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Nov 21, 2016 edit:

Here I am. A graduated teen. What do I do with myself now?

I still look back to my junior "modern day" edit down at the bottom of my "bio" and still think I was a cringey. Interwebs? Anywhore? Is that really what I sounded like? Euurgh

Anyway, i'm back. Don't really know why I'm doing this. Maybe because it's cool to see what I was like in the past. I don't write it down anywhere else anyway, so might as well do it here. its realy for my own enjoyment. Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest, yeah?

If you want to see how bad I really was, scroll down some more. I can do nothing but look back and appreciate how much I've changed. Only now, I'm a depressive 18 year old sitting in his room all day. Better than being a loud, annoying brat...

Anyway, I have no idea who's gonna read this but me. If some prying eyes do happen to wander over here, welcome... I guess. There isn't much here. I'm not a modder or creator in any way. Its just another thing I had to fill out on my profile to make it look complete and give me that satisfaction of going all the way with something. Didn't wanna leave it blank... don't wanna show my entire life history. So scroll down and enjoy some quality cringe of my earlier years.

And no, I don't want to delete it because its fun to laugh at myself. I hope you can get the same experience.

here we are. i am just a poor old freshman at green mountain high who doesn't know whats going on. my older brother, Kalen, also goes there as a seinior. he says to protect me from the idiots of the school but also beat me up while doing so.

(He was a good brother, and still is. We mostly just chat about Overwatch and stuff now, but we always got along well.)

i have multiple ways of living life the way i do. one is to blend in. if i dont know anyone or i dont know what to do at any given time, i will just fade. my second way is to be out there in the few who are brave enough to be out there. i like to be energetic and bound around the place with the few friend i have... *Forever alone* i have one more way to live. Be "the one". the one guy who just sticks his haed out there and live life the way it was meant to be lived. i sculpt MY future the way I want to. and if you are destined to change that, GOOD LUCK.

(Yeah, I was hard to deal with back then. Its funny how I used to wonder why everyone avoided me. They still do. This **** sticks with you.)

My Interests lie in reach of all technology that can be invented by man. But the main focus is revolving around computers. My favorite thing to do on them? MINE. mine all the ores i can find. "what do you mean? UR CRAZZY!" people will say. well, i say "F*** YOU! IM A WALRUS!"

(Jesus christ, this one turned me into a raisin with cringe)

not really. but i play minecraft, and hence the name, has a lot to do with mining stuff. and dont try to bother me in competitive minecraft games... i WLL win. i have been playing MC for a year and a half now, and i dont plan to stop anytime soon. sorry if i live under a rock, but its just the way i am.

(Ohhh, a year and a half. I'll bet I can punch down a tree faster than you! But really, I over estimated myself, and I never actually played comp. MC. Just a lot of hunger games and faction PVP.)

should i mention that im a brony? maybe-- oh, i just said i am... WELL, fine. i am what is widely known as a "Brony" and proud! What is a brony, you ask? well, a MAN who watches MLP:FIM. (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic). so *** with me on that subject, and i will just laugh as you did when you found out i was a brony. seriously, i dont care. make all the fun of me you want, and i wont care. i am proud to be a brony!

(God I hated being a brony. I hate bonies. They suck. I hate myself for this. Sorry for being a plague on this earth... I'm better now. I just need to change my profile icon, if I haven't already.)

IMMPORTANT: im making this blog also to ive you updates on my stories im typing. yeah, thats right. im typing up stories! i will post it google docs soon enough so you can see my progress. also, these blogs are to give you updates on my life in general. Dont stalk me... thats just weird.

(No, I wont. My work is private now.)

but my current story is called The wind-walker. it is very graphic, so if you like that kinda stuff, tell me and i will post it up on google docs for you to see. i do have one other story and it is done. its called the wind-waker. (get the connection?) that is already posted on GD. i will get the link ASAP.

(if anyone really wants it, I suppose a PM could be the key. But I really don't expect anyone to want to read some random kid's short story. Even if I was famos around here, I doubt anyone would care, or even look at my Bio. I only have ~60-70 posts at the time I type this, so who cares?)


(Not so)MODERN-DAY EDIT* Holy crap, this was when I was a freshman? Im a Junior now, and looking back, i don't remember more than half of the posts i made. Also looking at my bio, i was a cocky little *****, wasn't I? "and don't try to bother me in competitive minecraft games... I WILL win" Wow, ok. Sorry guys for making the MCF a little more hostile than it already is, but i'm going to keep that there to remind myself to not.

Sheesh. Either way, i'm just a small man living in a large world with no amazing talents. Maybe singing, but I can't really demonstrate that over the interwebz.

Well, i'm not so sure what to say anymore, but maybe i'll make another update when I am a senior and have made more posts on the forums, y'know, when I actually make a better name for myself so more people trust me and actually look at my profile. Anywhore, thats really all I have to say. Have fun browsing the forums and don't ask for too many release dates.

(I'll admit, I improved a bit in my junior year, but I was still pretty bad. You can see for yourself. Congratz for making it all the way through, by the way.)


Gaming, really. Internet, like reddit and such. Computer building and singing are also around here. not much else...

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