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    I am currently looking for a team of people to help do a roleplay. The story and other details have not been
    planned out or anything and that's why I'd like to gather a couple of people
    to help make the roleplay. When joining you can help with the story, characters, or be a part of it
    as I'd like to make a series of the roleplay on youtube.

    At the moment I need people to help with the map, story, and characters.

    Helping with the map would mean you'd help build.
    To do this you have to be a semi-decent builder. I'm not looking
    for anything to fancy.

    All roleplays have a story. If you'd like to help with this part that means you'll be helping with
    coming up with a plot. The whole team should help out with this part, however.

    You'd be helping out with character names, traits, and their backstories.
    I myself would help out with this as well.

    You do not need a mic unless you will be joining the roleplay at a later date. If you want to join the roleplay and don't have a mic, yet your
    audio is still good ill gladly accept you. Just have decent or ok quality audio.

    There is a discord that will help the team communicate with each other. Communication is key to a team. To actually be apart of this
    you must join the discord and from there we may speak.

    DM me on discord to be invited to the discord server. My discord is linepaper#5675.

    I hope you decide to help out with the roleplay! Do not be afraid to message me at late times. I am most likely up.
    [Not sure if I am supposed to post stuff like this here. If I'm not sincerely sorry.]
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