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    posted a message on 1.7.2 SEED - ALL BIOMES Temples with DIAMONDS Villages and Spawners with Silk Touch Enchanted Book
    Thanks for the seed this is perfect for my Hardcore Map I have been looking for something like this seed. Its nice to know someone looks for these items and shares them with fellow minecrafters
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    posted a message on Hexxit Minecraft Seeds
    Quote from MC_Tremp

    I would let everyone join, but I can't get a port forwarded server
    I can make a server for us to you to play on easily
    Quote from MC_Tremp

    Hey no offense, but I keep checking back on this everyday, and no one is leaving any comments saying if they want to join
    Just to see what happens, I'm offering 2 admin spots on my server to the first two people who leave a comment saying their username and what their good at. Just see'n.

    Username: cf515402
    I am good at building redstone and I currently am admin on 2 servers I made for my friends, Im not owner because my pc isnt on at all times and i play on a laptop. also i am not 12 im 16 and have alot of experience on servers (almost all commands)
    Quote from MC_Tremp

    Hey I got a hamachi server. I didn't get it to work with hexxit, but it works with vanilla. Does anyone want to join it. I will need some builders and designers too if anyone wants to help out on the server. Just leave a comment below saying what your good at, your minecraft username, and why you want to join
    Hamachi is too laggy anyway, my friend has a hamachi server and all it is is non stop lag
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    posted a message on Can I run a minecraft server on laptop?
    I run a server on my laptop and I play on it at the same time of course my laptop is great and the server is small for now
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w37a Ready For Testing!
    Beautiful. can't wait for 1.7 to be out!
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    posted a message on Brand new server! need staff!
    I would like to apply: IGN:cf515402 Age: 16 Other: own a server and helped create the server skydoesminecraft.com
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    posted a message on Need Builders/Staff members for new minecraft server!
    Quote from SpicyCheetozzz

    Hello, I am SpicyCheetozzz. I have a server that has just gone up, but I need builders and staff! This is going to Survival/Semi Roleplay.(the secret word is apples) If you could respond to the application below the Co-Owners,Staff and I will look through it to see if you qualify.

    Current Staff:
    Coowner(s):1blimpboy1 and joshandalex616
    Admin+/Head Admin:FlamingDK

    2.How many servers have you been staff on before?:100s admin on 27 op on 23 co owner on 50
    3.Have you owned any servers?:1
    4.What is your reputation on server?:none
    5.How are you at building? (If you can please provide pictures of your best build):good
    6.What plugins do you enjoy/know how to use well (a lot or all of them is not an answer.):easyessentials bukkitmanager
    7.What type of servers do you like to play on?:any
    8.How do you plan to contribute to the server?:I can protect it form modders and hackers and can help builders
    9.Are you willing to donate?:if I had money right now
    10:What is the secret word?:

    The server ip is:
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