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    Too OP. Has to be harder. 'Nuff said.
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    I made a creeper post a while ago. Now that i think over it, it's a bit stupid, but that one was just for fun. Here it is: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/600957-creepers/page__p__7936741__fromsearch__1#entry7936741

    Some of my quotes form above:

    Creepers are close relatives of the cactus.
    This I believe is true. However, I believe they came to be when evil infected the cactus, creating creepers. They are also close to pigs, as creepers came out as a failed model of a pig. Don't ask me how they are related. Okay, the creeper's intelligence level evolved from the pig's brain. Done. They actually got down underground because the stone was created from gunpowder, as creepers are quite attracted to gunpowder and think it's quite tasty. So eventually when they died eating gunpowder, their remains eventually became fossils and sunk slowly down into the ground, but their DNA still was alive and infected zombies or something like that.

    Creepers used to have arms, and they were very kind and lived with the humans and pigmen peacefully. They were happy until one of the creepers had a birth defect. His arms were placed behind his feet, resulting in no arms and four feet.
    The part where it says they used to have arms is NOT TRUE. While the cacti slowly evolved, their spikes slowly developed into feet. However, creepers were far too early for the humans. Pigmen were stupid creatures at the time, and de-evolved into pigs. Creepers actually lived off of gunpowder and pig meat. This is the reason why their intelligence is of a pig's.

    The hugging theory is completely off. That was a JOKE.

    Gunpowder was a creeper's daily meal. It was hard for humans to find gunpowder, because creepers have a special vision that spots gunpowder in rocks. However, this only works in the dark, which is one reason why creepers spawn in the dark, in order to find the gunpowder in rocks or between the cracks in the cobblestone.
    It is true creepers can spot the gunpowder in the rocks. However, it does not need to be dark for them to see it. They can find a speck of gunpowder on a blade of grass in the morning no problem. The reason why cobblestone's cracks were black was because of the gunpowder in them. Eventually, the creepers had eaten it all. The creepers, again, only were found in caves because of their remains slowly slipping and their DNA affected the monsters around in the cave.

    If I've made a contradiction or I need to explain something more, tell me. I really like making theories and then debating. Thank you. If you'd like me to make another theory on another mob (such as ghast) I'd be happy to.
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    Fantasia should be a bit like Millenaire but more advanced. I want to start a discussion here, so people can make descriptions of how they want these villages to turn out, the way they are created, etc.

    New ores
    Almost like silver. Silver has been suggested so much i want to change it. However, it contains redstone like energy and can be used to make frallia torches, and even frallia repeaters! works on land, except is very rare and its not worth it to make it on land. it is meant to be made underwater. So you don't have to worry about water ruining your underwater contraptions! You can also make armor with better protection that diamond but will be the same durability as leather.
    Other ideas
    Roselar - a red gem very rare and used to make tools and armor. Tools are as durable as diamond but are more efficient than gold but less efficient than diamond.
    Sealoam - tools don't slow down underwater. durability iron, efficiency iron. armor gives you unlimited air, durability iron. for every 10 damage you SHOULD take, your armor goes down a bit.

    Eskimo Civilization
    Live in snow houses. Polar bears spawn, as tall as zombies and as long as wolves (tail included) Are tamed with Sealoam. You can ride them with a saddle, and if you leave your polar bear in a eskimo stable, they get magical powers. They get a diamond on their head, walk on water by forming ice under their feet (they go away as they leave) and eventually learn to fly. if they encounter a desert biome they will lose all their powers (flying over a desert will not offect them)
    The eskimos sell ice and snow, and ice tools only they can craft. the ice tools allow you to mine ice and will make the item they are designed to dig a lot easier. they will break the item in half a second, however have durability of a wooden pick.
    Other ideas
    Fire civilizations - live in volcanoes
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    can i have building rights.


    fav plants name: arnold
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    Quote from hacer455

    Then What is the Reward

    Fun of playing minecraft or finding it.
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    Quote from El_Pwnzor

    I think it's an okay idea, but not good enough right now to be implemented in game or in a mod. There would be very little value aside from diamond hunting in this biome. As well as that, wolves dropping diamond could easily be exploited in grinders. The idea of oak trees underground doesn't sound very aesthetically pleasing, either (although I may be missing something). I like the idea of a new mob to accompany the biome, perhaps it could be something more sinister than a new type of wolf. Something supernatural, perhaps?

    Okay, I just took this straight outta my head. Forgive me if I sound like an idiot.
    Skeletal Endermen. They are like normal Endermen, except white with red eyes. But when they see you, they automatically teleport to you. They can attack quite quickly, about two times in one second, but they only deal 1 heart damage. Killing one will give you 0-2 enderbone which can be crafted into... I don't know but I'm thinking of a food to make up for that loss of hearts.

    Quote from Elohssa28

    Do the trees drop normal wood or special wood which could possibly cut into 8 wooden planks. Or when you put 9 of them together it makes 64 torches.
    Can you burn the forest. Do the trees drop saplings and if so can they grow on the surface.

    Trees drop that special glowing wood. I think they should create a white-ish glowing plank that gives off light the same as redstone torch. Only 2 planks, though. Saplings can be collected (they look like grey leaves with white trunk) but if you plant them on the surface, at night it turns into an enderman :sad.gif: And you can't burn the forest. it might light on fire but it won't burn.

    Quote from maxriderules

    Maybe instead of wolves, the forests could mark out slime spawning chunks? So there's no need for a new mob to be coded and balanced, and they could be used by the player as a way to gather slimeballs far more easily.

    I believe that slimes were meant to be rare, but I honestly don't think they should be normal slimes. Maybe just retextured slimes that are black and have red eyes? I don't know.

    Quote from DrewBlast14

    i have a more cleaned up idea
    this is a biome found between levels 4-16.
    the spawning chance for it would be 10%
    in the biome glowing white trees and glowing blue mushrooms can be found
    blue mushroom can be used with an akward potion for a potion of night vision
    the trees are white and simitransparent and can only be grown in the dark and on stone blocks

    cant think of any new mobs.

    I like the blue mushroom idea. The night vision potion should clear out the black fog, and on the surface it should make it as bright as just ALMOST sunset. :smile.gif:

    Quote from Alexsk7752

    This reminds me of the underground jungle in terraria, that's where you did get the idea from?

    Got it from my 'kind of' depression I get sometimes. :smile.gif:
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    Okay, I bet you want to kill me right now. Because I'm going to suggest something like trees made out of bedrock. No. Actually, it's simply a forest that occurs at bedrock level. The trees are the normal oak tree texture, except they are white. They glow at torch level, and the leaves are a dark grey.
    In these, can super rarely spawn bedrock wolves who cannot be tamed. They are agressive, and are actually quite strong. They can dissapear into any 'darkness', but as you approach and the darkness fades, it attacks you again. When you kill it, there's a 10% chance it will drop a diamond. If they are spawned above bedrock level (or you find a way to lure it out of the level) it will become 2x faster and quickly attack you. They only deal a heart's damage but when your hearts get down to 2 and a half, they deal 2 hearts.
    Too OP? suggestions? More things to add? Tell me. And trolls should stay under the bridge.
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    Cool. I don't know what else to say. sorry.
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    Quote from svi0

    uhmm u can grow nether wart in the overworld............ just put it on soul sand

    Nope. doesn't grow.

    Actually, i'd like it to grow in the overworld because i actually tried to and failed miserably. buyt tot make it less overpowered, how about they only grow near lava at bedrock level? (level where you see the black particle effects) It's closer to 'hell' and it makes more sense, because the core of the earth is surrounded by lava.
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    Then why do they build libraries?

    cause they are too stupid to notice bookshelves are useful.

    PS : GREAT IDEA! but i was thinking maybe rarely an already intelligent NPC would teach you things. Like every minecraft day, you could right click him and he would tell you a phrase from the enchanting table, and when you learn all of them, he'd start to tell you about what they mean and maybe what enchantments you get. But before you can even rightr click him to get information, you have to givew him a diamond every time you want to learn a phrase. this way, it isn't too overpowered.
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    Quote from TheEvilM

    Post this on GetSatisfaction.

    too lazy. i'll give ya permission to do this XD
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    Quote from Divine Insect

    Or how about giving players the ability to craft wooden post blocks from two sticks? They look like fence posts, but don't connect to anything. Fence blocks would be able to automatically connect to post blocks, but posts won't connect to anything on their own.

    it wouldn't be right. it's so much easier if you can just right click it. Besides, I'm sure a lot of people are annoyed by this feature too. but i like the shears/hands/axe right clicking to disconnect different things. Thanks, Pingytalk.

    Coolio678, that'd work really good too.

    4Koen, what about my house made of wood? :smile.gif:

    bump. are you allowed to bump suggestions too? :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Fences are getting annoying!
    Okay, yeah, fences are really improved. They don't take up a whole block of space. They stick the walls. But the problem I have is them 'sticking to walls'.

    When making windows or panes or things of the sort, they look so beautiful! But if you're trying to just make a lamp post and then place a block next to it, that block next to it actually becomes connected. (don't mean to advertise or anything, but if you want an example of the picture AND people who agree with me, click the link and watch the video.)
    My idea is that when you right click the fence, it stops connecting to things. Right click again, it connects. I don't know much that it would change of the game, and minecraft is all about creativity, so i believe if you don't want the fence to stick, it shouldn't stick.
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    posted a message on Seeds
    I just had an idea about seeds.
    Wouldn't it be cool if you could actually MAKE the seeds instead of trying out different combinations until you get the one you like?

    Basically, you'd use ":" to make your seed, so you could type:

    :flat grass w/ trees:

    And all you would get is a terrain of a bunch of different types of trees and just flat, flat, flat grass.

    Or you could try:

    :flat biome:

    Doing that would give you a plain flat land, however, you can explore to find different biomes.

    You could also try:

    :flat obsidian w/ lavapools lavarivers:

    So you'd just have obsidian all over the place with occasional lava pools and lava rivers.

    But you could so something crazy like:

    :hilly beds:

    Then you'd have a world of beds that spawn in a mountatain seed. Just beds and beds and beds.

    However, liquids need to know specifically how to spawn.



    Or you could do patterns:

    :stone pattern woodplanks:
    :sign pattern wood:

    Or anything. really, as long as you tell the seed what to do.

    Would it be hard to implement? is it too OP? tell me.
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    posted a message on Water Pressure
    Quote from lo0katmyname

    That's alright until you want to place a block and you lose 3 hearts per second.

    I don't think this really fits in with minecraft, especially when you look at the water physics.

    You have to run out of your air bubbles first, if you were in high pressure water in real life you would still be able to swim a bit, THEN you'd break down.

    Some people are saying I shouldn't use the Eye of Ender to prevent suffocation. I'm going to take a bit of Trent's idea.

    So you have to make a 'reinforced helmet' by using iron and glass. How to make?

    Equip this on your head and you're ready to go.
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