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    Quote from Grydian

    Not only is this man right but in the license that Powercrystal's has on the OP CLEARLY states that the code is for people to look at and NOT TO USE AS THEIR OWN.

    What he actually "clearly states" is:

    Feel free to check out how my stuff is programmed for your curiosity or even your own use, or just follow to see when I post bugfixes so you can laugh at how bad I am at programming. You may not claim source code from here wholesale as your own; if you're in doubt, just ask me.

    He rather explicitly says your own use which is kind of against everything you've just said. What you are not allowed to do, is fork the project and then say you've always been the author of Minefactory. You can "clearly" do an upgrade port, as long as you leave credit for the original code you use.
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    I've deployed a server using McMyAdmin, it's not hard to do at all on Ubuntu. Canonical has officially sanctioned Mono 2.6 as a critical part of Ubuntu, which means you can run .NET applications up to about .NET 3.5 as long as they don't use a Windows GUI. McMyAdmin ships with a start.sh you can immediately run to get started. Do note that McMyAdmin forgets to give you control over Minecraft's own MOTD field though, so unless you edit server.properties the browser will still show "A Minecraft Server" underneath whatever the player has named your server on their personal list.

    I recommend running Java 7 if you can get it on your server, since it has a lot smoother handling of memory than Java 6 (the usual environment Minecraft runs on) does. Additionally, use the -server flag when starting the server. This will take a little bit more memory but will make things run faster for you; note that -server is only available on Unix servers.

    A shell script for running java directly (if you don't use McMyAdmin):

    java -server -Xms2G -Xmx2G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

    I've read running Minecraft's server on .NET (McMyAdmin has instructions on how to do this) can cause Minecraft to use a lot less memory than running it natively on Java, but also causing some Bukkit plugins to break. I haven't tested this out; I need WorldEdit too much.
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    Quote from Ampix0

    I am not totally sure if this is possible, though if it is Im sure sprout can do it.

    I need to add new blocks for iConomy as to not interfere with certain elements of the game.

    For example:

    I need to add a gold key to the game that you get at the spawn and spend at a certain shop as part of a quest. I want to use a new block (the key) so that it is not possible to find that item anywhere in the world to receive the item from the iConomy chest more than once.

    Spout can only half do this at the moment; you can design custom blocks and there is partial support for creating custom tools but they aren't fully working. I think at the moment you can just create them graphically and make minor changes to things that already exist.

    1.2 (due within the next month or so according to their tracker) definitely makes this possible, though.
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    (Picture taken with the Eldpack.)

    Are you a helpful admin at your wits end at repeat questions? How about someone running a themed server? Tired of fruitlessly trying to tell people to leave Minecraft and go read some writeup you’ve made but nobody does anyway?

    The solution is simple.

    The solution is Librarian!

    Librarian allows the creation of signs which, when right clicked, will display the contents of a text file to the person who right clicked it. Whoever is in charge of the server simply puts whatever books they want in the library in simple text files, and anyone can create a sign invoking that text file! Now you can build a Library somewhere in your spawn city or starting area, populate it with Librarian signs, and simply tell people to visit it when they need help with something. You can even TP them there (using other plugins of course), which means they’re far more likely to get read (and you won’t have to repeatedly explain things to them).

    Librarian is provided under the MIT license.

    Source code is available through BukkitDev!

    You can get Librarian through an Adf.ly link (preferred) or, directly from MediaFire, or finally from BukkitDev.
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    I've been poked at about the old Mapjack map tool that I wrote a while back to extend the space above Minecraft's normal world generator worlds (and it had a few other uses like surrounding the world in black rock to prevent floodgriefing). I don't think it's useful right now in the form I have lying around on disc because it was built for map file versions made a while back, but it could be updated if there was a demand for it.

    Is there any demand to have this tool back? I've been out of the Minecraft modding loop for a while, and I'm not sure if this capability has been picked up by other tools yet.
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    Quote from JTE »
    Hopefully future versions won't be so horrifying as what we've seen so far...
    At least the .bat makes a backup for you.

    I'm looking in to adding an interface to it so batch files don't have to be used to do everything with it, and writing a test suite so stuff stops breaking between versions. It's mostly chopped together based on requests and tested off of those without an incredibly professional screening process between releases, I'll get that fixed.

    Quote from Joey90 »
    I used the previous version as the link was broken when I did it, so tell me if any of these are fixed.

    1 - It 'doubled' my default 64 high map to 320 (adding 256) which means that it has broken grass growing and plants dying...

    2 - It replaced gold, flowers and mushrooms with air or stone

    3 - Is there any way to reduce a maps size (i.e. crop) so that I can reduce my map down to 256 rather than 320.

    That first one sounds strange, I'll have to look and see what happened to the math. Some of the old versions have that problem because the level editing class I copied from the wiki wrapped at the wrong value which I had to fix. Cropping can be done (nobody's asked for it yet which is why it isn't in there).
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    Quote from EmpiresBane »
    May I post a link to this on the wiki?

    Feel free to, I used quite a bit of info from there to make it :smile.gif:
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    The 6/30/2009 version seems to throw an error reading a map that I haven't had happen before, the version right before it should still work for doubling the map size. I'll have to track down what happened in the new version that broke things (I just tried the spongeworld generator and it creates valid map files)
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    Quote from Savage_Alien »
    I tried this and it didn't do anything for me.

    Can you explain what the problem was so I can check it out?
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    There are quite a few map editing tools of different stages of usability, but now there is one that can (among other things) take a map from any map editor or the server itself and apply a series of filters to this map in order to create either a completely new or a mostly similar map. Some incredibly useful features already exist such as deleting all of the lava from the map, surrounding the spawn points for water around the map with black rock, a few flat world generators and the feature that it was originally created for: Taking any map and increasing the height.

    You can take a map that isn't tall enough (perhaps you want a skyscraper competition, or you need more space underground) and run it through the height filter to automatically have the map height increased and the world shifted upwards. This tool is called Mapjack and you can find information about it from the website:


    ** Corrupt map problem fixed! **
    Layman Version: Tool failure, fixed nao.
    Geek Version: Serial version ID was being messed up by one of the build tools, causing it to be incompatible with the server. This is no longer the case, the levels generated are good now :smile.gif:

    More features are being worked on (a GUI for it, currently you have to use a command line or edit the included batch files) but it provides a more procedural (and later on, hopefully extendable) approach to having maps generated procedurally.
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