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    ", sans-serif">I have no idea where else to post this, so i guess ill post it here. Alright let me start with the story.

    ", sans-serif">This all happened 3 years ago. August 14th 2018.

    ", sans-serif">I was playing on my survival world that I created a week ago. It was all normal, Until when i went out mining in the morning and when i was done it was night, i started to head home, and I eventually got home, After i got home i of course, slept. after that i went out again to mine, Thats when i was passing a mountain when for some reason everything around me disappeared for a split second, and at that exact moment i saw something on top of the mountain, while everything disappeared it just kinda turned into air, so i could see all the mobs around me, and what i saw didnt look like a cow, pig, sheep, or zombie or skeleton, it looked like a player. I was playing on a single player survival world, I went into third person to check the shape, and it exactly matched my skins shape. I got a bit spooked until i went up to the mountain, i of course didnt see anything but grass and trees, then i got hit and lost one heart, i didnt see what hit me, even when i looked around. and i just got spooked and left the world, I did come back to it and nothing else happened after that, to this day i dont even know if it was a skeleton or what. I dont know anything else that has long range other than that.

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