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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server [whitelist] [13+] [vanilla]
    1) How old are you?: 13
    2) What is your in-game name?: kalerbe
    3) What is your real name?: Kaleb
    4) How did you find out about us?: Through the Minecraft Forums.
    5) What is your skype username?: I hope I can get by without one. If not then I will create one.
    6) Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?:I have read and I appreciate the rules, and they were even the primary reason I chose to join
    7) Tell us a little about yourself: I love minecraft, but I always think that I am the most mature person on most minecraft servers. I also do not appreciate Bukkit and other modded servers, so this looks like a great server for me to join.
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    posted a message on Modding With Keegandoc! [1.5.2] [Forge] [SRC] [1.6.1 Soon!]
    I had an error with eclipse... When I opened up the work space, it told me a bunch of stuff was missing and it wouldn't let me go into the src folder. Please help!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Computers
    I'm looking for the same thing as well! Although (even though it's unlikely) my budget is only about $300. However, I only need Linux computer... Sorry to BRCstar for getting his hopes up thinking that this was a suggestion for a computer (if that was the case, anyways. Not trying to assume thus rendering me rude)
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    posted a message on Advanced/Better Combat Mod
    I'm looking for a mod that doesn't have anymore weapons, but just to have better fighting gameplay and stuff. As in a better third-person mode, whereas when you used the bow, it would revert to first-person real quick. Also with stabbing with swords, sniping with the bow, and maybe even dual-wielding. If there was a mod like that, then let me know. Another thing is that there are TONS of forge mods with more weapons in them, like Balkon's Weapons, or one of Flan's various mods. So if you're looking for something with more weapons, look at what's already there before doing your own stuff.
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    posted a message on RECALLING ALL LEGO UNIVERSE FANS!
    YES! This is exactly what we need! go to the following web site for a 6/10 done petition! http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savelegouniverse
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    posted a message on Looking for Admins!
    Hi,I just made a new server called 'Lava Battle Arena' and I need Admins to help me create it completely. So this server is in its beta stage and I need help advancing it.
    Here are rules and statements about the server:

    - ABSOLUTELY NO Swearing or any type of Profanity
    - Please don't get mad if the server won't work, I try as hard as I can to keep it open because I'm on the computer numerous times because I actually have a life out side of it (no sign of offence in any way)
    - When I say to do something please do not ignore or you will be booted or even banned from this server
    - NO TNT or any Explosives
    - I am still working on the spawning problems, so if you spawn somewhere else than the designated area stop playing and contact me
    - Please help me with downloading mods to the server because I am using the .exe file instead
    of .jar so contact me by commenting

    My username is spaghettisause123 and privately contact me if you want to become an Admin.

    Hope to see ya 'round!
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