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The Inspiring True Story Of A Forum Newb.

Long ago, before the rule of the Curse tribe, their was a humble land known as the Minecraft Forum. I, Someguy127 arrived as an immigrant from the lands of Google. Initially, it was not a good stay. Only just fresh off the boat when I was instantly set upon by trolls lurking around in the shadows. Battered and broken, it was not a good day. Until, I saw hope. I managed to slowly drag myself to safety. To Forum Games. Upon arriving, I was taken in by a nice village. The name of this village? Alternate History: The Game.

All was well in the village, until a vicious territorial dispute occurred. Former leader Kinkaz was replaced... with me. I realize now that it was a mistake. I was a horrible GM back then, constantly breaking the rules. However, the battle died down peacefully. I now consided Kinkaz to be a pretty cool guy, unlike another member of the village. Andrema2000, a lowly peasant, was banned for building airships in the year 1200. However, he did not care. He left for the Terraria forums, re-creating the RP, copying everything word for word.

One day, the land was invaded. The mighty Curse clan took over. It was then that, despising the new layout, I hid. Dropping off the face of the forum for months. Then one day, I came back. Now, you can find me commanding the armies of the S.A.U in the Untold Empires.
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