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    posted a message on Plagued by zombies (an RPG map)
    Can you post some pics?
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    After mounts of playing I completed Sunburn Islands.
    Here is a picture to prove it:
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    posted a message on Link of Faith (1-8 Players) - A Myst-Inspired Linear RPG Adventure, 10+ Worlds. (5+ Hours of Gameplay)
    Looks interesting, I'll try it!
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    posted a message on [CTM] Brutality
    Looks quite interresting and different, I'll try it.
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    posted a message on [ADV with PVP elements] The Rise Of King Marty
    I just noticed that you can breake cobweb in adventure mode, because of 1.4.2, but I'll leave the change I did near the spider spawner.
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    posted a message on [ADV with PVP elements] The Rise Of King Marty
    Now Updated to 1.1.
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    posted a message on [MAP] achievement city
    WOW! You've created achievement city, That's awesome. Hey I also see the sheep. I am also fan of Achievement Hunter, and I'm happy that I'm not awone in this forum. You did good, I see Ray's house, Jack's house, Gavin's house, Michael's house. Oh and the tower of pimps. Awesome. If you need any help with the map I'll be more than happy to help. Oh, I see the pigs legs.If you wantched episode 21 you should build Achivmientburg and Slomo... forgot how ot was. I will download it tomorow. Keep updating it.
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    posted a message on 1 WAY v1.0.2 2 player adventure map by shaharcoolmen,roishlag[updated]
    Can you give more information about this map, I may play it with my cousine.
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    posted a message on The End
    Can you give more info about the map?
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    posted a message on [ADV with PVP elements] The Rise Of King Marty
    Wellcome forum, I'm BlackHeart and I'm here to present to you an adventure map

    The Story:
    King Marty is a bad person, who did bad thing to the kingdom. This caused a rebellion in the kingdom, until one day a brave hero led the villagers to victory and killed King Marty. Years after he rised from the death and the hero must stop him once again. And this is how it all begun.

    So, why adenture with pvp elements?
    In this map there is a player, that must complete the quest, and other players, that have other role in it. They are the bosses. They are ment to die. It is not like the usual PVP you may know. In this map the bosses have only certain items and they can't get more. They also have an arena, they must not leave. The player, that must complete the quest, start with nothing, but he can get more. So it is an adventure map with a little bit of PVP.

    In this map there can be 2-5 players. 1 actual player of the map and the rest specific bosses.

    It have rules as well, but for the player and for the bosses are different
    The player
    1. Play on adventure only (No placing, no removing blocks)
    2. Play on Easy at least (Most of the arenas have mobs to aid the boss, also with mobs is more fun)
    3. No hacks, mods, cheasts (of course)

    The bosses:
    1. Do not leave the arena
    2. Use only the items in the boss chest

    Pictures: (link, hope this is not a problem)

    None yet but I'll be more than happy if someone make one.

    - Fixed getting stuck in some areas
    - Fixed pulling the lever in the dark cave doing nothing (?)
    - Signed some books
    - Added command blocks to make life easier
    - Removed few signs
    - Added anvil in the fortress
    - Added new ingredient for brewing potions
    - Added some more things from 1.4.2

    Downloads: (this includes the map + tips and guide file)
    I also made a single player version for those without friends

    Times downloaded:
    1 :-(o): (my goal)
    5 :-(o): (my other goal)
    10 :-(o): (let's get started)
    20 :-(o): (keep going up)
    48 :-(o): (checkpoint)
    50 :-( ): (getting exited)
    Who made that happen:
    Notch (for creating such an awesome game)
    Marty30001 (for most of the building)
    DRAGONHEART (for the testing and for dying so funny)
    [open spot] (for the video)
    Me (BlackHeart) (for the story and the redstone)

    Hope you have fun with it and thank you for the attention.

    And remember: The creeper is a spy :SSSS:
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