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    The mod /does/ say it only works on 1.2X in the installer. It is a shame that the forum does not correctly list this as well.
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    Sorry if there is already a post about this, but I did not locate it.

    My server seems to have gained a few corrupt chunks. There are areas on the server where information is not being saved, even if an op sends a /save-all command. After the chunk is unloaded, it gets reloaded to some default setting. When viewing the world with cartographer there are obvious 'holes' in the world, and some are in areas we know we have been having the issues, as well as areas that have definitely been explored, so they are not simply non-generated spots.

    Is there a way to locate and correct these chunks, or a built-in SAN check for these? I would be willing to simply delete the chunks if there was a way to locate or identify which ones have issues, and let the server just recreate them. There is quite a bit of work in the world, and we don't want to lose that progress if possible. Otherwise we will just 'rope' the areas off using cartographer to identify them as a 'do not build' zone, but they are significantly all over the place.
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