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    posted a message on Coal ore can rarely generate as diamond

    AAAA I'M SO MAD!! I had this thread all typed out, but when I pressed "Create Thread" it redirected to the login page. I hit login, and then my thread was completely gone. So I had to retype it all. Please fix this glitch, I really hate it.

    Anyway, let's get to my suggestion.

    Under layer 16, there is a small chance (~2%) that a block of coal ore that generates will instead generate as a diamond ore. This means that in the occasional vein of coal, there might be a diamond sticking out against the other coal ores. So if you mined 5 full veins of coal, each with 20 ores, you could expect to get only 2 diamonds (assuming all veins were under layer 16)

    IMPORTANT: It's only individual coal ore blocks that generate as diamond, NOT entire veins! That would be too OP.

    At y=15, there is a 0.2% chance for a diamond to spawn instead of coal.

    y=14 ----- 0.4%

    y=13 ----- 0.6%



    y=3 ----- 2.6%

    y=2 ----- 2.8%

    y=1 ----- 3.0%

    This suggestion is based on the misconception that diamonds can be created by putting coal under pressure. This is not really correct. Although they are both carbon based substances, coal has a lot of impurities, but diamond is pretty much pure carbon. Even if you did have a lump of carbon, you'd need to subject it to insane temperatures (~3000 C) and extreme pressures (~100000 atmospheres) to turn it into diamond. That's one thing Minecraft got right: diamonds only generate deep underground.

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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added
    Quote from Lord_Garakยป

    Your argument would be more reasonable if your response had actually explained anything. Instead, it's just you naming each enchantment and saying "this isn't op". No particular reasons why, or anything. So here's my reason: any one or two of these could single-handedly decimate a person's pvp ability in one strike. Though their current lengths are ludicrous, they could last for half a second and still be blatantly overpowered. Fire Aspect is already broken enough without manually removing the texture from your game if you're going to perform serious pvp. Imagine if one could instantly render opponents blind, unable to do damage, and nauseous. They could take on 5 people at once, no trouble.

    Good points but I think you are overly exaggerating the effects of some of the enchantments.
    Also if you don't think the Infinity enchantment is overpowered, consider the ender dragon fight. Players can easily use up 2 or 3 full stacks of arrows. To get those arrows requires a huge number of skeletons killed, or a lot of flint and feathers to craft them.

    Weakness does not cause your opponent to be "unable to do damage". It takes away 2 hearts of damage per hit, but if you have full prot diamond armor on (which is the case in a lot of PVP matches), it would reduce that down to about 0.1 or 0.2 less hearts per hit. Which doesn't make a lot of difference. And don't forget, it's not just you who has these enchantments. Other players on the server would have them too. Imagine if one player had Weakening on their sword and the other one had Stunning. If the person with Stunning realizes that they are losing because the other person has Weakening, they could just hit them and run away, and they would get a 2 second head start from the stunning. They would be reasonably well matched.

    Now about your statement that "any one or two of these could single-handedly decimate a person's pvp ability in one strike". Weakness does not do that. It would give you a significant advantage, I won't deny that, but it's not an instant win. The weakness enchantment would be equivalent to 2 or 3 levels of sharpness, it's not like whoever has the Weakening enchantment is instantly the winner of any pvp match. Stunning also does not do that, as explained below. The critical enchantment would act exactly like sharpness, but only on certain hits, so it's less OP than sharpness (which is not OP at all). The sharpness enchantment is a lot easier to get (because it's so common) and it acts on all hits, not just criticals. And about the Escape enchantment, you could just run away from any PVP engagements, but as soon as your opponent gets their hands on a bow, it's over. The speed gives you barely any extra protection from bow shots. Plus, it only lasts 5 seconds and only engages if someone melee hits you, so if someone is shooting you, you won't have the extra speed anyway.

    And about the stunning enchantment: The only real thing you could use to your advantage with the stunning is if you see someone coming for you in (let's say sky wars, for the sake of argument) but you aren't ready for a good PVP match, you could just hit them and run away. That's the main thing it is useful for. And if you actually were in a PVP engagement, then the stunning wouldn't give you too much of an advantage. It certainly would give you some advantage, but not much. The other person can still move by jumping, even with slowness (and in most PVP matches I've seen, both players are constantly jumping).

    One more thing. I just looked on Minecraft Wiki and it turns out the blindness effect also removes the ability to sprint, as well as being unable to perform critical hits. I didn't know that when I first made the list. I guess the blinding enchantment is a bit too OP.
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    posted a message on Block textures not rendering?


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    posted a message on [Seed] Eight connected ravines!

    Seed: -1447365248186486994

    Version: 1.10.2

    You spawn in a jungle, which is cool by itself, but the really great stuff is underground. Almost directly below your spawn is a system of 8 connected ravines. 4 of them form one really long mega-ravine, and the other 4 are connected off to the sides. I didn't even count ravines that weren't directly connected to other ravines, like with caves. All I can say is, wow. Amazing seed.

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    posted a message on HUGE MOUNTAIN! Layer 244!
    This is the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN EVER found in Minecraft. It's height is 244 blocks above bedrock level. I have checked everywhere, and I have never found a mountain higher than this one. Please reply if you have a higher mountain! This is a default world, not amplified.

    seed: -1327039996


    This seed will only work in Minecraft 1.7.
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