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    Yes! I 100% agree. It is dead to their social circles and maybe to the internet & old community, but the game itself is not dead. However, it is not what it used to be, possibly because of the 1.9 rebellion, but it is starting to get better, but the nostalgia is sadly gone in recent versions. Seriously, can people just stop with the "Minecraft is Dead"? My teacher made us write poems so I literally made this. (Of course I put my actual name on the real version)

    Is Minecraft Dead?

    By smpark12

    Even though my friends don’t care for it,

    I still really like to play it.

    Even though they say it’s dead,

    I still keep it in my head.

    Even though they play a new game,

    I still like my good old game.

    Even though they think it’s sappy,

    I still know it makes me happy.

    Even though they may be right,

    I still play it in the night.

    Even though they don’t get what I mean,

    I still think it means something to me.

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    The download is down - please fix it!

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