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    posted a message on survival realm/discord

    Im AJ and I want to make a realm to meet new people and have fun. I dont have any specific goals in mind, just to play. Id prefer if people had mics and are willing to vc over ps4 or discord :^)

    if you want to join this realm, you cant grief, build next to spawn, or be racist/homophobic/etc
    Please dont join if you are under 15, and dont lie about your age
    Dont say any slurs you cant reclaim either

    A bit about me:
    Im 17 and I like talking about music a lot. I like industrial and punk genres. I watch anime, and sometimes read comics. I love drawing and DIY. I am also bi and have asd. My time zone is EST, I live in the US

    Add me on discord @ AJB#0666, tell me your age and gamertag, then I can invite you to the realms and its small discord server ^_^

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