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    I love to use the Shakespearean English option due to how lofty it makes things sound even if it tends to be inaccurate. A mere "Drowned" is now a "Grindylow" for example. It also has that nice medieval theme as well which makes it good for fantasy servers.

    I do have issues with it however...

    Firstly, there are things that are noticeably unchanged from the default that should be changed. The hard of hearing descriptions after 1.13 are an example. There are also a couple spelling errors in those descriptions as well, "Somethiing Swims" and "Something plashes" are the ones I've found.

    Also, some of the changed names don't fit the theme. "Watr'd Bucket" (sounds way too piratey) could be changed to "Pail of Water" while the "Alchemy Table" could be changed to "Potion-brewer's Apparatus" or "Alchemical Apparatus". There are also things that shouldn't have been changed, mostly the names of certain plants being those of different plants entirely (i.e. Cornflower to Pansy).

    Lastly, enchantment names for the most part are indecipherable. "Merlin's Repair" is clearly Mending but what is "Archer's Keenness"? Where is Protection? Stuff like "Fire's Bane" for fire resistance or "Black Mirror" for Thorns would fit the theme while still being recognisable.

    If these were fixed I'd be happy.

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    I think Bats should have noses as everything else that should have a nose (excluding player models) has one.

    Here's a few mockups I made on Tynker.

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