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    posted a message on [1.2.5]More tools and weapons!
    This isn't working for me. Do you just drag all of the files into minecraft.jar?
    or do you need modloader?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]More tools and weapons!
    Sounds awesome! Gonna do a mod review now. obsidian highlights need to be darker as well. And you should do something with rotten flesh.
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    posted a message on [1.2] (Hostile) Waves (V1.5)

    I'll help

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    posted a message on [Map Reviews] ***Review Central*** [60+ Thorough Reviews] [High Quality]
    Username(creator): US3R5 (or snooppuppy1 - that is my old one)
    Map Name: Mob Waves
    Forum Link: http://www.minecraft...b-wave-map-v12/
    Genre: Survival / hostile
    Requirements(mods,texture packs,ect.): none
    Estimated Completion Time: hopefully no completion
    Additional Info(optional): follow the signs.
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    posted a message on [1.2] (Hostile) Waves (V1.5)
    Hey guys, this is my first map, so go easy on me.
    Basically, you can play with 1 or 2 players. You each get a diamond sword and some other necessities. You face off against 5 waves of increasingly difficult enemies in the twisted hallways of the chamber. You must press the "button" when you are ready to start the new round.

    (downloads immediately - no AdFly)
    If you come across any bugs, please tell me in the comments below. If you liked it, please recommend it to other people!



    - Removed some unnecessary lighting
    + Started on second chamber
    + Added Second Spawn Room

    + Improved redstone (no longer so large)
    - Lessened amount of mobs (especially skeletons)
    - Lowered sword enchantment to knockback level III

    + Improved fix on redstone circuit
    - Removed silverfish
    - Less mobs on final round

    + Added even more lights to stop unwanted mobs
    + Lighted spawning room to stop unwanted mobs
    + Added button before chamber to start redstone loop
    + Fixed redstone circuit (no longer requires creative mode/toomanyitems)
    + Added end portals as separator in equipment chest

    - Removed Spiders
    - Removed Squids
    - Removed useless hole on top level
    + Updated download style (no longer takes you to external site)
    + Added bridge on top level to prevent dead ends
    + Added enchanted sign (fire aspect)
    + Added enchanted sword (knockback aspect)
    + Added potions
    + Fixed hole in spawning room
    + Added more necessary lights

    Known Bugs/To-Do list:

    * Redstone circuit (timer) needs to be restarted each map load
    * Tone down knockback on sword
    * Add a second spawning room
    * Add more waves
    * 4-Player Compatibility
    * Extend Map

    I am looking for people to help me with map design, redstone design and enchantments! If you know a lot about redstone and/or have an opinion that will help, please leave a message below!
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