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    ----OOC Info----

    -Minecraft IGN:


    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?

    I do have quite a bit of roleplay experience ranging from the common D&D to many MMORPG's that I have played purely for the roleplay elements. I have gone through many different servers within games and roleplayed as and with all sorts of different characters so I am sure that it won't take long at all to adjust to Saphriel. Although I have but don't often roleplay within Minecraft I am familiar with the basic rules and things to abide by when playing so there should be no problems there either.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words:

    Power-gaming is a method of roleplaying that is widely punished and unaccepted due to its unfair advantages it gives players; not to mention how it ruins experiences. Power-gaming is when someone would create a character that is far more superior in specific ways that would provide bonuses to them that other players would be unable to obtain, this goes the same for someone making a character that can start off stronger or richer than others are able to. People who use power-gaming generally don't have a lot of respect for the roleplaying community as it can affect how other players enjoy their time. Power-gaming is also when a player does an action without giving the opposing player any time to react, this can include a murder where a player goes straight for a killing blow action without giving any time for the other player to react; thus ending their characters life and they could not do anything about it, rendering them helpless.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words:

    Meta-gaming is more on the information side of things unlike power-gaming being actual roleplay. Meta-gaming is using out of character knowledge to gain in character advantages. This includes if you overheard something in a chat you weren't supposed to be in and then use this information against other people; this is unfair and is punished in many places. But it is not only using information against other people, meta-gaming can also be when someone uses knowledge, for example, they know where a dangerous monster is, to then make their character avoid it perfectly to skip out any chances of their character dying or undergoing consequences for their choices. Meta-gaming, similarly to power-gaming, ruins a lot of player experiences since some people might be going around countering things based on information that they gained out of character which pressurises the characters in game as what they were planning might not be able to be put into action anymore.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words:

    Role-playing is where you, the player, controls a character of choice most commonly in a fictional environment decided by the games owner/game master(s). This character, as long as it abides by the rules and doesn't be put under power-gaming or meta-gaming, shouldn't have any limits to what you can create therefore whatever you see as your dream life you will be able to act out. Role-playing when putting it simply is just a place where you will be able to enter a world that you could only dream of, or go to an era in which you cant live anymore to relive it how you would imagine it, it is a perfect way of entertainment as long as all players follow rules.

    ----IC Info----

    -Character name:

    Arya Lancaster

    -Character race:


    -Character gender:


    -Character age:


    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set):

    Former scam artist/con-woman(?)
    Former street brawler
    Aspiring fighter/combatant

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.):

    Arya stands confidently at five foot six with a well-toned body. Whilst she is particularly strong she isn't notably muscular, however if you look closely you can tell. To accompany a hard to miss bust she has decided to start wearing little clothing, this consists of a somewhat neatly torn shirt which leaves the belly exposed, a thin but suitable jacket to go over it in case of cooler weather, baggy but neat pants (trousers, jeans, whatever name is more suitable) reaching down to the shins and a pair of brown boots. Going above the neck she wears a grey scarf that if not worn around the neck, goes around her waist. Her hair is a light ginger colour accompanied by a shade of hazel for her eyes. Her skin in places is notably rough however her face in particular is one place where her skin is as smooth as can be; the only imperfection are a few freckles for whoever think that to be one. The last thing to note is that her knuckles are more worn out and rough than the rest of her skin, as if used a lot.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.):

    Arya has a very positive and cheerful personality and is a good person to have around in conversation. She never intently tries to break a mood and is constantly wanting to keep everyone happy whether this is through jokes or just a good time. Although not always happy she does not let her inner thoughts affect her outside appearance, so you could say it is almost impossible to tell when she is in a bad mood. Arya will never back down from a good challenge, particularly if it involves little thinking and fists; she is very simple. On the note of being a good person to have around, it probably isn't a good idea to have her around bars unless you wish to see a new Arya, she adores drinking no matter what day or what time. She loves making as many friends as possible and if she finds someone that will prove this to be a challenge, she wont ever give up on being friends with them too. She is a huge animal lover, particularly any animal that is a beast or... just something that can make a loud noise. Sometimes she can be very mischievous and try to cause a few problems, however she has tried as good as she can to leave this habit in the past. Finally although kind of hinted already, she is generally just very hands on and can be quite touchy or pull people into hugs without asking which can prove annoying for many.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Arya was raised in a moderately sized settlement just off the outskirts of Barkamsted. It was a generally a nice place to live however it was made up mostly of slums and poverty. Since there wasn't many people doing well financially, everyone there was equal in terms of their rights which made many get along. This wouldn't count for Arya and her family though since she was brought up in a family of thieves. Since birth it was almost inevitable that she was to turn out like them and with the pact war and other crisis's that would have been going on, many people had more to care about than keeping an eye on their belongings; this made it much easier. Since a very young age, Arya would learn skills (although not many good ones) such as how to avoid being caught when trying to pick pocket someone and how to get away and disappear into a crowd when needed. She would prove to be very hard to teach and she was very hands on with how she did things so pick pocketing seemed a task to teach her. During her upbringing her education every day would be short to fit in other things but it would be enough to get her by, whilst she did this it was almost certain that her family would be out doing no good and it would only be a matter of time before they got what they deserved for their actions which wasn't really on her mind.

    When Arya got to the age where she would be able to go out and try getting things for herself, she was an instant success. Around this age she had the look of 'innocent and approachable' so it made it easy to get peoples attention when she needed it. She only got better at this with time making very small amounts of money every day but it was enough to get through life. On a day where she got more than expected, she used what she had learned to make it home safely however only to find out that her family was being arrested and they would be taken somewhere to be held until further notice; resulting in her having to be homeless. She was still quite young she could not have the home to herself, along with it being too expensive to keep herself of course. Whilst being homeless she was able to put a lot of thought into her life, having to live in an alley is a good inspiration booster it seems, and she decided to do something good. Every day she would see scouts and little troops leaving the settlement, and wait to see that only few return. She thought to herself numbers might be getting thin so she went to a person of reputation to learn how to defend herself. Since she had been alone all of this time, the thought of her family not being with her wasn't much of a bother anymore.

    And thus she would learn to fight, not liking any of the weapons they had to offer she used her fists and would also be toughened up a bit. Although this fighting method would not be so useful in fights she just wanted it to be able to defend herself at minimum, even if it only buys her a few seconds. This would go on for quite a while, perhaps a year or so before news of the pact being close to their settlement began to spread. People immediately started to panic, Arya not so much because being a daughter of a thieving household she knew all of the ways to get out of the town and how to get to other places relatively safely. It would only be a matter of time before the pact did end up reaching her home and completely decimating it, not many people were able to evacuate, many people she loved and cared for; gone in an instant. She, however, managed to evacuate and make her way to Barkamsted where she knew it was the 'safe haven' of man-kind.

    Upon getting there she managed to live safely with some people she knew who also managed to make it there, although not a particularly happy lifestyle she wanted to keep the mood up despite knowing her family is either out there somewhere or sadly, dead. She made a promise for their sake that she would not let it bother her or her life and try her best to make other people happy, thus leaving her past lifestyle of cheating people out of their money and belongings behind her. The time she spent in Barkamsted she used honing her skills in fist-to-fist combat, fighting many people she knew, for training of course. This would go on for some time until news of the pact war coming to an end spread across the city and she used this moment straight away to try and improve her life. She said her farewells to those she lived with and moved out, exploring the city in a way she hadn't, knowing people might not be on much of an edge as they were in the war.

    From this moment she just decided to travel and see where the world takes her, bringing the spirit of her family along the way she was sure she would survive until the end, for them. Oh, and by this time she developed her taste for drinking which probably wouldn't turn out to be a good thing.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    I will answer these scenarios as if playing the character I am applying for.

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    I go after the child, knowing that they surely cant out run me, trying to get me at my own act. Weaving in and out of the crowd I eventually catch up to the child and put a hand gently on their head to stop them in their tracks. "Kid, this doesn't work on me. Give back what you took", and soon enough I would get my coin purse returned, I used this opportunity to explain my past briefly to the child and how thieving doesn't actually get you too far and that you should do something good and valuable with your life. The child left, somewhat enlightened or at least that is what I would like to think, I turn around, shopping at whatever stalls are still open before leaving.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    As I come across the wolves a part of me considers the value of wolf skins but what kind of monster would want to kill wolves for their skin. I try my best to open the trap on the mother, wrapping something close by around the wound to try and stop the blood flow. However I knew that the mother probably wouldn't last long but I gather the puppies and put them near the mother and surely they turn around to walk away. Someone close by who also heard the cries bumped into me and asked if I knew what it was, I say it was nothing and that I have already checked out the area before leaving to go home.
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