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    Just an update on my inactivity, we just got past the first round of the tourney, winning our district. Now we have region, sub-state, and state. By the way we're playing, we have a good chance of making it to sub-state and probably state. Also, I'm heading into exams, which are at the same time as the second half of the tourney, so I'll be really inactive soon. If we make it all the way, it'll be over on May 23. Although I'd love to be regularly modding again, I really want this state championship. Whatever happens, hope to be back soon!
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    Maybe it's not quieter, maybe we're just going deaf.
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    Quote from LCvideogamerP64

    Well, Im done with Killion. Its been a nice run, but I feel like its just not as much fun as it was earlier. I love the community and the server itself, but I just cant do this anymore. I've been pushing back work for this, and I can't keep doing it. I'd like to thank everyone for making this one of the best experiences I've ever had.
    Some special people that had an influence:

    Josh_Mat_2000: Gave me the first 10k to get to B, thanks buddy. Been a great friend throughout my EG experience.
    SpencerWencer: One of my best friends on Killion, you've been an awesome guy. Keep it up, and good luck with Brass and Forum Moderating.
    Sparkyo19: Also one of the greatest guys on Killion, you helped me with anything I needed. You were always there when I needed it most, and I could always talk to you about anything. Keep up the good work, and good luck with Brass and Forum Moderating.
    Astrospeedyj: You were an awesome guy to play/talk with. Best of luck to you and your town.
    OneManMiner: You were a great Chat Mod, and an even better friend. Good luck with Ithaca.
    FFJustinxP: I'm not sure what happened, but I miss you so much. You were one of my first friends on the server, and Ill never forget that day in my cell.
    MajorSkyBlue: We weren't the greatest friends, but you made me laugh a lot. And for that, thank you.
    Treychia: A great friend all the way. Thank you.
    NeonBurrito_: One of the funniest guys I know. I had a great time joking around with you.
    henrypkp123: I know you're banned, but you were one of my friends that migrated from EGA to Killion. I had a great time screwing around with you.
    theeggroll: You are an awesome guy. Hilarious, and just a well-rounded friend.
    Goldmarine9: You were always nice to me, and you were a pretty cool guy.
    VU_Dores: Great guy, you were a nice friend.
    Saiavaia: I cannot express the gratitude I give to you. You helped me through everything, no matter what it was. You always lit up the server, and you are the greatest friend I could ask for.
    I also want to thank the rest of the Wardens and Sr. Wardens for making Killion as great as it was.
    Thank you for the most fun I have had on Minecraft.
    Elsi over and out.

    Sad to see you go, LC. You were one of my best friends on Killion. Stay in touch!
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    Since we're in a poetry mood, I guess I'll post one. (No one's ever read this besides my English teacher :P)

    "Au Grande-mère"

    I never really thought about it much
    How things can turn so gray
    How you become a magnet for death as Death knows you more

    You’ve fallen and taken many with you
    Dad’s aged 20 years since you hit the floor
    Mom doesn’t know what to do since
    Dad can’t think anymore—

    Your food is coming soon, I promise
    Soon after, Heaven will make its entrance
    You, my dear, will then know what love it

    Because love is not known til the other is gone
    You and your lover—hand in hand—in the hospital beds
    Only care in the world is to love just a little longer

    But—you have done so much with your life
    Made all around joyous and pure and bright
    I know what Thomas said, but he is not right
    Please, oh sweet grandma, go gentle into that good night
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    I'll be pretty inactive until the end of May. Baseball season's just kicking in. I have 7 games in 5 days, and it looks like I'll have more weeks like that in the future. I'll also be completely gone next week for a long tournament. I'll still probably be able to get on during the weekend when we don't have practice, but I'll need to devote all of my free time to school work during the weeks.

    See you when I win a championship :D
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    Since we're in a poetry mood in Best/Worst Reports, I'll bring it over here.

    This guy baffles me
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    Quote from d3fin3d

    After seeing all the insane talent that's seeping from this thread, I feel a little humbled posting this.

    If I have any artistic talent at all, it's in music: http://www.youtube.com/d3fin3d

    (I intend to upload more material soon)

    Please don't ever stop singing. Keep making music :P

    Edit: Just listened to "Starry Eyed." Amazing
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    Good luck to all of the applicants!
    I already reposted yesterday :P
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    Since I'm going to be active again soon, I figured I'd repost this :P

    In-game Name: sparkyo19

    In-game Rank: Citizen

    Age: 15 years old

    Timezone: Central Standard Time

    How long have you played on Killion?: I've played for a year and 4 months -- since October 27, 2012.

    Have you ever been muted or banned?: I've not been banned, but I have been muted for 10 minutes

    If so, why and for how long?: The mute was for cussing. It was back when I was in A block, and the "No Cussing" rule had just been formed. Everyone was still getting used to the new rule. Also as a note, I don't swear much, contrary to my mute reason.

    Why do you believe you’re suitable for the Moderation role?: The first reason I think I am suitable for the Moderator role is because I am mature. I never make any immature comments, and I barely ever troll or cuss. Another reason I think I could be a moderator is because I always try to be very helpful. When I'm not working or doing anything, I'm always seeing if anyone needs help, and when I am working on something, I'm more than willing to stop working and help out. Also, I will never disrespect people and treat everyone equally, whether I like them or not. (But that shouldn't matter. I like everyone :P ) The last reason I would make a good mod is because I am trustworthy. You'll never see me being lazy and can always trust me to do something--I'll always finish tasks I am assigned.

    Extra Information: Thanks for reading my application. I know it may be a bit choppy and hard to read because I am not the best writer. :P
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    This thread has gone too far off topic. It's turned into a fast food war. If the OP wants to make another thread, feel free. Let's not stray off topic again.


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