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    I haven't modded in a while, so could you please explain how to add this to my game?

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    I have a really cool idea of something where when you hit "M" a little GUI will pop up and circle will come up with all the different masks you have in your inventory, as well as if you have a golden mask, show all the different sub-masks they have in that, and with all those, you'd be able to click on one to use that mask. That's a hope, but my modding skills are far below what I'd need to program that in. :P

    How'd you make them hold 2 weapons at once?

    So, I just have a query OP. In essence, you're waiting until 1.8 to update the mod?

    If that's the case I totally can't wait to see what you'll come up with with all of that new stuff

    Secondly: Do you have a list of where to make each colour of kanoka? I know Onu is < y=62. I already have all the Le masks/disks. But idk where to make all the other kinds.

    Is Ta in the Nether, I suppose?
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    I know that. But in Minecraft you can't say "I call upon the Pakari!" And instantly change masks. It's just simply not feasible. Even if you have all the masks of one colour, you need them all in your inv, taking up 5 slots (as only 5 masks work). Then you need to enter inv, take mask off, put mask on. So it really isn't efficient having them all in your inv. Better option would be to have the gold masks have all the buffs, if possible.

    Does anyone have a complete list of where to make each colour of kanoka? I want to make a mask of time, so I need a great disk of each colour.
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    So, in canon, the golden Mata masks contained the powers of all 6 Mata masks. Do you think you could potentially implement that in the next update? That is, can you put the 5 existing powers into all of the golden masks (levitation, strength, resistance, haste, water breathing, aqua affinity, speed). That's the way it's supposed to be
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    posted a message on What's with all the hate with PewDiePie?
    Quote from Akantares


    The omniscience...?

    Also, what sins? <.< >.>

    Regarding this thread. I think you need to check yourself. There are plenty of "Bros" who go to random youtubers and troll them because "HEHEHEHEHHEE PEWDS IS WAY BETTTER!!!! HUEHUEHUE!"

    That is one reason Pewdie gets hate- his fans.

    Also, he says the same jokes all the time (which tend to be highly inappropriate, and unfunny) and yet, for doing the same crap in every single video: (Hi, it's PEWWWDIEEEPIEEEE! *screech* gay anus raping!) he has 30 million subs, compared to youtubers who have a wide variety in their content, creative ideas, and who are far more relatable and down to earth.

    Skydoesminecraft is an amazing person, who does different things in every video. He is funny, relatable, down to earth, and has such character that shows in his videos. Pewdie is flat, boring and one note. Yet, he has 3x as many subs as sky.

    For some of us, it simply boggles how this flat personality get so much attention, and we just don't understand. Some think he is greedy and arrogant, swollen by fame, and hate him. Then there are those who fall victim to the trolling or "bros," and they blame it on Pewdie's immature behaviour. After all, an immature celebrity will attract immature fans. And other reasons besides

    People shouldn't go to pewdie videos just to attack him. But Bros shouldn't go to other youtubers, and attack them. This happens with any fandom. Bronies get hate because of the trolls among us, who go "OMG WHY DONT YOU LIKE MLP! >=(" Fandoms destroy things on the internet. Because fandoms consist of people, and people eventually cause problems.

    ~Smith5000123, Emissary of Harmony, General of Crux Eqal~
    ------Guardian of Guthix and that which He stood for------
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    Hello everyone, I've been making Let's Play videos for about a month and a half, and want to know how I can improve my videos and get more views. I think they're okay videos, but apparently not, since many people do not watch the whole thing. Issues I am aware of include video length and vocal tone. If you spot anything else, I would appreciate them being pointed out.

    I will post my first and most recent videos.

    First video:

    Most recent:
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    My IGN is smith5000123,
    I am 18 years old.
    I did not vote yet, but intend to.
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