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    I decided to start an Anarchy Server on a PS3. You guessed it's inspired by 2b2t. You can do absolutely anything except building lag machines and crashing the server. It won't be 24/7 but ill try to play as much as possible.

    My PSN is SliwkaHAX_Alt

    This is more of an experiment server, I wanted to check how players will act where they are free to do almost absolutely anything. I'm waiting :)

    Edit: I'm inactive on PS3 now, due to a finger surgery (mainly). When i was right after the surgery i decided to come back to Geometry Dash, it was perfect since the surgery was on the left hand so i could play. After it healed, inside the finger, there is a scar, and it's pretty sensitive, and it's pretty annoying to move since the surgery had to be done on my thumb, left hand. And playing GD in the healing time made me like this game again (got bored of it previously). So i now mainly play GD, i play on PS3 rarely, mainly when im really bored.

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    posted a message on World Randomly Corrupts

    If you have a PS4, idk. I had a similar problem on my PS3. It was due to insanely high fan speed, the saves couldn't "save" correctly and it made the world got corrupted. But my world never corrupt in game. I had to force my fan to run at 35% speed. I have no knowledge about the PS4 either about the console and about the Minecraft edition.

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    posted a message on Old minecraft ps3 worlds dissapeared

    You have reached the world limit. You must delete some to play the old ones. You can delete them in-game but the faster way is to delete them via the XMB menu.

    Edit: Siema też jestem Polakiem xdd.

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    posted a message on Ps3 to Xbox One

    No if you have the XBOX one edition. If you have just "Minecraft" it might be possible by converting the PS3 World into a Bedrock. I don't know if that is possible but i think that is not possible.

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    posted a message on PS3 take all from chest?

    Click L1 When inside a chest. Simple. Some people might disable it when playing the "Custom" mode.

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    posted a message on Pleaseeeee how can I play minecraft online with others ??

    The best way to get friends is to play minigames. I remember having no friends and 1 month after the Battle Mode got launched i reached the limit.

    You can also find servers from the forum.

    Adding Friends:

    If you like someone in a game click the PS button to get to the XMB menu and go to the column "Friends" and select Add A Friend. You must type their

    ID. ex. If guy's nick is Cr33perMaster-_ just retype it in the "To" box thing.

    u can add me too :)


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    posted a message on Need some help please...on a few different things (NOOB)

    You can't play as an iron golem in Minecraft ps3 edition in any way. But you can build an iron golem, just make a T shape out of iron block (put 9 iron in the crafting table) and put an pumpkin (with the face) or a jack o lantern on top of the iron blocks.

    It's possible to get the skin of an iron golem but that's advanced stuff. And you still won't be strong as the golem it would be just a skin.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Combo (No Hit-Delay) PVP server

    I'm making a Combo PVP minecraft server.

    Combo means that there won't be any hit-delay.

    Um I'm bad at making descriptions ok thx my PSN is SliwkaHAX_Alt


    1. No Spawn Killing

    2. No Hacking

    3. No skins giving an advantage. (Headless, fake hitbox, flying, small etc.)

    4. No Marco controllers

    5. idk

    6. goat

    7. Custom skins that aren't breaking the 3rd rule are allowed.

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    posted a message on New survival world

    ive sent a friend request

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    posted a message on 8-year old looking for someone to play with

    I can play :)

    I just had bday 6 days ago and I'm now 12; I play Minecraft for a long time.

    I don't have many friends on my PS3 and i would like to someone to play with me.

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