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    An idea that occured to me came from thinking about all the times having to kill peaceful mobs in order to craft certain items in game. It seems a bit sad to slay all those peaceful mobs.

    So, my suggestion would be to include ways to craft / harvest peaceful mob drops without requiring a player to kill the mob. I think this would add another layer of choice to the gameplay for players, and at least provide an option for player who may enjoy playing survival minecraft, but who do not wish to kill.

    What does the community think about this? I'd be interested to hear others thoughts and ideas about this. Which mobs could this apply to? What alternative means to craft the item could be added in a future update?

    E.g. Item frames having an alternate crafting recipe that uses paper instead. Or feathers for arrows that can be plucked from chickens by right clicking on them.

    Edit: thank you whoever moved this thread to the Suggestions section, I only realized it after I posted that there was a more appreciate area for this!

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