of the canyon where some of the few caves that were not too irradiated existed within it.

    It was a dark night when Adahy was, ironically, finally making some “progress” with the one woman he was courting when his own tribe came under attack by the large group of lesser warriors sent in by the Coahuiltecan Tribe armed with clubs, hatchets, metal spears and any other sort of crude weaponry they could manage to get their hands on, charging into the tribe’s main cave they called home and causing a major conflict to go down, with the tribe’s men being sort of in a predicament due to the the fact that there was no other way out the cave, and… the Coahuiltecan Tribe’s patrol of lesser warriors had superior numbers over their own, though strength and skill on Adahy’s tribes own side as he’d ran into the conflict to try and fight off the warriors with his own kinsmen but… all was nought when the fight came to a close and many were dead on both sides, with only half a dozen or so of Adahy’s own tribe still alive and about a dozen or so of the Coahuiltecan’s lesser warriors still alive from the conflict.

    Adahy laid on the ground bloodied from the battle afterwards, also unconscious due to many harsh blows to the head he had received from a few of the men, with him being tied up and dragged to the homeland of the Coahuiltecan Tribe, being enslaved alongside the remaining men and women of his tribe and brought into the Coahuiltecan tribe as slaves, with Adahy being beaten to a pulp until he’d be subservient to his own masters, working as a source of labor for several years, with a burning hatred of the Coahuiltecan Tribe as he tried to work his way up the social ladder from a mere slave to possibly a warrior, although as of now all he really is is just slightly more than a slave, but not still one of the upper tier warriors of the tribe as he aspires to be, in order to have some sort of power and say with his life.

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    Should... just see about applying here soon, regardless.

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    posted a message on Fallout: Shadows of the Old World | Serious Roleplay | Discontinued
    Quote from CBR364591»

    Ok so what changes do i need to make? im not sure what i did wrong. the other rejected posts have reasons stated why they were denied so whats going on realy?

    Okay, I'll be serious here and tell you what you exactly did wrong with your application.

    1.The application layout was just completely butchered beyond belief with you ignoring key parts of it like the strengths and weaknesses, also your grammar is severely lacking as well, being all jumbled up and so hard to read.

    2. So the things you've considered actual RP are somewhat iffy and or that your powergaming and metagaming definitions are far off. Powergaming is the act of forcing an action upon someone and metagaming is the usage of OOC details for ones own IC benefit.

    3. So vault dwellers are fine in some regard, but usually are held to a high RP standard, but being cryogenically frozen and brought into the Wasteland isn't allowed period, becoming a Ghoul is just fine if you want to be Pre War but otherwise that won't work.

    4. Has to be mentioned that you completely ignored the special part of the application and or the strengths and weaknesses as well. The strengths and weaknesses and the special are there as a way of seeing if you are willing to balance out your character and give them weaknesses in itself, but likes, dislikes, and fears don't count.

    5.Once again being Prewar is fine if you are a Ghoul, but no, instead it's practically a rip off of the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, now I would have minded if the old marine was some old Ghoul but that's not the case here. The story is filled with so many cliches that I cringed just reading it myself, being a Prewar Marine who survived the blast via Cryogenics, who I suppose is some grand kind of marine who can't be beaten, but anyways the story just has to be scrapped, if you eanna be Prewar make a Ghoul, but otherwise it won't work, or just be a mercenary or something, but as of now you just got to look at the accepted applications and see how those passed.

    6. The RP example is shoddy, now the helping bit is alright but the flint and steel bit makes me seem to think that you think that this server is just a regular MC server with Fallout slapped ontop of it. No, it's a hardcore RP server where RP takes place over bare ass Minecraft mechanics.

    Overall the grammar has to be improved upon, the layout shouldn't be butchered and some of it ignored. Fix the powergaming and metagaming definitions, scrap the skin and the whole backstory and make something less based on a main character, and improve upon the RP example so until then you are

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    posted a message on ☢Fallout: A Nuclear Winter☢ [Serious RP]

    Just a note for anyone who is applying, this server is kind of in hiatus right now so... yeah.

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    posted a message on Fallout: Shadows of the Old World | Serious Roleplay | Discontinued
    Quote from Bard252»

    Please read the actual post, the formatting got goofed up

    Once again you haven't I inquired on your past bans drom different servers and the skin is just a bit worse. Now I'd be fine with the skin if you cast off the robes and put him in some regular clothing like some old shirt and pants, avoid using 2x2 eyes and that's it. As of now you are...

    Quote from SlimeWarrior00»



    Okay so, I've got some quite mixed feelings regardinf this application because on one hand it meets my requirements but at rhe same time it appears as if your character is "evil just to be evil", regarding how he'd steal and shoot people with little to no care regarding such. Yes I understand that there are some other characters out there that seem like so but those are mainly trusted players already known by the community, I mean I'm willing to let that go but t that stacked up ontop of the skin gived me mixed feelings. Now I don't hage anything against you, just all I want you to do is cast off the 2x2 eyds and give your character a more wastelandish look, now if you hot questions just add me on Skype and my names is Spawnfan55, though all I really want you to do is tidy up on the skin and clarify more about why character is that way, though as of now you are...

    Quote from whenwas»

    Character Name: (Captain) Harvey Davis

    Okay so... yours is a "special case" with me so once I get some clarification you'll fully be...

    Also I apologize for the delay once again, since my phone is a hassle to whitelist on, and or I recommend you REPOST your applications.

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    Quote from AquaDerp»


    IGN: lercas

    Good enough.

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    posted a message on Fallout: Shadows of the Old World | Serious Roleplay | Discontinued
    Quote from nolanwashere»


    IGN: FrothedMilk

    Okay so... everything seems to line up and all that, definitions are good and all that so... you are...

    ((Riley is threatening me with my life if I don't accept it, pls help.))

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    posted a message on Fallout: Shadows of the Old World | Serious Roleplay | Discontinued

    Also for anyone fixing denied applications, I'd recommend you repost it to make it easier for whitelisters to find such.

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    Quote from Bard252»



    IGN: bard252

    So... now I'll be moderate here and I'd ask you yo touch up on the strengths and weaknesses alonvside make the skin look more like a Ghoul, alongside of describing who your character was before the war and major events inbetween plus I'd like for you to fill out the RP example but as of now you are...(I'd also recommend reading the rules a tad bit more)

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