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    Just wanted to share this ship that Strydez and I (GavJenks in game) made on the VoxelBox, recently. The frigate is accurately rigged for what it is, with stay sails, appropriate running and standing rope rigging, etc.

    It includes necessary support services and sleeping berths for 400+ men needed to sail it, as well, for realism (galley, surgeon, quartermaster, purser storage, ship's bell, ship's boats, powder magazines, hold, capstans, etc.) It's yard arms are tilted into the wind to represent the ship being on a tack.

    Check us out at voxelwiki.com for more!


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    ^Mystvale, built by Spectercody, on the VoxelBox
    ^Las Torres, built by TheGuyWhoCanFly, on the VoxelBox
    ^Panostia, built by Gavjenks (me), on the VoxelBox
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    This is scummy, obviously illegal copyright infringement.

    Minecraft does NOT OWN copyrights on any player SMP creations. The builders of the creations own them, by default (both in US and Sweden I believe), with the servers having a fair use license due to the fact that the players obviously agree to the server having it by the very fact that they built it there.

    Random tourists, though, do NOT have a fair use argument. The builders had no way of knowing people would be able to download, and may not agree to it. Thus, it is illegal, and morally unacceptable, to steal copies of other people's hard work, preventing them from A) charging for it B.) maintaining artistic claim by being able to prove who the creator was, or whatever else they may see fit.

    And this is NOT even some bigwig "evil" corporation you're pirating from, either. It's frickin' individual, private indie artists. wtf.

    Sooner or later, somebody will figure out a way to detect this, and you could very realistically have a large class action lawsuit on your hands. A number of servers charge for their maps, and people buy them. Which means that almost any other comparably sized server has a good argument to claim similar damages for every single pirated copy of their map. Quite possibly even every single BUILDER on every single server, since they should actually own the distribution and replication rights, not the server (unless explicitly signed over)

    (screenshots are one thing - although still technically illegal depending, that falls under common sense that anything on a person's screen on the internet can be saved. But this is a powerful tool that goes way beyond what anybody should be able to intuitively save, making it far more ridiculous)
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    Quote from Zanarias »
    Claiming the (-3120, 320) mountain area for castle building. That place looks amazing to build on, and I have some great ideas. If there's a problem with that let me know.

    That is a handmade voxelvalley, by plusnine and company. The other voxel valley elsewhere is a natural parkland and is prohibited from builds of any kind, so there is a good chance that this one also has some sort of restrictions on it.

    At the very least, you're gonna have to probably get explicit approval and give us a LOT more information than "I have some ideas for castle stuff" to build in that particular prime location. As in, detailed descriptions of what sort of castle exactly, and some sketches for people to look over.
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    I do not now and will never understand why anybody expects pixel art to be impressive or worthy of public display.

    It is like taking a piece of tracing paper and drawing the outline of the front cover of a magazine...
    1) It is not art, because you didn't make it (the image is artistic, but the artist was the guys who designed pokemon / put them into pixelated form in the first place for gameboys or whatever - not you in minecraft.)

    2) It requires zero skill to walk in a line and place yellow blocks where there are yellow pixels and blue blocks where there are blue pixels in an image. That is just a human fax machine. It is as robotic as building giant pyramids.

    3) It's in 2-D which makes it not even appropriate to minecraft, because you aren't utilizing the 3 dimensional power of the game. It's like buying a big block of statuary marble, painting over it with acrylics, and then making a pencil drawing. Silliness.

    4) I think they look ugly in the context of a realistic landscaped world basically 100% of the time. This last one I guess people may disagree with, but even if so, the other 3 points stand.
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    Quote from Wrathful »
    The new mob spawning algorithm does indeed change the limit to a per-chunk basis. Read the damn thread, people.

    You mean... the thread that nobody, including yourself, has linked to? Man, you're right! How could we have been so neglectful as to not psychically figure out about the existence of some other thread, search for it using terms we don't know, and read it, before replying here?
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    Observation: There is obviously some bit of code in the game already that determines how loud something is and/or whether a sound is played, based on how far it is from you. For example, water and zombie sounds when you get near a cave.

    Suggestion: Have a material (or modify an existing material, like Wool) with the property of exaggerating this distance calculation if it is between you and the sound.

    Possible ways to code:
    A) Whenever a sound would be played, trace a (block) line from the source of the sound to the approximate location of the player's head. For every block of wool that this line passes through, the volume is diminished (by a %age) possibly even rounding down to zero.

    :cool.gif: Just draw a radius around the player and/or sound source, and count how many wool blocks there are there, whenever a sound would be played. Each one reduces the sound somewhat (by a %age)

    C) When a sound is to be made, draw a handful (6-10, maybe) of rays out from the player and/or sound source. Count the proportion of these rays that do NOT collide with a block of wool first. Multiply whatever the volume would have been by this proportion. So if 4 out of 6 rays hit rock, and 2 hit wool, the volume is 2/3 of what it would have been. I like this one best, if it is done both for listener and source (averaged together? Added? Best muffler wins?)

    D) Any combination of A and B and C!

    :Coal: Sneaking around secret passages in your base without invaders knowing where you are or that you're coming.
    :Coal: Soundproofing a TNT area so that somebody setting off a trap does not her the "SSSSssss" to know to run away.
    :Coal: Avoiding annoying animal sounds (depending on method used to calculate)
    :Coal: Hiding the reality of fire or flowing water in traps or for infrastructure around a construction, for added danger or aesthetics
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    Added a large harbor region on the coast right by the city!

    Also, lots more apartments and a barracks, and fixed up a lot of the city walls in the main area (bottom picture of this post)

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    Edit2: 10-30-10 Save file uploaded (and a few outlying buildings added) http://www.filedropper.com/world3_1

    Edit: Harbor and many additional cliff buildings added 10-15-10 Pictures lower down on this same page

    Giving this its own thread.

    On the list to do:
    *Extensive interactive archery ranges with altitude sniping, mob vending machines, minecart speed runs, etc.
    *Finishing laboratories in the science district (not shown. redstone and flammable materials labs finished. about 6 more + a research library)
    *Extend sewers and other behind the scenes infrastructure
    *Farms outside of walls
    *Filling out buildings on some of the empty slopes within walls
    *More furniture/features/customization of themed buildings
    *Additional electric traps, defensive measures, barracks, bank vault and treasury security, etc.
    *Additional back routes, secret passages, weaving together rooms in 3d space within mountain itself.
    *Clock/Observatory up on top somewhere
    *Will think of more I'm sure as I go =)

    A shot of the sewers under the street:

    "Sactuary" (set into the mountain in the middle area):

    Royal apartments so far:

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