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[size=6]hmm where do i start well im a canadian born in december [/size]

[size=6]8,1998 im currently 14 and i stay on calgary my real name is [/size]

[size=6]Michael Call but you can call me mike cause thats my nick [/size]

[size=6]name [/size][size=6]if theres one description of me i guess it would be [/size]

[size=6]perfectionist i dont accept mediocre works i hate mediocre [/size]

[size=6]actually if theres something thats wrong or something i improve [/size]

[size=6]on i try to do my best to improve or correct my mistakes,umm [/size]

[size=6]anything else oh yeah im a straight A student [/size][size=6]im also sporty too [/size]

[size=6]My sports are [/size]

[size=6]Basketball,Soccer,Volleyball,Badminton,Swimming,Tabletennis [/size]

[size=6]and Tennis[/size]


[size=6]Minecraft,Sports,Family and in my spare time i study[/size]

[size=6]i actually want to be a game designer working for either,mojang [/size]

[size=6]or gameloft, i also want to be a architect to design houses or a [/size]

[size=6]interior designer[/size]


[size=6]Angry birds,skydoesminecraft,pewdiepie,minecraft pc and pe,rock music and edm music[/size]


[size=6]Candy crush saga(why was that game even invented) ,[/size]

[size=7]Wild07010 - a great freind he helped me [/size]

[size=7]through the forums he also is the person [/size]

[size=7]who made my first avatar also the person [/size]

[size=7]who put me in the lost miners thanks man[/size]

[size=7]Mcman132-oh damn this guys is a pro at [/size]

[size=7]making maps a good freind he is also one [/size]

[size=7]of the people [/size][size=7]who inspired me to make [/size]

[size=7]maps he has also helped me through the forums[/size]

[size=7]Ouchy432-[/size][size=7]a good freind too i loved his [/size]

[size=7]maps one of the pros in the forums[/size]

[size=7]Bestofmcpe- love his videos and he also [/size]

[size=7]helped me through the forums[/size]

[size=7]Paperchips- also love his maps and [/size]

[size=7]apparently he hates angry birds which my [/size]

[size=7]next map is about sorry bro lol[/size]

[size=7]Dreakn 123- hmm hes a goodfreind [/size]

[size=7]sometimes a dbag but most of the time [/size]

[size=7]funny and dependable i owe alot of my [/size]

[size=7]gratitude to him cause he has helped me [/size]

[size=7]through the forums, he also made my [/size]

[size=7]current avatar[/size]

[size=7]Vicksan0007-one description ahole no [/size]

[size=7]just kidding vick hes one of my best [/size]

[size=7]freinds in the forums also in real life [/size]

[size=7]helped me through alot and his real name [/size]

[size=7]is actually vicksan if you guys didnt know[/size]

[size=7]Rubikcubezz- a great freind also loved his [/size]

[size=7]maps especially ghast boss battle or [/size]

[size=7]something anyway a great freind[/size]

[size=7]Crazycreeper-love his maps a freind [/size]

[size=7]great map maker especially in skyblock [/size]

[size=7]warriors and some other of his maps[/size]

[size=7]anyway thats about it if i missed someone [/size]

[size=7]or if i missed you just tell me[/size]

[size=8]Heres a link to my first map[/size]

[size=8]Its already a hot topic Ctf[/size]


[size=3][size=6][size=7]SUP GUYS Slipmaster4727 here and today[/size][/size][/size]

[size=3][size=6][size=7]i am bringinging to you capture the flag or[/size][/size][/size]

[size=3][size=6][size=7]capture the wool basically what ctf is theres[/size][/size][/size]

teams after that each team will try to capture[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]the other teams flag and put it in there flag the [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]team that gets the flags first wins yay [/size] [size=7]ill [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]be [/size][size=7]posting the Beta download link to the map[/size][size=7] on [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]wednesday im really sorry for delaying the beta [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]d[/size][size=7]ownload link guys but i really need more time is [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]it ok with you guys to guve me more time and i [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]can give you the alpha download link right here [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]im really sorry guys and once again im really [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]sorry anyway leave a like comment and [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]suggestion to the map anyway here are the pics[/size][/size]



[size=3]Spoiler: [/size]




[size=3][size=7]How you can help[/size][/size]

[size=3]Spoiler: [/size]


[size=3]Spoiler: [/size]


[size=3][size=7]HELLO PEOPLE IT'S ME ONCE AGAIN[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]SLIPMASTER4727 WITH ANOTHER[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]UPCOMING MINI-GAME CALLED[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]KNOCK HIM OFF KNOCK HIM OFF IS[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]SORTA LIKE A ANGRY BIRDS MINI-[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]GAME (SORRY PAPERCHIPS) WHERE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]THERE IS A SHOOTER AND THE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]SHOOTER HAS TOO KNOCK OFF THE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]GUYS OFF THE PLATFORM WITH A[/size][/size]


[size=3][size=7]THE GUY YOURE TRYING TO KNOCK[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]OFF HAS FULL DIAMOND ARMOR AND[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]FOOD SO THE ONLY WAY TO KILL HIM[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]IS TO REALLY KNOCK HIM OFF YOU[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]WIN IF YOU KNOCK OFF EVERYONE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]WHILE STILL HAVING ARROWS THE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]GUYS/GALS WIN IF YOU LOSE ALL[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]YOUR ARROWS SO YEAH THIS WILL[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]BE A FUN MINI-GAME THIS CAN BE[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]PLAYED FROM 2-8 PLAYERS ANYWAY[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=7]THATS IT HOPE YOU'LL LIKE IT[/size][/size]


[size=3][size=7]NONE YET[/size][/size]


[size=3][size=7]COMING SOON[/size][/size]

[size=8]The lost Miners[/size]

[size=8]Thanks for looking at my profile bye [/size]
Interests Sports,minecraft,food

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