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    I'm Back! After several months of an apparent lack of interest in modding, I've decided I missed it and am back. I'm not going to update my old mods yet. Instead, I'm going to be diving headfirst into my elevator mod. In fact, I'm farther than ever and super close to being able to release a video. However, if there's enough interest in my metal detector mod, I'll consider updating it before the elevator is finished.

    Obviously, gates have been added to the game officially and as such SpaDusAGate will be discontinued and removed.

    Like what you see here? Want to help support future mods? Please consider a donation.

    Having issues with one of my mods? Please download the following batch file, run it, and copy/paste the results into a PM to me, please. Thanks! http://tiny.cc/errortest_bat

    [WIP] Elevators

    Elevators are coming to Minecraft!

    Q: When will the elevator mod be released?
    A: When it's ready. I'm currently a student trying to finish my Bachelor's Degree. So the amount of time I can spend on coding mods is limited. I'm doing what I can, though. Keep an eye on my progress below!

    There will be two new recipes to Minecraft with this mod: the elevator shaft, and the elevator door. Stack elevator shafts as high as you like. Then place an elevator door wherever you want a new floor to appear. That's it! When you place the elevator door, the elevator will automatically create the new floor; no user configuration required. When you interact with the elevator door, you'll enter the elevator and have a window pop up asking which floor you'd like to go to. It'll go to that floor and let you out. There's not really much left to the imagination.

    This mod is going to be a fairly large one. It will require a lot of time and has some pretty complicated pieces to put together. These are the pieces I know have to be done right now. As I complete them or think of new things I need to do, I'll update this page.

    yellow is in progress, green is complete

    Create the elevator shaft block/item
    Get the elevator shaft to render correctly
    Get elevator blocks to stack correctly in the world.
    Create the elevator door item
    Create the door/shaft interaction
    Get the GUI stuff working to select which floor to go to.
    Figure out a way to support multiple elevators in one world
    SMP support*

    *I'm not a big SMP player, so SMP support will be the very last thing I work on.

    Metal Detector [1.5_01]

    Release Notes
    3/19/2011 - 1.3_01
    - First release
    4/5/2011 - 1.4_01
    - Updated for 1.4_01
    - Updated for 1.5_01

    How to create

    A metal detector is crafted as follows:

    How it works

    When the metal detector is in the player's hand, it scans a 6x6x10 region in the direction the player is facing. If it detects a type of ore, the appropriate colored bar will display on the screen of the metal detector. The currently supported ore types are: coal, iron, diamond, redstone, gold, and lapis lazuli. That's it. It's that easy.


    Metal Detector requires Risugami's Mod Loader v5
    Once you install ModLoader v5, simply download metal detector and add the files to the minecraft.jar file.

    Download Metal Detector

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/5k7opgi6g ... 110427.zip


    A special thanks goes out to 303, Risugami, Nandonalt, the MCP team, and everyone else who is frequently in the #risucraft IRC channel.

    If you have any suggestions, constructive criticisms or idea for other mods, feel free to let me know.
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