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    posted a message on All In Bloom Vanilla SMP! | Whitelist | Minimal Plugins | Fresh Map
    • Minecraft In-Game name: slicedbread1991
    • Location (Timezone): British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Time
    • Age (15+): 26
    • Discord (Will be given in game upon request): Don't have it yet, but will.
    • Agree with the rules?: Absolutely
    • Tell us something about your self: I'm an electrical engineer by trade and woodworker by hobby. I have a toddler son whom I love more than anything. I enjoy being creative and working with my hands. I meld well with small close knit communities.
    • How long have you played Minecraft?: I've been playing since the beta days. I started in early 2011.
    • What will you bring to the server?: I enjoy building structures that everyone can enjoy whether it be a farm or a functional game of connect 4. A few years ago I was the owner and admin of a thriving server. It lasted for 3 years. Unfortunately I didn't have time to maintain it due to life (Career change, having a child, etc.) I great miss the community that had formed around that server and wish to experience that again. I would often run events, challenges, and contests. I'm sure if given the opportunity I could do it all over again.
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    posted a message on Texture Artist for hire to do mod textures
    Quote from Anthony567

    you can't improve without knowing your faults
    I wanna know how other people see my work
    what is good and what is bad.

    What you got there looks pretty good. The bronze, cobalt, and tin blocks though look like that won't stack together well.
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: slicedbread1991

    Where did you hear about the server: Minecraft Forums front page

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Of Course!

    What's our policy on raging:
    Don't be a wuss. Come back stronger as ever.
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    posted a message on Texture Artist for hire to do mod textures
    Quote from Anthony567

    Awesome. I'll get on your textures as soon I finish another one I'm working on for some other dude. :)
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    posted a message on Texture Artist for hire to do mod textures
    Quote from Anthony567

    remake? when did you get that idea?
    You weren't very clear with what you wanted. You simply sent me your mod and you said you weren't very good at textures. I guess I was simply a little confused. So you just want me to the gem, gem block, staffs, and projectiles?
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    posted a message on Texture Artist for hire to do mod textures
    Quote from Anthony567
    I'm that bad at making textures

    is asking more than one thing to much?
    something that fits the style.

    needed help on

    gem textures , gem block textures for the staffs
    and the projectiles for them


    I'm making the textures sorta castlevania 2 on the nes like
    Are you asking me to remake your current textures or just the gem, gem block, staffs, and projectiles? I've never played castlevania 2, but I'll try to match the style.
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    posted a message on Texture Artist for hire to do mod textures
    Hello my peeps. I am an experience texture artist who has done textures for a handful of mods. The mods will be listed below. I am for hire again and best of all, I'm completely free. I only merely request for credit. If you are working on a mod, but you suck at making textures than I'm your guy. Just reply to this post or PM me and I'll get to work for you.

    Desired Blocks - I did all these textures -
    DessertCraft - I only did a handful of these textures -
    Desperation Food - I did about half of these textures -

    I also do skin textures. If you want some skins then PM me.
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    posted a message on Can my computer run it?
    It will run Minecraft, but don't expect it to run on a high render distance and I'm sure any shader is out of the question.
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    posted a message on Check out this video I made
    Doesn't look like you embedded it properly.
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    posted a message on [Mature] Surthrival Online Vanilla server
    We're looking for more recruits!

    Ip -
    Website -

    Welcome to the official Surthrival Online Vanilla Server application! Surthrival Online is a whitelisted server made in a 1.6 world though we've excisted since 1.4. We built a strong community around this server and everyone on the server are great friends. We work together to build amazing structures and other awesome things. We are friendly and mature people and we don't tolerate immaturity and greifers.

    This server runs on the latest version of Minecraft and it's completely Vanilla. We don't use any plugins or mods. We keep this server safe through a strict application. Through this we hope to only have players that are Mature, Honest, and Fun

    Why should I apply for Surthrival Online?

    Official Forums - We have our own forums! Discuss building ideas, events, and support. You can earns awards to boast to your friends.

    Server Wide Events - We have a separate server just for events that everyone is invited to for server events. These events typically are PvP maps. If you win an event you'll like get a badge, in-game item, or even a full Steam game!

    No Lag - We don't rent our servers. We own them. There is no middle man so if there are issues we're on the problem right away. Getting lag? We'll upgrade the server to deal with the extra stress.

    The Admins Actually Play - Unlike many servers, where the admins seem to never play Minecraft and interact with the players, we here on Surthrival Online play all the same and enjoy working with the players on projects.

    Team Speak - We have a Team Speak server. You can join the chat and talk to the people on there server for great fun.

    Please visit our website to apply!
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    posted a message on [Snapshots] Surthrival Online - Survive and Thrive - Mature Vanilla Server - 24/7

    Ahem. As a member of this server, I am bumping this thread to let other people on the forums know we still function and can always use more mature players on our server!

    We also have not been using snapshots(Though that may change 1.6, idk). So if you are worried about needing to use them, don't worry!
    This is an old post. We have a newer one with more updated info.
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    posted a message on Looking for Survival server.
    If you want a server to play on then go to the server section of the forums and look for one.
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    posted a message on Looking for a 3D animater
    I'm looking for someone that does 3D animations. I'm looking for someone that can make a new introduction to my Youtube videos. It only needs to be 5 seconds long. It will consist of my Minecraft character doing a simple animation. Will pay a sum of money if required. Please post an animation that you've done if you're interested.
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    posted a message on Desired Blocks v 5.4 Finally Updated!!
    I'm looking forward to using this in my modded survival soon
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    posted a message on Its out! the snapshot
    How do you tame a horse?
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