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    posted a message on Enigma: a tool for deobfuscation of Java bytecode
    Just gonna chime in that the name is really clever :3
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    posted a message on Sniper bows with zoom & crosshair
    Only… *mental counting* 8 command blocks! ;D

    The title pretty much describes it, watch the video:

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    posted a message on Creative Mode only: Place Blocks in Midair
    Using /setblock actually takes less work than you would think, because of tab completion. I use /setblock and /fill all the time while building, and the time it took never bothered me.
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    posted a message on Shortened Names for NBT Tags(Remove "No" in Front of Tags)
    Now that you point this out, I agree that that'd be a lot more intuitive.
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    posted a message on /chunkdata command
    Instead of only specific values, I think it would be more consistent just to have the ability to change the nbt data of the chunk, (this is pretty low-level, could be dangerous) and to be able to specify which chunk you'd like to change.
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    posted a message on Scoreboard improvements - allow objectives to be used as global variables
    WARNING: This suggestion is pretty technical. You'll need command knowledge, an understanding of NBT data, and basic programming skills to understand it.

    This suggestion will allow scoreboard objectives to be added in any field of a command that their type matches, add a command and a syntax for referencing nbt tags as variables, and modify the /scoreboard objectives add command. Essentially, the command will be parsed with the variable replaced by its value.
    Here's an example of referencing scoreboard variables:
    /tp @p ~ $tpy:@p ~
    This will teleport the nearest player to a y-value of their score in the objective "tpy". In case it isn't clear, the syntax is
    $objective:player/entity/dummy player

    The new command that it will add is /var. Here's the syntax:
    /var <block|entity|variable> <...> <target> <operation> <block|entity|variable> <...> <value>
    Basically, this will perform an operation on 2 nbt tags, 2 scoreboard variables, or one of each. The operations are the same as in /scoreboard players objective.

    This will work with a new syntax that allows nbt tags to be referenced as variables. It works like this:
    Elements inside compound tags are referenced using a colon. Elements inside lists are referenced by their value. If said elements are compound tags, they can be referenced by individual elements. If multiple elements are found with the same value, the first will be used.

    The last part is to change /scoreboard objectives add. A new type of objective will be added called nbt. This will store an nbt tag, for compatibility with /var.

    Here are some examples of how you could use this, mainly for mapmaking.

    Purpose: Block placer
    Setup Commands:
    /scoreboard objectives add blockid nbt
    /scoreboard players set #id blockid "minecraft:air"
    Main Commands:
    /var variable $blockid:#id = block ~ ~-1 ~ Items[{Slot:0b}]:id
    /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ $blockid:#id
    Explanation: This will read an item from the first slot of a chest, and place it as a block, if it is one. The setup commands add an objective called blockid that will represent the id of the block, and a fake player to track it with, called #id. The first main command will set #id's score equal to the id of the first item in the chest. (The chest is the block below the command block.) This is done by looking for the first compound tag with a byte called Slot with a value of 0, and retrieving the value of its id tag. The second main command will set the block below the command block to whatever #id's score was.

    I haven't thought of any other examples, please let me know if you have ideas.
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    posted a message on Add many blocks
    You could always just use /fill, but that sometimes is a little annoying because it only does rectangular areas.
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    posted a message on Modern-ish swamp house build
    Quote from Sjestrad

    Very nice, i like the contrast in wood types.

    wow, thats pretty good!

    Quote from Dromy

    Not bad.

    Quote from thebaum64

    Looks nice :) needs more glass ;)

    Thanks for all the good feedback :)
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    posted a message on Modern-ish swamp house build
    Quote from Tulaash

    Woah... is that from a real texture pack?

    Yeah... It's from one of those HD packs. Idk which, I got the pic from tumblr.
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    posted a message on Modern-ish swamp house build
    Quote from TheBigBadCola

    Word of advice mate, It would look stellar with a half decent texture pack. Best of luck to you, btw! Cheers! :)

    Personally, I'm more inclined to vanilla. idk why tho.
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    posted a message on Setblock arbitrary block?
    In short, I'd like to make a block placer in vanilla minecraft. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions short of making a command block for each block, which would work but is definitely not optimal.
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    posted a message on Modern-ish swamp house build
    Here's a house that I made recently. Feedback is appreciated. :)
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    posted a message on Almost complete item NBT tutorial for Minecraft 1.8
    Added times of various things and links, hope it helps! :D
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    posted a message on Almost complete item NBT tutorial for Minecraft 1.8

    Wiki page that I used: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Item_format

    if you have any questions just post here, I'll probably answer pretty fast.

    Times to skip to:
    1:45 - Unbreakable & CanDestroy tags
    3:59 - CanPlaceOn tag
    4:46 - BlockEntityTag (placeable tile entities)
    6:40 - Enchanting
    9:16 - Enchanted books
    10:33 - Custom repair costs
    12:55 - Attributes (Custom attack damage, speed, etc)
    17:05 - Potions
    20:02 - Display tag (Armor color, explanation of hexadecimal/RGB, custom name, lore, and HideFlags)
    24:29 - Written books (go to http://ezekielelin.com/tellraw/)
    27:36 - Custom player heads (PLEASE go to http://www.dragnoz.com/custom-head-block-generator/ for this)
    28:34 - Fireworks
    31:21 - Maps (I don't actually show how to do this; info is on the wiki)
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    posted a message on Random textures for blocks! (Partially outdated)
    Hello there. This thread is a little old, but I'd like to point out that this is now a vanilla feature, and it is optional. If the OP still has the modified textures shown in the original post, I'd love to make them into a vanilla resource pack. :3
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