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    posted a message on [Madness Express][1.8] Vanilla Survival Server [Whitelisted][Friendly Community][Mindcrack-Style]
    1) In game name: Slimpyman
    2) Age: >25
    3) play style: Loner/Friendly
    4) how often can you play: Whenever life is not in the way, or when the server is enjoyable.
    5) Do u use TS or Vent or Mumble or Skype? Vent for IRL buds.
    6) Why do you want to join: been awhile since i jumped in minecraft, and would like some vanilla action for some time before bukkit arises!
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    posted a message on Mekanism v9.4.0 - Industrial Turbines, Thermoelectric Boilers, Fusion Reactors!
    definitely should keep a backlog of previous versions. the jenkins doesnt have anything before 1.6. trying to find a compatible version 1.5.2
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    There is alot of collaborative efforts going on. new establishments are pulling up everywhere
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Pixel art jobs available for town!
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Things are going well and got lots of good suggestions from our players. Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    We got a few on trying to make a settlement. All new builds if good get some bonus money
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Thanks for all the praise. cant wait to get a solid community going and have some good times.
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Ok dcustoms, and ipodboqi!

    Ive added you to the member list!!! you now have access to the features like craftbook, sitting, gold drops, shops etc

    i really would like to do some other stuff on steam. haha whos going to get the village first
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Come check us out. I just got some coffee and am going to be building up,
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community
    Hah sorry guys. Lady wanted food so i needed to take off and make it. haha i hope to see some of you folks later today as well! perhaps i can even promote you guys to members lol
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    posted a message on !PokèMUD!-HARD-Survival-Villages-Craftbook-Economy-cRPG-PvP-MATURE-Tight Community


    Remember MUDS? Remember the FUN to be had in Minecrafts alpha days? Remember when the minecraft community wasnt just a bunch of trolls and pricks, and no offense, immature children? This server was built to pay tribute to the GONE AND NOT FORGOTTEN SMP servers in the hmod days! PokeMUD is a new Hard-Survival server. We will constantly hear your feedback, rationalize, test, and change concepts. At its heart, it will be Hard-mode, fun, balanced, server.

    This server has villages to establish to protect your goods and buildings. With help, you can rapidly expand, and take pride in the stuff you built. You can form alliances and make foes. This is set on hard mode, with a overall generous application of aggro NPCS... you will die alot if you are not careful. I plan on making it even harder. GOOD SURVIVAL!!! This server WILL NEVER have mcmmo, but WE WILL have race-based skills, and have an overall no-rules approach to this sandbox. Its semi vanilla, but with enhancment mods, and nothing is too limiting.

    Just trying to post this up really quickly before I get a real nice and pretty post up. Come check us out. We are stationing up the server but more importantly, there are no real bugs and NO NUMEROUS resets. We have a map we believe to be pretty unique, but we are currently going to be having a crazy lush landscape with help to terraincontrol mod.

    We have no whitelist, but please, dont be a ****. We are here to have a good time, role play, have diplomacy, have pvp, but generally are building up a foundation of people who want to hang out in vent, ­, laugh and overall just have a outlet to kill some time, and meet some cool people playing a kick ass server.

    Timeline: Here are some things planned for you!

    Balanced Class Based character development.
    Custom recipes to balance the game
    Generate a LUSH map using TerrainControlMod
    Import current map into new map
    In game currency emeralds balanced (mostly)
    Custom Drop table for game balance and difficulty done
    Villager Shops to enable farmers to buy and sell goods done

    Shopkeepers-Buy/sell goods
    craftbook- expanded functionality
    moddamage- balance damage

    otherdrops- custom mob loot
    armorhud- Realtime armor display
    healthbar- health bars above head
    buyland- buy sell rent land

    /village expand
    /village bank


    reply to post to get our member perks which include access to craftbook, signs elevators, and shops etc etc etc!!!



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    posted a message on Darkmine Fallcraft [MMO, Rebalanced-PvP, Clans, Skills, Character Development] 1.5 VANILLA TILL BUKKIT!
    We are currently debating what players want... Chest protection with blocks? or No chest protection. Mostly to combat the increase of xray kiddies
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    posted a message on Darkmine Fallcraft [MMO, Rebalanced-PvP, Clans, Skills, Character Development] 1.5 VANILLA TILL BUKKIT!
    Quote from MegaDevastation

    Excuse me, but I was NOT using hacks, your server was experiencing some glitch because I don't have a modded client. I cannot explain the reason I wasn't taking any damage. I am NOT a hacker.

    I am very sorry dude, I really take this hacking thing seriously, and really want to apologize for jumping the gun. you are not banned, and i appreciate you stopping by. however, we really dont need any suggestions from plugins your friend made to help catch hackers or exploits. as you can see, we have a ZERO tolerance for bs :)
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    posted a message on Darkmine Fallcraft [MMO, Rebalanced-PvP, Clans, Skills, Character Development] 1.5 VANILLA TILL BUKKIT!
    We are waiting for new players! we have all configs finished and game is ready for primetime~!
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    posted a message on Darkmine Fallcraft [MMO, Rebalanced-PvP, Clans, Skills, Character Development] 1.5 VANILLA TILL BUKKIT!

    darkmine.smittenlee.net Join us on the Server!

    http://darkmine.forumup.co.uk/ Join us on our Forum!

    :Frame: Philosophy? I am a hardcore gamer who loved the early alpha days of Minecraft. We used to run rampant recruiting strangers, finding bases, pillaging the loot, and those days are over. Minecraft has implemented many ill-thought features that break combat, and many servers have so many restrictions it becomes more a chore and less a game. We have maintained a vanilla-like feel, with much added depth. Clans, PvP, Economy, Community, and a world, all for you.

    Last Hit mobs with Gold swords and axes. Sell your goods in town. Setup shops and exploit others in the market. Patrol town, and rob others of their hard work when they arrive to sell their goods!

    PvP and Clans
    :WSWORD: PvP is enabled globally... There are very few safe zones!
    :WSWORD: Swords, Axes, Bows, Snowballs, Eggs have all been rebalanced!
    :WSWORD: Starting a Clan is very cheap, and encouraged to be successful!
    :WSWORD: Every level you attain increases your maximum hp and food!
    :WSWORD: Upon death, you will respawn at your lifestone, or your clan base.
    :WSWORD: Using Block protection, you can ensure your city stays grief free!
    :WSWORD: You can put a bounty on anothers head to ensure they pay the price!
    :WSWORD: Mushroom soup will allow easy quick heals in battle.
    :WSWORD: There are DOZENS of recipes and skills you can buy to develop your character uniquely.

    Economy and World
    :--+: Lifestones are placed randomly across the map.
    :--+: You can sell Ingots, Diamonds, Food, Crops, Blocks for Emeralds.
    :--+: All Mobs have revised drops, and will drop Emeralds as well.
    :--+: You can auction items globally.
    :--+: The main spawn city has a zone for player shops.
    :--+: As Blocks/Nuggets cannot be crafted, the town bank can trade blocks for ingots etc.
    :--+: Players can use a Villager Egg to make their own player shop.
    :--+: Join others. You will definitely get more accomplished with certain players having a different skillset.

    Rules of DarkMine FallCraft!
    :GoldBar: Respect others.
    :GoldBar: No spamming chat.
    :GoldBar: Do not ask for items
    :GoldBar: No client side mods ,hacks, cheats or any flying.
    :GoldBar: No excessive 1x1 towers or holes.
    :GoldBar: Do not whine about losing your stuff!
    :GoldBar: Do not ask for OP!

    We have zero tolerance for crap­. We dont take kindly to ­childlike and immature behavior! We dont mind helping others, but we dont want you to annoy us or others!

    What should I know?
    :Diamond: Diamond can no longer be mined, but is available via trading and purchases.
    :Diamond: Using the bank, You can exchange nuggets, ingots, and Block for currency as well.
    :Diamond: When 1 clan declares war on another, their block protection is null.
    :Diamond: We have disabled Crits, and Modified all Axes and Swords damage outputs.
    :Diamond: PvP is enabled globally and there are very very few "safe" zones.
    :Diamond: Using Gold Axes or Gold Swords for last hits on mobs ensure alot of loot!
    :Diamond: Because locked chests are silly in PvP, we have an Ender Chest available for safety.
    :Diamond: Critical attacks are removed, but Knockback persists.
    :Diamond: Using the Lifestones scattered, you will respawn there upon death.
    :Diamond: We have thorough help books in game to help you learn easily!
    :Diamond: Nearly every action is taken place in-game without silly /SLASH commands!

    :Diamond: When you purchase and start your own clan, you get some plots of land based on how many members are currently active.
    :Diamond: Being an oldschool hardcore gamer, we have decided most quick teleportation allows one to safely transport goods easily, and is stupid easy mode.

    :SSSS: With diamond being a non-mine-able resource, only trade-able using Emeralds, we created an environment where xrayers cannot prosper, and while teamwork and working together works in everyones best interest. Those who start a thriving clan, farming mobs, farming mats, and marketing/selling goods efficiently will obtain diamonds with ease and make an impact.

    :SSSS: Because there an area where one must buy and sell all their goods for Emeralds, it will be a friendly, social area to group up with others, as well as be very dangerous because of PvP. If you have a lot of goods to be sold, be sure you gear up before going to town, so you don't get killed and robbed of you hard work, or have your friends help escort you safely.

    :SSSS: Using a unique economy model, you will gather and farm for goods in exchange for Emeralds to buy Protection Blocks (Prevent Griefing), and other rare Diamond tools, and several enchantments. There is also a HUGE opportunity to make a lot of Emeralds with very little effort because of the way block-mob drops were designed from the ground up. kill 10 mobs with regular weapons and get regular loot. Kill them with gold axes and swords and there will be plenty loot! There are few items available from in-game shops, which makes players who gather and play the market able to establish their own values on nearly ALL the items in game!

    :GPA: PreciousStones, SimpleClans, ModDamage, ShopKeepers, Chairs, BattleKits, CompassEx, FloAuction, GoldIsMoney, Levels+, LifeStones, PvPSoup, ServerBounty, RecipeManager, WorldGuard, Votifier :GPA:

    Apply for all in game privileges!!

    By joining the server you agree to all of these rules and will always follow them.
    1. What is your Minecraft IGN:
    2. What games do you play competitively:
    3. How old are you:
    4: Do you understand that childish behavior, asking for items, and asking for OP is grounds for punishment?
    5: Why would you like to play on this server, and would you be willing to encourage your friends to play here if you enjoy your time?
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