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    posted a message on The Dark Abode, a RPG Server with Races, Classes, Skills and Lore! Looking for builders, staff and help in general! :)
    Ahhhhh... I see that someone has ventured into my abode. Hello, little ghost, how did you get in?
    I see, not much of a talker are you? Well... Please go away. I have no need of you.
    Still here? Well, maybe you can make yourself useful... but not with that body. How about you choose a new one?

    Welcome to the Dark Abode, a server that is, if everything goes right, going to be a RPG server with many worlds, lore, artifacts, relics and much more to explore! You probably want to have a bit more information, do you? Well, this is what I have planned, and what I want us to archieve:
    (Please excuse any spelling mistakes I do, I am from Germany ;) )


    When you first enter the server, you are going to have to choose a race. These range from human, to bird, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I don't want to get into detail right now, because I have a lot of ideas. But, before I do anything on my own, I want some input from fellow players who have ideas of their own!


    After you chose a race, you choose a class. I currently have no plans ready, this is something we would work on together.

    A big world:
    Now, this is a bit much I must admit. But when we start small maybe only a Village or two, and organically spawl out, I think we can make a beautiful world!

    Lore is important. I think a good RPG World need interesting Lore. There are many people out there that like to write something like this (me included) so having someone to do that with, would be great!

    Now, there are a lot of things, I probably can't think of right now. I have some general idea, but I don't want to do it alone. This is where you come into play!

    Now, what do I need?I need a lot of things, but mainly:


    People who populate the world, the builders build eg. Quests, Skills(Using SkillAPI) etc,

    help with plugins and configuration,

    and in general, people who want to help!

    Some important notes:

    If you're interested, there are some things you need to have before you message me.
    1. Discord
    Everything will be dealt with over discord, so we have a central chat where everyone can read and contribute.
    2. Desire to plan, ideas
    This is important. I don't have everything planned out. Do not assume you can come on, and I give you a bunch of tasks that need to be done. I want your input, your ideas! This means, you will also do stuff on your own!
    I may give some direction, like: "A Village would be nice here".
    But, how it looks in the end, is not set in stone.
    3. Time
    I live in Europe, so my timezone is CEST. This is important, because I want to overlook and work with you, not beside you. You need to have time at a time that is inside my timezone. I can't stay up to 3am every night, so it would be really good if you could be available between 12pm and 24pm CEST. This is a timeframe where I can be active. If you cant help inbetween 12 and 24pm then we will probably never talk to eachother :( .

    Now, does this sound interestig? Well then please message me! You can message me on Discord (Snailtan#2063), write a comment down below, or pm me.

    I'm looking forward to meet you!
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