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    Attempt number 2.

    Do me a favor, help me understand how this file is related to six-hundred data and dialogs mod. For example, where is the ID of the dialog, where the names of the dialogs are "Start" and the like.

    I need this to create a program.
    It will help to create stories, quests and dialogues, even without running
    a maincraft or server, and the feature of this program is probably the
    ability to quickly translate it into any other language, or always know
    about the existence of unfinished offshoots of the plot.

    I mean that when you develop the main story, it's very easy to forget
    about such things as not created quest, unfinished dialogues with some
    characters or whole offshoots of the plot.

    I've already connected a few friends to the solution of this issue, without
    knowing the technical information on fashion, it will be impossible to
    create a file readable by mod.

    I hope for your benefit. Or at least that my second application will not be deleted.

    A little bit of life:
    Here are two pictures, this is a trader who is edited automatically, through the program. Editing took less time than for example installation in the slot is 25 knuckles, not 24 or 26.
    How much time does it create manually?
    We open inventory of the creative, we find the bone and clamping the shift, we take 64 units. Now we split the stack in half. To make 25 knuckles to make 25 you need to take 32 knuckles and make 7 clicks to leave 7 knuckles in any slot.

    we can take the hoe mod, turn on the merchant's editing and set in one
    of the trading slots the "price" of these 25 knuckles.
    needed to click the button merchants, enter the name / part of the
    merchant's name (in case I have a lot of them) and the edit button.
    Now it's left in the text field to write Bone 25, and opposite to Arrow 10 and the button is ready.

    Not impressive?
    can edit several traders at the same time or set a condition that when
    the price of arrows changes, the price of the arrows will change for all
    selected traders (in advance) and I can instantly change offers from at
    least 20 traders with one click if at least in one slot they sell arrows.

    Thank you for your attention, I'm waiting for help.

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