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    Quote from laynejj

    In game name: laynejj
    Staff Position: Head-admin/mod
    Contact Info: Skype: tsubi-jay (PM for further details.)

    Dedicated Time: I generally sit or idle at home for a few hours, so I can bounce between things. This give me around 2-5 hours a day to be active. This time will vary on weekends, as some days I'm on all night and/or day, and sometimes I'll only be on for an hour. Always on skype.

    Experience: I've ran a server during Beta 1.5(we never upgraded) for almost a year till I moved to a different state, since then I've been a mod and builder on a few servers. Generally as a mod because as I am almost always idling, I am able to view and mod the chat constantly. I also have quite a bit of experience with plugins and features of minecraft such as the commands and settings. Even with new tools/plugins or features I tend to read about them extensively, one again, due to the amount of free-time I have.

    Why Apply? I want to help improve and be a part of your server. Even if I don't get the position, if the server is up, I'll probably be on. (Also nice to get to know new people:) )
    Age: I'm 16
    Favorite Block: Sponge, 1.5 sponge cities were quite fun.

    Wow, do you want to be the owner of one of my servers connected to the main server. (Were using bungee)
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    Hi, I have recently started hosting a pure vanilla server. There are no rules, you may grief and do whatever you want. I will not get after you if you use hacked clients. Just no swearing or harrasing players. When I say harrasing I mean no spawn killing for newly spawned players that are new to the server. I have started hosting this server on May 11, 2014. If you want, you may ask for op, but you have to complete a bunch of questions I have for you. There will be no plugins and the achieviments will be announced. The spawn protection radius is 16 and there are little or no staff. I do plan on doing cool things with the command block with the commands provided from vanilla help. This server was meant for vanilla nothing else.

    To Do List

    Normal Survival World




    The server is not 24-7. Please notify the owner: TomPohorily, nobody else -- that you are donating. Please donate to the official email using paypal [email protected] You will be honoured on the server but no perks will be given to you.
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    :steve_shocked:Vanucraft | Staff Needed!:steve_shocked:

    I have been building on my server for a while and decided to release it to the public. I need staff for when I am away and to help improve everything. Looking for helpers, moderators, head-moderator, admins, head-admin, builders, developers, co-owners, and possibly co-superiors. For now I would recommended you apply for admin, builder, moderator or helper. I have came up with a format below. I'm looking forward to working with the people I accept.

    Please copy/paste and fill out the format below. (Remove the words inside the brackets.). Thanks.

    In Game Name: (Short for IGN.)

    Staff Position: (Please refer to the paragraph above for available staff positions.)

    Skype/Email/Steam: (May say more than one.)

    Age: (Age Minimum: 8)

    Experience: (Ex: What are you good at?)

    Favorite Block: (Optional, Ex: The grass, because...)

    Other: (This might be a tough one!)

    If you are accepted I will notify you that you are accepted or not, by your contact information you have provided. The server IP is vanucraft.com:8080 Version 1.7.9 (Lastest.)
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