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    posted a message on ~Need Staff~ ASAP
    My experience
    not much experience but i would like to learn from all these great guys
    skype: smackyourass224
    i like to be admin but u can start me as moderator
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    posted a message on I am Looking For staff
    Why us? I wanna help your server grow to the community.
    How long will you play? I can play anytime after school as long as i want.
    What would you like 2 be called? Cody
    how would you handle a person whose using caps and getting mad at other players? I would ask him whats wrong if he kept doing it temp ban for 5 mins.
    Skype name: smackyourass224
    Expierence with staff: dont have any but love to learn and im a quick learner.
    Maturity: i would ay 9
    My in game name is smackyourass224 and im applying for admin application above
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