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    name: you can call me sleepy!
    ign: asleepywitch
    discord: ★sleepy#1126
    age: 28
    country: USA
    favourite aspects of online play: i've never played minecraft online. or multiplayer minecraft at all tbh, so i'm not sure yet. in general, playing games online are a nice way to make friends with at least one common interest.
    least favourite aspects of online play: potential for toxicity, drama, hurt feelings. buuut that comes with the territory for anything that has groups of people, it's not specific to online play.
    about me: i've been described as chaotic soft. shy and anxious with a playfully aggressive side. i laugh at most things. a weeb and a gAmEr. i dabble in most things creative with a focus on digital art, and i like to overuse exclamation points!! 'v ' fairly new to actually playing minecraft so blease forgive me.

    referral: a sweet DM from stephayy inviting me to check things out.

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    oh boy! i'm anxious!


    discord: ★sleepy#1126

    minecraft ign: asleepywitch

    age / gender: 28 / female.

    social media: n/a. i do plan on streaming more + uploading to youtube but i'm currently revamping things. i'd rather share privately.

    minecraft experience / time playing: honestly, very little hands-on experience in minecraft. i've only ever played by myself, and only during the past six months or so. i've done a mix of survival and creative worlds solo. haven't tried any mods as of yet!

    timezone / country: GMT-4 / north america.

    skills resume: i'm... decent at building, i would say? not super fast considering i'm not very experienced yet, but design and construction itself aren't bad. i'm happy to learn things; i kind of went into minecraft blind and have tried to keep it that way.

    estimated playing / playtimes: honestly depends, but i'm more than willing to devote a chunk of hours a week. potentially moreso if i find a groove and make some friends to do things with, or have things i'm supposed to do!

    other: not that i can think of!! i can answer any questions you may have if you're interested in following up. thank you \o\

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