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    Amazing Mod!

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    It gives more life to the game

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    Man this is very useful

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    *Brain is out*

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    posted a message on Plus Utilities | Smart Solutions and new ways to play! | 1.12.2


    Do you need more utilities to your game? then this mod will have it!

    • Introduction:

    This Mod adds a Branch new items and utilites to your game like:

    -Possibility of making Celullosis Fiber from wood, that let you make hard plates and a lot of cool things and more utilities like wool,boats,fishing rods and more.

    -A Powerful armor that give you some buffs

    -Devices that will help you, like Shield Device, Air Traveler Device etc

    -Wood Converters to convert any type of wood to the desired type.

    -Polished Steel and its tools and other things, can be used on oreDictionary

    -Nexonite, the hardest material on the mod, there is a legend that is the bedrock itself

    -The Frozen Forest, a great biome that hides some structures and a new monster

    • Dependencies:

    Forge Mod Loader (at least)

    Minecraft 1.12.2

    • How to Install:

    1. Install Forge in Minecraft 1.12.2

    2. Put +Utilities.jar in /mods folder

    3. Enjoy your game!


    This mod was created using MCreator


    Você precisa de mais utilitários para o seu jogo? então este mod terá!

    • Introdução:

    Este Mod adiciona um ramo a novos itens e utilitários no seu jogo, como:

    -Possibilidade de fabricar fibra de celulose a partir de madeira, que permite fazer chapas duras e muitas coisas legais e mais utilidades, como lã, barcos, varas de pesca e muito mais.

    -Uma armadura poderosa que lhe dá alguns buffs

    -Conversores de madeira para converter qualquer tipo de madeira para o tipo desejado.

    -O aço polido e suas ferramentas e outras coisas, podem ser usados no oreDictionary!

    -Nexonita, o material mais difícil do mod, há uma lenda que é a própria rocha matriz!

    -A Floresta Congelada, um grande bioma que esconde algumas estruturas e um novo monstro!

    • Dependências:

    Forge Mod Loader (pelo menos)

    Minecraft 1.12.2

    • Como instalar:

    1. Instale o Forge no Minecraft 1.12.2

    2. Coloque + Utilities.jar na pasta / mods

    3. Aproveite o seu jogo!


    Este mod foi criado usando o MCreator


    The Frost Spirit Armor

    'The Blizzard'

    Powered Armors

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    posted a message on [1.12.2][MP/SP]Plus Utilities by skyman478

    Version R2.0 Launched!!!

    -Cold Camouflage Update-

    Hi guys, I want to show you my mod that can help and increment your gameplay, you can see everything about it on its page and wiki

    Click Here to go to mod page

    It's a mod that add a bunch of items like armors,tools,ores, a new biome, weapons and some other few things.

    It is for Minecraft 1.12.2

    Mod Latest version: R2.0

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