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    Quote from Locke_Erasmus

    Just a quick thought- to me, the lighting on the nether creatures looks a little... white, don't you think? Looks more like they're lit by florescent or sunlight than lava-light. Have you tried adding a little more orangey-red?

    p.s.- I'm basing this observation on the screenshots in the OP, which I know have been around a while, and not my experience with the current textures, so I could be completely wrong about this.

    The red fog in the nether should fix this, make sure you use MC Patcher to enable the Custom Colours!

    Quote from Deepblue686

    Pale creatures would make sense though.
    They're in a cave with no sunlight all the time.

    The fact that they're bright white is probably because of the lighting.
    MC Patcher allows custom lighting colours if the pack's author wants to fiddle around with that.

    Tobiwan could take a look at Misa's realism as an example for custom lighting colours (where torch light colours are seperate to natural sunlight and moonlight)

    Tobi has used the Custom Colours quite a bit in the latest version; and the torch, moon and sun light are a part of vanilla, implemented in beta 1.8ish
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    to all the derps screaming for an update to 1.2.4 calm the F down...

    He has said he has REAL LIFE obligations to deal with first and may not have time to update for a while, so if you were smart you'd have a backup of 1.2.3 yea?
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    you'll need a little more than a link and 2 lines of text to make people interested.

    Post some info on how it works, what it does, and include screenshots
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    posted a message on RC plane motors
    Hi Mate,

    You may get your answer here, but I suggest you would be better off going to an RC Hobby Forum for more informative advice
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    this, is actually not bad

    +1 to you sir, now you just need to get it made :wink.gif:
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    So many mod dependencies :sad.gif: if it didn't need Forge I'd be happy... But oh well.. Looks good though mate
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    posted a message on well i was building a fortress and came across this
    this is by design not a bug..

    Pistons can't move Workbenches, Chests, Furnaces, or Dispensers..

    The reason being, other than workbenches, the other 3 contain items within them, and moving them will create all kinds of issues, as the contents are stored in the chunk data and not the block itself. So moving the contents as well as the block would be highly inefficient.

    Maybe have a block infront of the dispenser which is pulled away when your bridge is activated?
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    i5 2500 is way better than any available AMD CPU to date

    also if I can find motherboards for the i5 for less than $100 (Australian) then youd probably be able to find them for 70 pounds or there abouts.

    what else do you need on the mother board that you cant get for less than 200?
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    Quote from RockerSpock

    D0es any0ne have any tips f0r fixing a br0ken keyb0ard?
    P1ease he1p!!!

    press the "i" and "o" keys instead of the "1" and "0"?
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    posted a message on [32x][October 14: v1.4 released!][Minecraft 1.3.2] DMpack (Celebrating one year with CTM!)(New pillar CTM previews on last page)
    Quote from DMc298

    The rain literally started an instant before I took this picture.

    :blink.gif: :biggrin.gif: Those loopy wires? very very tasteful. Leaves, still love them :tongue.gif:

    Quote from lo0katmyname

    The leaves are cool, too.*
    *Basically I can't say anything about any leaves, as they are leaves.

    They could be total crud, some texturepacks do a horrible job at them. The shading and density is just right here.
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