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    Better Than Adventure! is out!

    Photo Mode!

    It's been a whille but we're finally ready to get our next update out the door! (friendly reminder to join our discord server if you're interested in trying out some development snapshots!) This update features a fun new isometric photo mode, controller support, lots of new blocks such as an overhaulled stone bricks (old variants have been renamed to polished stone bricks), and also dozens of bug fixes.

    Check the full changelog above as usual and please submit any bug reports to our Github issues page, or on our discord!


    Download: MultiMC Instance (Recommended!)

    Download: Betacraft

    Download: Server jar

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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update" has been released!

    Adds Iron trapdoors, grass-munching sheep and many more minor additions and tweaks, also fixes a plethora of outstanding bugs in 1.7.6

    Please check the full changelog on our Tumblr page

    Download links above!

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    1.7.6_01 has been released!

    The reign of Chickens is over! The Pigs, Cows and Sheep have reclaimed their rightful home on the server. Also some bugs have been squashed.

    • Signs now stack to 64
    • Snowballs now stack to 64
    • Pebbles now make 1 of each cobble type
    • Quartz, Marble, Slate and Olivine are now made by smelting cobble variants
    • Hell worlds now generate water sources and obsidian lakes underwater
    • Halved the amount of leaves dropped in spring

    Bug Fixes

    • Pigs, Cows and Sheep now spawn again on servers
    • Fishing now works again on servers
    • Fixed lighting issues on farmland and leaf piles
    • Fixed sapling tree generation so that it always spawns a tree if possible
    • Fixed issue that caused caves to not break the surface in alpha worlds
    • Fixed issue that caused caves to generate regular grass in alpha worlds
    • Fixed an issue where labyrinths crash if a spawner fails to generate

    Download links in original post!

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    BTA 1.7.6 has been released!

    Overview Trailer

    This update is big. Really big. I'm honestly surprised we pulled it off but 1.7.6 is finally released, featuring all new seasons, overhauled terrain generation, bigger worlds, new blocks and more!

    Download link above!

    If you find any bugs or have any questions about installing or updating, please report them to our Discord server where we can discuss them with you! Thanks!

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    That sounds like a bug, how did you approach it..? do you have a picture?

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    Hey! Thanks for the feedback, its all been super helpful, and I'm very glad you're enjoying the mod! I'd like to go through it point by point if you don't mind, offering some thoughts or counterpoints to a couple of your critisisms, so here goes:

    I see it only works with the 2x2 grid and not the crafting table, but still, an improvement is an improvement.

    I actually didn't know about this, so thanks for the bug report! Will be fixed in a later version.

    - I see that zombies drop cloth. I have no clue what that's used for, and I haven't been able to guess any recipes yet. It definitely makes more sense than feathers, though.
    - No way to craft beds? Or has the recipe changed? I assume there must at least still be some way to set your spawnpoint, though?

    I'm gonna let you do the math on this one.. ;p

    - Diamonds are either super rare or non-existent, which makes me wonder what the next step is beyond iron tools.
    - Apparently I can't light a nether portal either. I've heard something about nether coal, though, so I assume the Nether must be accessible somehow...

    Diamond rarity hasn't changed at all, unless you're playing the 1.7.6 prereleases. But that is currently a bug and will be fixed in a later update. For now though, if you're on 1.7.5, you're just unlucky

    As for your second point, I'm going to assume you're not filling in the corners. We've introduced variable portal sizes, and a downside of that is portal corners must be fully filled in now (However, as an alternative, you can make 4x3 portals now, which take up the same number of blocks as a portal with the corners cut off, so try that!)

    Would you say it's possible to discover most of the features without any outside help, or do I have to read the patch notes? Maybe you could provide an alternative changelog in the style of NSSS that hints at the features without giving everything away?

    I would say read the patch notes if you'd like to know everything the mod has to offer, however there are a number of seecret features we don't list in patch notes for players to discover themselves. In 1.7.6 though, we plan on adding a way of discovering new features yourself that I will go into further in a second..

    The mediocre:
    - Breaking moss with a pickaxe feels wrong. Maybe make hoes do that instead, just like in vanilla? Or maybe just make shovels do it.

    Pickaxes breaking moss is a player convenience choice to be honest. Moss is only found underground and I think having to bring a hoe with you when you go mining seems a bit annoying.. Also moss is meant to be stone covered in moss, rather than a solid block of vegetation (This will be more obvious in 1.7.6 as we have modified the texture slightly)

    - Screenshots appear to not work when in fullscreen. I'm using the provided MultiMC instance, Java 8, and KDE Neon Linux.
    - 3D anaglyph seems to be a bit broken, with things not lining up the way they should? Also, it seems like moving into an area doesn't render it properly? Then again, I have no clue if this was also broken in Beta 1.7.3.

    These are both vanilla 1.7.3 bugs, the first of which is related to the game running in an unexpected screen resolution. We plan to fix the first one whenever we can, but I'll be honest, fixing anaglyph isn't on the top of our priority list due to the very sparse use-case of it.

    Things I miss from vanilla (in order of importance):
    - Inventory shortcuts.

    Planned for a future update. Probably 1.7.7.

    - Recipe book. Or even just some way to find recipes without having to look them up. In hindsight, it's truly ridiculous that Java Edition lacked a recipe guide for so long.
    - Advancements to guide players into finding stuff. This goes hand in hand with the recipe book. If you've ever seen PiroPito's Minecraft series, you'll know how crucial the advancements and recipe book are to figuring stuff out without having to resort to a wiki or tutorial.

    Both of these are planned for future versions. The recipe book is a new addition in 1.7.6, and a revamped achievement system designed to guide players through the game is coming later on down the line. We really want to make mod features easier for players to work out on their own (mainly because I keep getting questions about crafting recipes in the Discord server ;D)

    - The ability to put more than one porkchop in a furnace. Maybe there's an upgrade or something I haven't discovered yet that provides a solution, but it's really boring to have to swap porkchops in and out of a furnace.
    - Beta 1.8 Bow mechanics. Machine gun bows are alright, but they have very limited range and don't feel very skillful.
    - Sprinting. It's not just the speed I miss, but also the ability to do 3-4 block jumps. Parkour almost can't exist without it. But how to implement it in a Beta 1.7 style? Here's my idea: instead of being hunger-based, it could be armor-based. Players with leather (or no) armor could sprint just like in modern MC, but players with heavier armor like iron could not. Perhaps each piece of iron armor would reduce your sprinting speed by 25%, with a full set removing your ability to sprint entirely. That could add some strategy to armor selection and keep leather armor relevant in the later stages of the game.

    We plan on adding an upgraded furnace specifically for bulk-cooking food later down the line, as well as a buffed movement speed system similar to what you described below, where armour types dictate how fast your top speed is. So stay tuned for those. As for 1.8 bow mechanics... I'll think about it. Its a little tough when there's people who enjoy both systems so if we do add 1.8 bows, they'll probably be a new weapon..

    - I wanna be able to bonemeal sugar cane. For some reason this still isn't a thing in vanilla.

    That's a great idea! I never even thought about it, but I'll get right onto implementing that!

    - You should be able to craft moss with cobblestone to make mossy cobblestone... or is that already implemented and I just haven't been able to guess the recipe?

    There is a way to create mossy variants through the moss blocks, but it works a little differently to usual..Spoiler below if you'd like to know how it works:

    Moss spreads to nearby blocks in a light level of 5 or less. Try placing cobblestone next to a moss block and see what happens ;D

    - Have you considered making a texture pack in the style of the 1.14+
    textures? I hacked one together by combining the BTA textures with https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/village-amp-piston-1-14-textures-backport-to-beta-1-7/, and I think it looked pretty neat.

    Shameless plug but a member of our community discord server has done a Jappa texture pack! Feel free to join up you're interested (Also the Discord is the best place to offer feedback, bug reports and suggestions as its the place we check on the most often)

    Thanks again for your great feedback! We plan to get 1.7.6 out within the month so I hope you enjoy that too when it rolls around! Also as a side note: I noticed your shoutout on the NSSS forum page so thanks for that too ;D

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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    Sorry if I'm being stupid but.. How do I run the launcher? I open up the folder and there's nothing for me to launch.

    Hi! You need to download the "Bta launcher v1.1" download link I posted in the comments. Its an executable jar file, so you just need to run it. Make sure you are not opening it with winrar or 7zip.

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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    Beta 1.7.5_01 has been released!

    Just a minor patch to fix some existing bugs and bring a very slight nerf to the golden quiver.


    • Golden quiver arrows now deal slightly less damage than regular arrows
    • Golden quiver arrows now break on impact with the ground
    • Chests below other chests can now be opened
    • Shift clicking on a block now avoids interacting with it
    • Changed Flint and Steel's name to "Fire Striker" to avoid confusion
    • Crafting mesh blocks now yields 8
    • Items can pass through spikes
    • Legacy slabs are now labelled "steps" to distinguish them from the new ones
    • Steel item textures now match better

    Bug fixes:

    • Slabs no longer suffocate mobs and players in multiplayer
    • Crushing blocks now yields the correct variant
    • Fixed numerous language bugs
    • Fixed missing pixels in compass texture

    BTA Launcher



    Download Server

    Server Jar

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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    Beta 1.7.5 has been released!


    Explore the dangerous new labyrinths, shoot arrows from your quiver to your heart's content, create redstone traps using the new Motion Sensor blocks, and more!

    Download from the links above, or use our new dedicated BTA launcher linked below! (This launcher will automatically pull the latest release from our Github, meaning no more checking forum posts for updates!)


    BTA Launcher

    Download Server

    Server Jar

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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    1.7.4_02_3 has been released! - This update is a server-side hotfix only. Client users do not need to update!


    + Added death messages! Show off your skills to your friends
    + Added an /online command that prints out all online players, and their score
    + Added chat colours for readability. Currently random per logon but may be custom later on.
    * Fixed a bug where the console would spam you with strings
    * Fixed a bug where the blast furnace could not be crafted


    Click here

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    Better Than Adventure!


    "Better Than Adventure" (BTA) is an extensive mod for Minecraft beta 1.7.3, bringing out regular updates attempting to create a more "finalized" version of beta Minecraft while also maintaining the look and feel of the game pre-adventure update. BTA works very different from other mods as it acts as more of a “fork” of Minecraft, than an addition to it. As of beta 1.7.6, As such, existing mods for beta 1.7.3 are not compatible with BTA. However, we are working hard to allow the community to make and publish their own mods for BTA specifically.

    Beta 1.7.6 Overview Video


    Minecraft has changed a lot since its initial beta period in 2011. The game has grown substantially, and new features, mechanics and systems continue to be added even to this day. While this is all well and good, there are still players out there who don't enjoy the direction the game took post-release, or simply have nostalgia for beta minecraft and wish to return to a time without hunger, experience or enchantments with a few bells and whistles on.

    Better Than Adventure is designed to appeal to these players who enjoy the simpler gameplay of the old beta versions of Minecraft, yet also want to try something new and exciting. Think of it as an "alternate universe" version of minecraft that attempts to maintain the look-and-feel of beta 1.7.3, while also keeping things fresh with new features and additions such as new blocks, biomes and quality of life improvements. Despite what the name implies, this mod isn't necessarily trying to offer something inherently better than modern Minecraft, just something different. Think of it as a long-lost branch of Minecraft, what could have been if Notch and Jeb took the game in a slightly different direction.

    While BTA is designed mostly to appeal to older players who grew up with beta, the aim of the mod in general is simply to offer an alterate take on the game. So if you're just looking for something new to enjoy, try this mod out too. You may like it!

    Check back for more updates!

    Features and Changes

    Technical Changes

    Under the hood, BTA is very different from vanilla beta 1.7.3. The majority of existing bugs have been ironed out and fixed, and almost the entire game has been rewritten and optimised to make the development of new additions much, much easier. For example, the game’s implementation of McRegion has been rewritten to allow for 256 block-high worlds, the game now has native support for HD texture packs, and the block ID system has been overhauled to allow for thousands of blocks, instead of beta 1.7.3’s hard-limit of 256.

    New Features and Gameplay Changes

    BTA offers a plethora of new features and mechanics. The biggest of which is probably the new “seasonal cycle”.


    Minecraft worlds now cycle through 4 seasons, over a span of 28 days (7 days per season). These seasons provide an interesting spin on survival gameplay; as the seasons change and winter begins to fall, the game will become progressively more challenging. Crops start to grow less often, mobs spawn more frequently, and the nights will become longer. It is important you plan around the changing seasons, stocking up on resources to survive the cold winter

    Revamped Beta World Generation

    The iconic beta world generation has also been given a major touch-up in BTA. First and foremost, the sea-level has been risen to 128, which means 128 blocks of underground, and 128 blocks of overworld. This also means mountains can grow to twice the size they could than before, leading to even wackier terrain than normal.

    Biomes have been changed too, they now generate at around twice the size they used to, meaning no more ugly micro-deserts. Existing biomes have also been touched up to make them more unique, for example, swamplands now spawn with fields of algae and mossy trees, and seasonal forests spawn groves of cherry trees that shine a bright pink in the spring.

    We also added 3 new biomes as well, the meadow, a flat plains with heaps of flowers, the boreal forest, a warm taiga

    with giant spruce trees, and the outback, a scorched red desert with groves of Eucalyptus trees and spinifex bushes!

    Creative Mode

    One thing that beta 1.7.3 and below did lack was a functioning creative mode where you can test out contraptions and plan builds in a world with infinite blocks and health. This has been added to BTA, however its not just a simple port of beta 1.8’s creative mode. We thought we’d try and improve on it by adding better flying controls, a more readable creative inventory, and a list of single player commands.

    New Blocks

    3 new types of stone with brick and cobbled variants (Basalt, Granite and Limestone), painted wooden planks in 16 different dye colours, dirt paths, fence gates, new slab and stair variants for existing blocks, coloured Redstone lamps and many, many more blocks to expand your building capabilities with. As well as that, BTA also adds new blocks for Redstone contraptions, such as retractable ‘spike traps’ that damage mobs when stepped on, ‘motion sensors’ that activate when mobs move past them, and ‘mesh blocks’ that allow items to pass through them, yet block off mobs and players.


    Exploring the nether now has a purpose with the addition of steel, a refined form of iron, made from smelting iron bars in a blast furnace with a new nether-exclusive ore called “nether coal” that offers extremely high durability tools at the cost of being slightly slower at mining than diamond. It can also be used to make a rocket launcher???!!

    The Guidebook

    Because we understand that sometimes recipes can be difficult to discover, especially in modded games, we decided to add a “guidebook” accessed by pressing R in-game that tells you each of the recipes found in the game. However, this book works a little differently to how you’d expect…

    The book starts with all the items blacked out, filling out each item once obtained by the player to maintain the sense of discovery for those who enjoy finding things out for themselves. It also offers as a completion objective for players who wish to fill out the book completely and “craft ‘em all”. (But alternatively if you just want to see the new recipes for yourself, try opening the book in creative)

    Changelogs available on our Tumblr.


    Latest (

    Download: MultiMC Instance (Recommended!)

    Download: Betacraft

    Download: Server jar



    Installation: MultiMC (Recommended!)

    • Download MultiMC and load it up
    • Simply drag and drop the MultiMC instance zip file into your MultiMC and it should appear on your instances screen. Alternatively, click "add instance" and "import from zip" then locate the file and click "OK"
    • Load your newly created instance and play!

    Installation: Betacraft

    • Download the Betacraft launcher.
    • Create a new instance, call it whatever you like, and click OK.
    • Click "versions" and choose b1.7.3 and run. As soon as the game loads, exit out.
    • In your directory, navigate to %appdata%/Roaming/.betacraft/versions and copy/paste the b1.7.3.jar file and rename it to 'BTA'
    • right click on the newly created BTA jar and open with winrar or any other zip opening tool.
    • Open the downloaded "add_to_jar" zip and highlight everything in the folder and drag it into the BTA jar you just opened. Delete METAINF!
    • Finally, take the 'BTA.info' file from the downloaded zip and paste it into the "jsons" folder.
    • Reload Betacraft launcher and click play!

    How to run the server jar

    • Simply run it like you would an exe. Warning, it will use the server.jar's host directory as a local directory meaning all the files it creates will be placed in whatever folder your jar is in! So try to put it in its own folder somewhere!


    Why is this mod made for such an old version? Will there be plans for a 1.17 release and above?

    The aim of this mod is to completely reconceptualize and refine minecraft's progression system and core gameplay loop - think of it more like a fork or "alternate development branch" than just a simple game mod. The reason I'm starting from beta 1.7.3 is because that was the last version to still contain that simple minecraft gameplay this mod is designed around expanding on, it makes a great springboard for new ideas since at that point in development, it felt like the game could go anywhere. Almost like starting from a blank slate again. Because of this, the mod will stay exclusive to b1.7.3, however I will be continually updating with new features and refinements as time goes on, so please check back for more!

    Is this mod compatible with other mods from around the same era?

    Currently this mod does not use an external API such as forge or modloader, meaning all the changes to the codebase are base class edits.This might change but it has partially been done because an awful lot of refactoring has been done under the surface to make workflow easier, and improve optimisation and efficiency of the game also, however because of this, the unfortunate downside is a complete lack of compatibility with almost any mod made for the game back then, which is regrettable, but due to the vast scope I have planned for this mod, compataibility issues are going to be unavoidable anyway in the long run. However we are planning to include source code patches for the mod files not owned by mojang to allow people to create their own mods for BTA itself.

    Why isn't this mod compatible with the default minecraft launcher?

    Currently there's an issue with the minecraft launcher not liking the mod, likely due to making changes to the Minecraft.class file. For now its recommended you use MultiMC or the Betacraft launcher for loading this mod.

    For any other assistance feel free to leave a comment below.

    Please submit bug reports or suggestions to our Github issues page.

    Alternatively join our Discord server for more frequent updates on the project, as well as access to exclusive snapshots and development builds.


    Special thanks to Jonkadelic for being a very helpful co-developer.

    Special thanks to the members of our Discord server for their help bug-testing releases, providing textures and suggestions.

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    posted a message on [Datapack][20w29a+] Neo-Beta - A datapack to bring back beta 1.7.3 esque terrain generation for 1.16.2!

    WARNING: This datapack currently only works in 20w29a and is unfinished and unstable, expect glitches, issues etc..


    This datapack utilises the new biome and dimension settings in the latest snapshot to recreate classic minecraft terrain generation as accurately as possible, featuring every original biome including the shrublands and the seasonal forest/rainforest, classic sand and gravel beaches and almost 1:1 accurate terrain generation to pre-beta 1.8 world.

    Note: due to changes in the way terrain is handled in later versions, terrain is not 1:1 how it was in beta.1.7.3 and below, however I tried to get it as close as I could so it should hopefully be similarly nostalgic :)

    Comparison between the original Glacier seed and the neo-beta dimension


    Download links available on both the Planet Minecraft page or on my Github

    Updates will also be posted on the Github when they appear.


    Old biomes return

    A classic shrublandsClassic biomes have been accurately reimplemented. The biomes included are forests, seasonal forests, rainforests, plains, shrublands, savannahs, deserts, taigas and tundras. Each one made to generate accurately to their original counterpart.

    Gravel and sand beaches
    Classic style beaches
    The clean looking original beaches have been re-implemented and work almost exactly like they did in the original versions.

    Full height variation across all biomes

    One of the best aspects of classic terrain generation was biome could spawn at any height, leading to crazy cliff faces and mountain ranges that spanned hundreds of blocks and transitioned seamlessly without ugly borders or rivers between them. This has been reimplemented and each biome can now generate at anywhere between sea level and 128 blocks high.

    Dimensions and how to use

    Currently there are 3 dimensions: neo-beta, extra-neo and sky.
    • neo-beta is the most accurate to beta 1.7.3 and below however is quite chaotic and lacks sizable oceans due to changes in terrain generation in the later releases.

    • extra-neo is slightly less chaotic and has decent sized oceans, but the terrain is nowhere near as accurate to beta so seeds like Glacier are dwarfed.

    • sky is an experiment with adding floating islands, isn't really finished but feel free to try it anyway.
    • each dimension can be accessed via the command:
    /execute in betagen:(name_of_dimension) run teleport @a ~ ~

    Make sure to remove the brackets when inputting a dimension name. An example of a working command would be: /execute in betagen:neo beta run teleport @a ~ ~ ~

    Note: Currently the seed is set in the json and doesn't change based on world seed. To change it manually go into the datapack folder, navigate to data\minecraft\dimension\betagen\[​dimension_name].json and change the top 'seed' attribute. This may change if Mojang allow random seeds in dimensions later on.

    To install

    • Download the attached .zip file and extract it (IMPORTANT).
    • In Minecraft, click 'create new world' (make sure cheats are enabled so you can teleport to the dimensions) and click on 'datapacks'.
    • Drag the 'neo-beta-pack' folder you extracted into Minecraft.
    • Click on the datapack icon to move it over to the 'selected' tab. Click done then click create new world.
    • Enter the command written above, replacing '(name_of_dimension)' with either 'neo-beta', 'sky' or 'extra-neo' to teleport to each respective dimension.


    Pack is currently unfinished as are Minecraft's custom dimension settings so expect things to change come later versions and snapshots. Feedback and suggestions for new features are welcome as well as bug reports. Thanks and enjoy! :)

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