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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    There's something wrong with the current Modloader version I take it? Judging by the past few posts on the thread and when I install Modloader (run Minecraft test), install AudioMod (run Minecraft test) and then install this (resources to its proper directory and the .jar files place appropriately) I don't even get the Mojang loading screen before the Main Menu. Just, black screen of death.
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Quote from RoboMat

    I'm pretty sure Watermelons spawn in Beta-Generation... I think even Mineshafts etc. can be found.

    Sadly, not the case. The Beta-Generation is from what I can tell exactly the same as it was in Beta. I used the gargamel seed (my personal favorite) and the world was the same on the surface as I remember. Maybe Underground things are different, but the surface generates the same as it did in Beta, I would imagine the underground does as well which means no "structures".
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    posted a message on [1.4.2][SMP] SteamCraft [Forge][SC0.2]
    Good to see the updates and the progress. This has always been (and likely always will be) one of my favorite mods since I found one of Proloe's first releases. Since she dropped it I was worried about its continuity, a few rookie modders (perhaps too harsh?) picked it up a few times but never really got it up off its feet again. I hope you will be doing just that! Keep up the great work so far!
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Vanilla with Sprinkles - Mods built to fit closely with the vanilla game (Last updated: 9/8)
    Any chance on bows rendering properly on the player like the normal bow does or does that alter the "(very important) EntityPlayer.class"?

    Serious question. I used archery prominently in Minecraft and always love it when a mod adds a new bow, however I also often play in 3rd person and just holding a bow seems so odd.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Armor Movement Mod - Forge Update!
    Any possibility of a version without the hook and banana? The banana seems pointless in my opinion and the hook damages me when I use it so I don't see a purpose to it instead of just using ender pearls. Both occupy sprite space that I could be using. (oddly enough I actually need just two more sprite spaces to have just enough space to play all my favorite mods together)
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Fear Death v1 [Player API]
    Really neat idea, and a great mod. It definitely doesn't get "easy" like you seem worried about with 1.3 and personally the enchanted golden apple replacing the scarab might be a good idea. I assume you understand the difference in requirement between the regular golden apple and the enchanted one and (for most people) it definitely isn't easy to make the enchanted golden apple. If however you feel it is still too easy to obtain, perhaps you could add an enchantment to it that refills the hearts? Much better and more original idea than a entirely new item in my opinion.
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    posted a message on Skyblock Modified 2.7
    Holy crap, I first played this way back when it was just a simple Skyblock 2.0 and I loved the new features that were added that felt like they should have been in the original Skyblock. I've checked back on progress off and on since then to see what's all been added and it's been a little impressive. Tons of new islands with various themes all seemed fun but it never seemed enough to play this again. Checking back today though? WOW! Fantastic work with the 1.3.1 update. It may just appear so because I've watched this topic for awhile but I'm really impressed with the update.

    P.S. OP = Original Poster
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    posted a message on [1.3] Survival Server! Only 14 slots for a few people! {Whitelisted} {24/7 Dedicated}
    IGN: skulledrebel
    Age: 18
    Why You Want To Join: I've been looking for a good 1.3 server to play on, and this one sounds like it will be pretty fun to be a part of when it's open for play.
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    posted a message on Private tekkit server looking for nice players
    Real Name - Lyon

    IGN - skulledrebel

    How nice are you? I've been told I'm pretty friendly and easy to get along with so I like to think I'm quite the nice guy,

    What's your Tekkit knowledge 0-10? I'd say about a solid 6 or 7. I've messed with almost all the mods in the pack but never together. Regardless though, I learn rather fast.

    Age - 18

    Skype name is optional so I'd prefer to keep mine to myself if that's alright. I use Skype for business and personal matters usually.

    Maturity level 0-10 - Easily around a 9. I can be quite mature, but it never hurts to unwind and have a little fun.

    How long a day can you play? At least two hours every day on any decent day.

    What country do you live in? I'm American in the Eastern United States.

    Time Zone? Eastern Standard Time Zone

    do you lag that bad?-No 25 to 35

    Will you grief? Negative, I wouldn't want grief happening to me so I won't do it. In fact I tend to leave things I don't use but might prove useful to someone else in chests I find. Reverse griefing?

    Do you accept the rules? Yes

    Will you read the in game rules? Of course.

    Have you ever been banned? I have, sadly. I was on a snapshot server and it had been griefed while the admin was offline and just before I logged on from the looks of it. I was working on fixing the castle up with some cobblestone in the chest nearby and he saw in the logs I had taken cobblestone from a chest and was in the location of grief so he banned me without asking what happened. There was lava everywhere, I don't know how he thought I had gotten lava in the few minutes I was online. That's the only time I've ever been banned.

    A little about you-Confident about minecraft and easy to learn person
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    posted a message on closed tekkit server
    What is your Minecraft username? skulledrebel

    How old are you? 18

    Where do you live? Eastern United States, Eastern Standard Time Zone

    How many hours a day are you able to play on the server? It varies, I'm cyberschooled and like to get on Minecraft to break from the hum drum of the schoolwork. I also play in my free time but I am a part of other communities so the time will vary dependent on what game I'm focusing on at any given time. Usually at least 2 hours a day are spent on Minecraft.

    How much experience do you have with playing Tekkit? A few hours of starting a new world, collecting resources and seeing what I can build. I read up on it on the wiki they have a bit, and learned what mods are in it (most of them at least) and I have experience with most of those extensively. I am however new to using them all at once I'll admit.

    Would you be able to join a voice chat with us? I can because my laptop has a built-in mic, but only during times when I'm by myself as my family likes to confuse that I'm talking to them or myself when in reality I am talking to the computer. I'm not ashamed to say I live with my parents at 18, I'm still in school.

    Are there any suggestions you'd like to make? The thread could be re-titled to say the server's name that is "Red Warped"? Right? I was a bit confused when that showed up in the application but context clues work wonders, and seeing it on the server description was nice too.

    How did you find out about Red Warped?: I've been searching for a Tekkit multiplayer server to play on and this thread showed up. I've applied to a few places but I don't think many are active anymore.

    Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? I'm fairly open-minded, free spoken, and outgoing. Efficiency comes first for me in survival games like Minecraft, then I add the aesthetics or while I'm making it efficient. I've found there can be a lot of beauty in efficiency. I adapt quickly and enjoy starting new things, so I hope I can bring something to the community you have going. d:
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Tekkit Server, Fresh World, No whitelist, No lag, Loads of Fun!
    I'm new to the whole Tekkit/Technic modpack and am currently looking into playing with it, so I'd enjoy having others to play with and get some help when needed. I normally play hardcore SSP so I'm efficient with what I do if that's any appeal to my application. My builds are generally compact but use the space I give them very efficiently. I'm looking forward into what Tekkit can add into how I play and what I can get good with, I feel playing with others will give me a better idea of what I'm dealing with so I hope I'll be able to join the server. d:

    IGN - skulledrebel

    P.S. I have quite an original skin as well that has to do with my IGN, if that adds to the application that's great too!
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    posted a message on 24/7 Snapshot 12w27a - Best Snapshot server there is :D
    Any particular reason I was banned? If the person who banned me sees this, the sky town/village was like that when I logged on. I didn't even have access to lava to do any of that to that castle and I had fixed quite a few of the damages I saw. Even placed up some glowstone and lights from the shops that stopped mobs from spawning on the pathways.

    The server is pretty cool, especially for a 12w27a sever. Lots of nice builds, there is a bit of grief that needs fixing but it can be fixed as I alone was working on that. Best 12w27a server I had seen until I got banned for fixing the place up.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] gimmeabreak? gimmeajungle!
    Realizing this seed has actually been posted/mentioned before, I plan to delete this topic. However, since I have pictures I may keep it up.

    There are many seeds like this, I know this. But just for those that find all those random number seeds and even the seeds with the weird names hard to remember, I have a gift for you! I updated to 1.2.4 only moments ago and used gimmeajungle as the seed (I'll leave out the long details of why) and oddly enough spawned in a jungle! I decided to share with the rest of you, and not only just the short story, but pictures! Scroll down a little.

    This is a small discoloration of the jungle leaves green that I decided to investigate, turns out there's a small pond here!

    This is your spawn, well under that big tree.

    In the distance, and the center, that tree that's furthest away is also in the first image!

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    posted a message on [1.2.5][SSP]Trading Mod
    Is it not meant to work in Hardcore? Can't get the GUI to open in hardcore, but in Creative or Survival it opens fine for me. Even the Editor works fine for me.
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    posted a message on [MineCraft|1.4.7|SMP] BoneCraft: Tiered Skeletal Weapons and Armor.
    Tiered equipment is a nice addition to the game. Good work with this, will be gladly using it when the 1.2.3 release becomes available. Gives me a reason to continue to stockpile bones after I have stacks of bonemeal in my chests.
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