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    Still working on this! Life's been a bit hectic so I've had to shift my attention off and on. Getting close to releasing the next WIP update though. In the meantime, here's a teaser for the swamp biome with some added spanish moss CTM and custom colors.

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    Visual Fish Buckets is a simple resource pack that uses Optifine's CIT features to give Tropical Fish Buckets unique textures based on the species of the fish in the bucket. This is done by assigning textures based on the NBT data of the fish bucket item. Each texture matches the appearance and colours of the actual tropical fish mob in order to make it easier to identify which bucket has what fish at first glance. This can be extremely helpful if you are a collector with many species of fish stored away.

    This pack REQUIRES OptiFine 1.13.1 HD U E3 pre1 or newer in order to work. (Click "preview versions" on the downloads page to find the latest pre-release.)

    Also, before anyone asks, I can't extend this pack to give regular Tropical Fish items unique textures as they don't store the mob variant nbt data.

    Currently, the pack has unique textures for all 22 of the real-world fish species you can currently catch in minecraft, as well as a few of the randomly generated fish designs.

    Terms of Use:

    You can:

    • Use this pack on servers and letsplays.
    • Combine assets from this pack for use in server resource packs or personal mashup packs.

    You can't:

    • Take assets from this pack and use them in another public resource pack of a similar nature.
    • Take assets from this pack and use them in a public mashup pack. (Doing so is unnecessary as resource packs are stackable).
    • Repost this pack elsewhere, with or without ad-revenue, without permission. (If you want to share it, just link to the curseforge page.)

    Please ask for permission if you'd like to use the textures in a way that isn't outlined above.



    Commands for spawning in the real-world fish buckets:

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:67764993} 1

    Red Snapper
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:918273} 1

    Emperor Red Snapper
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:234882305} 1

    Butterfly Fish
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:117441793} 1

    Ornate Butterfly Fish
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:16778497} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:118161664} 1

    Red Cichlid
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:918529} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:65536} 1

    Tomato Clownfish
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:917504} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:67108865} 1

    Moorish Idol
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:117441025} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:117506305} 1

    Yellowtail Parrotfish
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:67699456} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:101253888} 1

    Red Lipped Blenny
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:235340288} 1

    Black Tang
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:117899265} 1

    Blue Tang
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:185008129} 1

    Yellow Tang
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:67371009} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:459008} 1

    Queen Angelfish
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:50660352} 1

    Cotton Candy Betta
    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:50726144} 1

    /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket{BucketVariantTag:67110144} 1

    I do plan on identifying more nbt tags for randomly generated fish, though it may take some time. If you happen to have any variant tags that produce interesting looking fish, feel free to post them in the comments. :)

    Disclaimer: This pack does not contain modified ripped textures. The buckets and fish were repainted by hand in the style of default Minecraft.

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    I've got an update in the works for 1.14 (can't seem to edit it into the main post).

    With the new villager appearance mechanics in 1.14, this opened up some opportunities for how I approach this pack.

    (But first, here's a screenshot of the new villager designs)

    Left to Right: Farmer, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Mason.

    Every villager has a randomized base appearance, that chooses between masculine and feminine presentations, different facial appearances, one of four skintones, and then a variety of hairstyles in black, brown, red, blonde, and gray.

    Each profession will also have some randomization in the outfits, that will likely increase over time. Currently I'm just making a set of universal outfits, but the eventual plan is to re-integrate biome specific outfits as well.

    Some villagers will also carry tools that change materials depending on their level. (Stone/novice has no tool)

    Still no ETA on this update, but I'm getting close!

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    Haven is a resource pack that takes on a cozy colorful pixel art style, similar to games such as Stardew Valley, with several additional features and addon-packs to make your Minecraft world pop. The screenshots here are from two years ago, and since then the art style is going to be undergoing some changes.

    With the 1.13 texture update coming up I probably picked a poor time to work on this sort of pixel art pack, but oh well.

    Haven is a side project I've started which aims to give default Minecraft a bit of a pixel art face lift. I'm planning on keeping all of the default colours the same, or close to their original shades, so you can use this resource pack without considerably affecting the overall look of your builds. I do also plan on creating a more enchanced version that uses randomized blockstates and some CTM to add some more detail to the world, as well as create a version for Windows 10 edition.

    These textures are from about 2 weeks of on and off work. Feel free to post your feedback!


    Download WIP versions:

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    Hey, I'm back from the dead.

    First before anything else, have some screenshots of the new UI textures:

    Survival Inventory

    Survival HUD

    Creative Inventory

    Option Buttons

    So I kind of left this project on the backburner for... wow two years? I really don't know why. I just really didn't feel like working on it and was instead focusing on other priorities I had going on. But earlier this fall I just really wanted to pick it up again, but maybe do a little bit of a change in focus. I originally set out for this to be a "pixel art default" type of pack, but that was before news broke of Jappa being hired to do the very same thing. Also based on a lot of the feedback I got, while positive, some people commented on the textures being a little bit "plastic-y." Other people noted they felt the art style was kind of similar to games like Stardew Valley. And don't get me wrong, I love Stardew. But it wasn't really what I'd set out to do initially, and I wasn't really sure where to go from there.

    A few months ago I did a bit of color experimentation, and seeing what changes I made here and there affected the overall aesthetic of the game, and in the end I decided to lean into the style inspiration instead of shying away from it. So from here on out I'm going to focus on making Haven its own distinct pack instead of just trying to give default a facelift. Been changing up textures here and there and putting together a more vibrant and cohesive color palette.

    I'll have some more updated screenshots in a bit as I'm still remaking some of my older textures, but I hope you all will enjoy the slightly different direction the art's taking, or at least understand the focus change. :)

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)
    Quote from ribbonrin»

    Hi i recently installed this on 1.13.2

    the invisible iron leggings isnt working :o neither is iron longsword or katana D:

    Sorry I forgot to link the new crafting guide on this post.

    The names and materials for a bunch of items were updated.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    Current Item Count: 1681

    IMPORTANT: OptiFine 1.11 HD U C3(or higher) is required in order for this pack to function fully.

    Got a question or suggestion? Read the FAQ first!

    (They'll be ready when they're ready)

    Current priority is getting ItemBound working on 1.13 first before adding new content.

    Showcases by Youtubers!


    v1.7 HALLOWEEN UPDATE (Oct 9th 2017)

    ItemBound Items is a pack that I first thought of when I discovered MCpatcher back in summer of 2014. The goal was to try and come up with a resource pack that could provide a wide variety of item camos to the player, and for it to be useable almost anywhere, be it singleplayer survival or any minecraft server, all while being as non-intrusive to vanilla gameplay as possible.

    This resource pack relies on the CIT mod’s ability to swap out item and armor textures depending on the item’s display name and enchantments, and is built with default Minecraft in mind. From weapons, to tools, to armor, to food, ItemBound aims to provide the player with a healthy selection of item camo, suitable for many purposes. With Optifine, a widely used gameplay enhancer, adopting several of MCpatcher’s features including CIT, now seemed to be the best time to get back to work on this pack and put it out there. Whether you’re after props for custom maps, delicious foods for shops, or diverse weapons to fight with, this pack should have you covered, with hundreds of finished items, and plans to grow over time.

    This resource pack also contains custom loot and mob drops, which can be implemented into your world through the use of the provided optional custom loot tables. Some highlights among regular mob drops include creeper hides, a plant-based alternative to leather, undead bacon drops from zombie pigmen, and rare cursed diamonds that drop from burning witch mobs.

    On top of this, the fishing system has been rebalanced to include several species of exotic fish and marine life. Next time you’re playing, take a little time for a fishing trip. Some of the rarer species of fish may cause a variety of interesting effects to the player.

    (It should be noted that although drops can be crafted on anvils, these custom effects are achieved only by attributes set through the loot table, or by using commands.)

    For an easier time using the 1.13+ crafting guide, download a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader that supports bookmarks.

    Download this .pdf


    Old Crafting Guide

    This pack is fully usable alongside any resource pack that uses item models that are automatically generated from textures. Items that use custom block models will not be compatible with the pack. It also must be placed at the top of the active resource pack list for best effects.

    Optifine is required in order to view the textures properly.

    You are free to:

    • Use this pack on your server.
    • Use this pack in youtube videos. (Credit is appreciated)
    • Alter the pack for personal use.
    • Use assets in other packs for personal use.
    • Combine with other packs for personal use and/or serverplay.

    You must get permission and credit me to:

    • Use specific assets from the pack for public use.
    • Include assets from the pack in your own public resource pack.

    You are not allowed to:

    • Claim ownership over the assets in this pack.
    • Reupload the pack elsewhere.
    • Redistribute assets from the pack without permission or credit.
    • Redistribute edited assets from the pack without permission or credit.

    These guidelines exclude the refurbished default textures as they are derivatives.

    FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

    Q: When is the next update?
    A: ┐(゚~゚)┌

    Q: Do I really need Optifine?
    A: Yes. This pack will not work without it.

    Q: I don't want to download Optifine because it will give me a virus!
    A: Optifine will not give you a virus. It is not malicious. Unfortunately the download links for it display ads that can sometimes be malicious. Do not click on the ads. Wait for the timer end and then click "Skip ad." Alternatively, just use the mirror link to get a direct download and skip the ads entirely.

    Q: Can you make a version without Optifine/for Pocket Edition/Win10/Console?
    A: No, this is currently impossible.

    Q: Can you make item frames invisible?

    A: I'd rather not. The point of this resource pack is to not be intrusive to regular gameplay. Making item frames invisible would affect some builds. I also can't make item frames selectively invisible as there isn't any support for that and they can't be renamed.

    Q: How do I install the loot tables?
    A: There's installation instructions in the zip file. Basically, open up the zip file, and copy the loot_tables folder into the data folder of your minecraft save.

    Q: How do I install Itembound?

    A: You copy it into your resource packs folder.

    Q: The resource pack isn't working for me!
    A: Provided you've installed Optifine, go to Options > Video Settings > Quality and check to see if Custom Item Textures is turned on. Also remember that you actually have to rename the items according to the crafting guides in order to see the different textures. I can't help with much else beyond that. If the pack is set up properly and none of the textures are working, it may be an issue with Optifine on your computer.

    Q: Banner shields are broken!
    A: Unfortunately the shield model that works with custom item textures breaks banner shields. If you want banner shields, you'll need to download the version without shields.

    A: I'll do my best. Not all items can be modified like this though! Currently I can't make custom boats, saddles, horse armor, llama decorations, projectiles(arrows, snowballs, eggs, splash potions, etc), clocks, compasses, music discs, maps, leads, or *most blocks. I also want to avoid adding several items from popular IPs (shows, anime, games, etc). I'm not familiar with every series out there and it might get a little hectic having to research a bunch of different shows just to add one or two items.

    *Newer versions of optifine do support custom block textures for Beacons, Enchanting Tables, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Brewing Stands, Chests, and Shulker Boxes. That's it though. Custom blocks don't work in multiplayer.

    Q: Why haven't you added my suggestion yet? Did you forget?

    A: I've got my own release schedule and I also get quite a few suggestions. I'll get around to it, but please be patient.

    Q: Do you have a version for 1.10/1.9 etc...

    A: Right now, ItemBound is technically compatible down to 1.9, however because of some changes in how models are displayed in item frames, stuff like furniture won't display properly in versions under 1.11.

    Q: Can you give me access to the crafting docs?
    A: No. I'm not sure why you would need it in the first place. If you're looking to post suggestions, just send me a PM or post it here.

    Q: Is there a map I can download to preview everything?

    A: Not currently. I've tried to make one but it's hard to come up with a format that makes it easily expandable, and the amount of entities on a map like that would cause a lot of lag anyways. Previews of all the items are in the crafting guides though.

    Forum Signature Banner

    <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/2646006-itembound-v1-5-350-new-food-items-custom-item"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/TE6yFCe.png"></a>

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    It has because I've been working on updating everything to 1.13. Now that that's out of the way I can get back to making new content.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    Updated to 1.13 and uploaded an addon pack to curseforge that adds hidden item frames for furniture and stuff.

    Get both by going to the download section and click "view all downloads"

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    posted a message on Haven - 16x Default-esque pixel art pack.

    Nearly there. I've had a handful of packs to update, haha.

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