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    Spawn chunks are loaded. I have tested up to 110,000 blocks away with tp. The only downside is that is causes lag if using redstone devices, and devices temporarily stop working when you to very far away (took about 5 sec to start working again when I tp'd 100,000 away) To test this I used a hopper clock going Ito two command blocks one said "am" the other said "loaded". I also did a 10k block tp with a repeater clock, but got lots of lag (using Mac air laptop)
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    posted a message on Friendly Vanilla Minecraft Server
    Minecraft account name: Skite12345

    Age: 14

    Maturity (1-10): I would say about 9, I always try to be as mature as possible on servers.

    Country and time zone: United States EDT (sorry forgot to put it earlier)

    If your first language wasn't English, are you fluent in it? (1-10): It is my first language.

    What are you especially good at/What do you really enjoy in minecraft?: Hmm, i'd have to say the technical aspect of the game is probably number one, but recently I've been getting into allot of building which I enjoy very much.

    Do you accept the rules?: Of course! And I must say I love bacon.

    Would this be the only survival server you play on? If not, how much time would you spend on this server compared to others?: I would put all of my available time into this server. Unfortunately, I am very busy with school and would only be able to get an average of one hour a week day on the server

    Describe yourself: Well, on other servers people have seemed to enjoy hanging out with me, I am kind and I don't rage. When I tell someone i'll do something, I get it done and if it takes a while it's because I'm busy with my personal life, but am trying as hard as I can to get it done. I really enjoy playing minecraft (and all games) with other people rather than just by myself.

    Why do you want to join?: I really would like a place where I can be inspired by other peoples creations, and, hopefully inspire others with my creations. I also enjoy being able to socialize with a small community of people that I can get to know better over time and possibly become friends with.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, what for?: Well when I was 12 something I got banned from some server for griefing. I'm pretty sure all I did was break some cobble, but maybe that was just my 12 year old mind making up excuses.

    Would you like to do a let's play on this server? (not required, just curious): Well, at one point I had decided to start making youtube videos, but I'm not sure if starting at my age is a good idea. For now I think i'll wait a year or two, but that could change.

    Do you watch let's plays? If so, who are some of your favorite let's players?: I love watching Generikb and Bdoubleo100's videos.

    If you have a youtube account with videos on it, please link it here: N/A

    How did you start playing minecraft?: I have no idea...All I remember is that my first world I had no idea how to craft a pick and just made a dirt house on some random island. I somehow guessed the recipe for a door, trapdoor and pressure plate, but that's all I played with for about a week.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Hmm, I really cant remember.....two or three years maybe? Idk

    How long do you want to stay on this server?: So long as I enjoy playing it (Hopefully forever :D )

    How often would you be able to come on the server?: Hmm, probably an average of an hour per week day. On the weekends it really will vary, sometimes you'll think I live on minecraft, sometimes you'll think I never play :P

    What are you looking for in a server?: Mainly just a good community, very few plug-ins, and good admins.

    Anything else you would like to add: There may be some errors in this app, I am filling it out on my I-Phone. I will edit it tomorrow when I have a computer to do it on.

    If you have any questions related to the topic, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading. I hope to see you on the server soon. Have a wonderful day!
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    posted a message on Best Recording Software for minecraft?
    OBS? Haven't realy gotten into recording yet, but OBS seems good.... And it's free
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    posted a message on Looking for custom PC parts
    Hello everybody,

    I am looking to build a custom desktop computer. It does not need to do allot, just run mine craft while recording with pretty good FPS and other basic functions. All of the parts should cost anywhere from $500 to $700. As I get more into PC gaming, I may start playing more PC only games such as Dayz and Space Engineers, so it should also be able to support those at a decent level.

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    posted a message on PURE Vanilla Server! {1.7.2-1.7.9} NO PLUGINS
    Minecraft Name: Skite12345

    Age (Maturity Reasons): 15

    Have you ever played Pure Vanilla Server before?: Yes, I love pure vanilla. I only play mod packs when I don't have a pure vanilla/UHC server to play on :D

    Can You Play Without ANY Plugins?: Of course! That is the reason I looked for a server like this!

    Why Should i allow you onto the server?: I am a mature, fun-to-be-around player and I hate hackers and cheaters. I tried a hacked client once before to see what it was like, but it was so pointless I deleted it after thirty minutes. They are only made ruin the game for other players. I also have lots of skills that I wish to be able to teach other people.

    What do you plan to do IF Whitelisted?: I plan to try to refine my building skills with the help and inspiration of other players. I also plan to have lots of fun redstone creations that I can show and teach to other players.
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    posted a message on MIndCrack Based Server Looking For Members
    Is this thread dead? I would be very interested in applying if it is not....
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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS
    Definitely downloading, but no M9? ):
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    posted a message on How to add new working weapons Vanilla minecraft! (keep all original tools) (Adventure map only) (Custom damage levels)
    Yes, I meant to add that earlier. Bones also work well. The blaze rod is probably better for adv. maps tho.
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    posted a message on Cool 1.8/world painter glitch!
    Hello everybody!
    In the new snapshot, when you create a world painter map you have a chance of finding this cool glitch! It's a underwater temple that was created INSIDE my world-painter continent! The only way to access it is a long 2 wide strip of water that just looks like a cut in the ground. And since this map is an adventure map, it's the perfect challenge to anyone who plays!
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    posted a message on How to add new working weapons Vanilla minecraft! (keep all original tools) (Adventure map only) (Custom damage levels)
    For some reason, it wont let me add this link. Here is dragnoz's website.
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    posted a message on How to add new working weapons Vanilla minecraft! (keep all original tools) (Adventure map only) (Custom damage levels)
    Hello everybody!

    I know you are all going to be skeptical of how this works, so let me explain. The basic idea is that you take an item you probably wont be using in your adventure map (ex. cyan dye, broken record) and you make a custom resource pack and turn that item into a weapon. You then use a special command that I got from dragnoz that adds attack damage (yes, the exact same kind that is on swords and other tools) to your weapon (This is NOT just an enchantment!).

    The Command
    (please note this is for cyan dye, if that is what you used)

    /give @p dye 1 6 {AttributeModifiers:[{Operation:0,UUIDLe­ast:1,UUIDMost:1,Amount:10,AttributeNam­e:generic.attackDamage,Name:Sword}],dis­play:{Name:"Custom Sword"}}
    Edit first underlined section to change what it is and how much it gives you. Second underlined section is the damage it does (just like on a real sword). Final underlined section for display name.



    • Open your user/library/application support/minecraft/resource packs

    • Create new folder (named whatever you want)

    • open the new folder

    • Create new folder called assets must be EXACT it must be all lower case

    • Open assets

    • Create new folder called minecraft I don't know if it has to be exact, but just to be safe, do it.

    • Now open your Default resource pack folder (the one you downloaded)

    • copy the pack.mcmeta

    • Paste this in the SAME folder as your assets folder.

    • Search in finder for pack.png

    • Copy the one with the default resource pack picture (there may be multiple if you have other resource packs)

    • Paste this in the SAME folder as the assets and pack.mcmeta

    • open your default resource pack folder again (the one you downloaded)

    • open assets

    • open minecraft (folder)

    • copy EVERYTHING in there

    • Paste EVERYTHING in your resource packs/(your resource pack)/assets/minecraft folder.

    • click on textures

    • click on items

    • go to cyan dye (or whatever you want to use)

    • right click

    • open with GIMP

    • [OPTIONAL] double click any sword image to have a picture of what a sword looks like (makes it allot easier)

    • Use pencil and eraser tool, they are all you need

    • erase complete image

    • now draw your sword!

    Try it out! http://www.mediafire.com/download/0b5n0rjbnr3zaz0/MapResource_pack.zip
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    posted a message on [ vanilla ] [ 14w21b ] [ working ] Clash of Clans in Minecraft
    use dragnoz's !!! Please! it's amazing!
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    posted a message on Creating Your First Resource Pack: A Basic Tutorial [1.7+]
    If your not starting from scratch, don't you have to replace the original texture or something once your done? I don't know much about this stuff :P
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    posted a message on [WIP] Secret Laboratory Escape
    Sorry everybody, the new forum is not allowing me to post a new link :P Here it is Cyber Optics
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