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    Seriously one of the best maps I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Wish I would've recorded it :/ Thank you very much for having the full walkthrough on the OP. It was perfectly written to guide the player without ruining the experience. I will be keeping an eye out for all of your future work :)

    Oh, and the bonus video was beautiful too, I really liked the added touch :)
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    Quote from Bobsparta

    And, BTW, can you review my other maps? (IF you have time)

    Here's another one
    Your Map's Name: The Rooms

    Creator Name(s):CjCool3555

    Genre: HORROR

    Approximate Length (hours): 30 mins or less

    Mods Required?:Nope :D

    Do you want your review featured on YouTube?: Yes :D

    Link to Map Thread: http://www.minecraft...zpark-cjs-maps/

    Ooh, a horror map! If it's under 30 minutes, I could just LP it and give you feedback over message, that way it'd be reviewed faster. Nevertheless, I'll add it to the queue :)
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    It's here! :D

    Best of luck, and I hope this map finds the success it deserves :)
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    The Syndicate

    You awaken slowly in a strange shack in the middle of the desert. As you take your first steps into exploration, you quickly learn that there's much more to this situation than first appears.

    The Syndicate is my first adventure map. It includes parkour, dungeoneering, and redstone trickery, as well as an in-depth and intriguing storyline. I'd be happy to make more if you guys like this one! :) I put in dozens of hours making this, so I really hope you enjoy :D

    Approx. 40-50 minutes


    Single Player: The Syndicate v2.4.1
    Multiplayer: The Syndicate- Multiplayer v2.4 (haven't heard any complaints about the spawn, but just in case, spawn co-ordinates are -246, 69, -473 and you should spawn inside the house with rules and intro)


    Single Player:

    The Syndicate v2.4
    The Syndicate v2.3
    The Syndicate v2.2
    The Syndicate v 2.1
    The Syndicate v2.0


    The Syndicate- Multiplayer v2.2
    The Syndicate- Multiplayer v2.1
    The Syndicate- Multiplayer v 2.0

    -No breaking blocks
    -You may craft items with your scoring items, but it reduces from your total score
    -If you're stuck, you may craft iron blocks, but they greatly reduce your score (cannot recycle blocks)
    -Play on Easy+
    -When playing in multiplayer, only take one set of items per player



    Episode 1:
    Episode 2:
    Episode 3:
    Episode 4:
    Episode 5:

    Etzer (spawn point failed here)


    part 1 part 2
    Part 1:


    Diamonds- 5 pts
    Iron- 2 pts
    Coal- 1 pt

    1. Kinglau3- 464

    2. Threeshallow- 463
    3. Mofobob- 460

    4. DiggyDog225- 393
    5. hunterjohn- 383
    6. zokudark- 375
    7. Poopmonster666- 344
    8. ImSpam & friend- 330
    9. OsaSoft- 294

    50- :Diamond:
    75- :Diamond:
    100- :Diamond:
    150- :Diamond:
    250- :Diamond:
    500- :Diamond:
    750- :Diamond:
    1000- :Diamond:

    If anyone's really good at photoshop and is willing to make a custom signature for The Syndicate, that'd be amazing! I was thinking of something along the lines of a Nether portal in the center with a lava fall on either side with "The Syndicate" partially faded in the center. Feel free to add your own spin to it as well! If anyone could do this for me, please let me know in a private message! :D

    Wow! Over 1000 downloads! Thanks for making this happen, everyone! :D

    Please, please, please post a comment after you've played! Whether you loved it, hated it, or found a bug, I want to know so I can improve however I can! And don't forget to post your score :P Thanks!
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Weapons of the Ancients Mod v0.4 (Roman Weapons, Tools, Guns, Ruins, AND MORE!)
    Hey! I made a YouTube video with your mod :) It's not exactly a mod review, but I play around with v0.1.1 and explain some of the new stuff. Great mod! Lots of fun to play with, and I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't catch it in v0.2, cus the new stuff looks awesome! Might cover this mod in more detail once ya get some more new stuff added :)
    Here's the video link:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [ADV] The Inheritance - By Nyzam45 - (As seen on YouTube!)
    @Nyzam45 I sent you a PM with the video links if you wanna post them on the OP, but I'll put links here to, partially to bump this thread :P

    Part 1:

    Annotations on the video will lead to the other 2 parts :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [ADV] The Inheritance - By Nyzam45 - (As seen on YouTube!)
    Sounds like fun! I'm downloading now, letcha know my score and such in just a bit :)

    Great map! I really enjoyed playing :) Also, I recorded a let's play of it, which I'll upload in a few days, hopefully. I'll send you the link to it once it's up. Also, I got a score of 5114, I believe (assuming diamond blocks count as 90 pts).
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    Quote from Danchi21
    okay here's part 4 please anyone that's reading this subsribe, comment, etc we love feedback. Also, We're switching to a new channel soon so please write a comment about what name you want us to have. Our top two are "onehpleft" and "Citricsquid"

    Oh, don't believe I've subbed to ya, but I'll be sure to do that as well as like :P Also, I like the name, onehpleft, but ya might wanna use caps so it looks like OneHPLeft or something of that sort :P Thanks again for the let's play :)
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    Quote from Kinglau3

    Trying it out now! I'll tell you what I liked about it!

    Alright! I beat the map, and I must say that it wasn't a great map.
    I wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It started strong, with a good story, a trap and some quite cruel signs. I liked the start and that made me think that the map would be very good, but it hugely let down after that, becoming very confusing. You should fix the escape throught the abandoned mine system. It is currently very confusing because I can just jump out of the map if I want. You should close off the paths that I'm not supposed to take! I wandered off, thinking that the path was leading to another secret chest, when I almos fell down into the lava. I thought it was a trap placed on purpose, so I ventured forward. I found a chest, but realized that it was just a naturally spawned chest, as it contained Bread, Watermelon seeds, coal and cocoa beans. I quickly ran back and eventually found the right way. This is just an example, it has happened around 5 times at least. After the escape, it became better. And in the nether, the map was at it's best. I especially liked the Mansion with the 3 doors!


    -Fix the escape! It's currently not closed off enough!
    -In the nether, you can basically jump out of the map at any point. make something like 2 high walls of netherrack, or place netherbrick fences around the area.
    -Try to hide the secret chest a bit better in the abandoned mine system.
    -In the lab, I was able to skip the jumping part by jumping from the glass staircase onto the fences, that were supposed to keep me from falling of the staircase, and from the fences to the chest with the lever.

    I can clearly see that you've put a lot of time in this and I think that this map has great potential! Work a bit on the tips that I gave you and the map should be improved a lot!

    Anyways, my score is 464
    (51+64 coal) (64+13 iron ingots) (39 diamonds)

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll be sure to try fixing the cave exits. It was meant to just be something to add a little more time to the gameplay, but I apparently missed a few possible exits. I'll also start working on blocking off the paths in the Nether. Once again, thanks for playing! :biggrin.gif: I'll update your score now :smile.gif:
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