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    Oh, I wish Suspended Server was being updated. :/

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    Quote from KingEdward9830»

    The mod is far from done, and things are liable to change. Don't say stuff like that this early in development. :)

    Why not? Can't really compare it to something that doesn't exist. Yes, it's maybe early in developement but at this moment that's all we have to compare to. If they change it to the better that'd be great, but until then...

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    Well. I'm thankful for it giving me the errors at once and not after a couple of extra mods. Atleast it saved me some time ;)

    Making it serverfriendly would make it awesome thought. ^^ *hint* *hint*

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    this is evil (not denying that for sure, stupid 9minecraft) but if you think this is VERY evil compared to other things you are wrong, there are sites out there that are "AVs" but infact are viruses that ask you to pay to clean "viruses" which may very well be your vital systems in your computer

    I think that the people behind the fake AV sites and the people behind the fake mods-sites are in general the same people. They are a set number of people that flood the net with everything they can think of to fool people of their money. These days I don't think they even have to do the work of setting up the fake websites, they got som clever bots doing it for them.

    I always get pissed when I find these sites and wish I could get their real names and home addresses and pay themm a physical visit...

    ...then I come to think of that many of these are not some kiddies trying to get money on foolish people but quite dangerous people that live on stealing in both the real world and online, many with connections to different mafias and other illegal groups you don't want to give your name to (or pay that visit to).

    What I do wonder about thought is how well it works to tell google about these sites. Feels like 9minecraft and 6minecraft should have been closed down ages ago if google actually listened to complains from regular people.
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    Quote from patetete»


    Or if you have an nvidia gpu, nvidia's recording thingy. :)

    Fraps make rediculous large files. I've been a FRAPS user for ages. Switched to Action! Works like a charm and let you also add logos, yourself in webcam and more to the recording.
    Might as well give you the link to their homepage btw: https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html
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    Quote from XDGrangerDX»

    Why not use things like NEI (recipe mode) or Craft Guide? Those display all recipes of all your mods and vanilla ones~

    If im honest, i kinda dislike it when mods add their own recipe books, you end up with multiple recipebooks of various mods which uneccesarily takes up inventory space and makes modded MC play even less as "one game" than it already is.

    I love when mods add recipe books. As long as it's not a book you start with but one you can make if you'd like it. Feels better reading a book than using nei "roleplaying-vise" :)

    Besides. It adds more to put in my bibliocraft bookshelfs :D
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    how do you access the config?

    P.S. I am not a newb btw lol
    Oh wait nvm

    Please use


    next time you post a log. :)
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    Is there any fix for the backpack mod? The backpacks drop on the ground and I know this has been mentioned somewhere here before but I failed to find any post on if there is some way to fix this.
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    Quote from LordEric»
    Just FYI, in forums it's polite to try to condense your thoughts into single posts, rather than putting up a string of one-sentence posts. If you want to quote multiple people, you use the Multiquote button.

    I'm actually surprised that this forum doesn't put it all in one post by itself when posts are made by the same person to quickly together.

    When it come to GnomeKnight I'm curious his (or hers?) country and age. Not because I call you a kid GnomeKnight but because it would help understand the way you write. ^^
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    Quote from Kye_Duo»
    you'll also have to up every other mob to really make them rare, freq is relative

    Yeah. Think of it as if each spawnrate is a change based on the total points you get when combining all spawnrates. If you set all spawnrates to a number between 1-10 then the combined points would be much lower than if you had the spawnrates set to numbers between 1-100, or 1-1000.

    If you only had golems, werewolfs and ogres on the server and set the spawnrate to 1-10:
    This would mean that 1+7+3=11. Golems then spawn 1 time out of 11. That's still quite a lot, right?

    If you instead used numbers between 1-100:
    This would mean that 1+70+30=101. Golems would with this setup spawn 1 time out of 101. That is quite a lot rarer. Had you put the other numbers even higher then golems would have been even more rare.

    Hope this made any sense. Me explaining something in English isn't something that always make sense. :P
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