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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2

    This mod has been taken over by AtomicStryker. Link

    Exspectata amicus. respondebo tibi, quid opus sit vobis regnum regat


    This mod is all about necromancy. Also known as the art of reanimation. using this mod, you can reanimate slain foes and use your minions to rule the world! (of minecraftia).


    Download 1.5 for MC 1.6.4 (thnx to AtomicStryker!)
    Download 1.4b for MC 1.6.2
    Browse all versions


    you have the right to have access the source code of the mod,
    you have the right to be able to edit/use parts (or all) of the source code provided that you provide proper credit to the original authour(s),
    you have the right to distribute the source code and/or compiled versions of the source code
    you have the right to use this mod in Lets Plays/YouTube videos however you see fit (monetization, for fun, etc) as long as you provide credit to the original authour(s)(a link back to this thread for example)
    if you wind up using parts of my mod in your own, then create a really awesome mod so that i can be proud

    Source code

    Please read the copyright note before downloading the source code

    Necro API
    The API allows modders to implement their own mobs into the game, if this mod and their mod is installed. Keep in mind that you have to wait for the next necromancy version for this to work. That doesn't mean that you have to wait to add your mobs though.
    Download API v2.

    API Tutorial (intended for modders only)

    Download the API from the link above and extract it to your src folder (MCP/src). You should now see MCP/src/com/sirolf2009/necroapi. Inside the necroapi folder are a couple of classes. NecroEntityZombie is an example class.
    Start off by creating a new class. For the sake of organizing call it NecroEntityExample where Example is your mob name. Use your mobs name in the super constructor. If your model extends ModelBiped or ModelQuadruped, make the new class extend NecroEntityBiped or ModelQuadruped and skip the spoiler.
    If your model does not extend ModelBiped, you'll have to assign the bodyparts. Create four new methods:
    public BodyPart[] initHead(ModelMinion model) {
    return null;
    public BodyPart[] initTorso(ModelMinion model) {
    return null;
    public BodyPart[] initLegs(ModelMinion model) {
    return null;
    public BodyPart[] initArmLeft(ModelMinion model) {
    return null;
    public BodyPart[] initArmRight(ModelMinion model) {
    return null;

    these all return an array of bodyparts. Let's start with legs. Let's say your mobs leg is a 1x12x1 cube. You would change initLegs to this:
    public BodyPart[] initLegs(ModelMinion model) {
    float[] torsoPos = {-4F, -2F, -2F}; //we will get to this in a sec
    BodyPart leg = new BodyPart(mobName, torsoPos, model, 0, 16); //mobName is what you put in your super constructor, the 0 and 16 are texture offsets
    leg.addBox(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 1, 12, 1, 0.0F); //create a 1x12x1 cube at coördinate 0, 0, 0
    return new BodyPart[] {leg}; //return our leg
    But sirolf2009, what's that torsoPos about? The torso pos defines the position of the torso. But why can't you simply make your torso 2F higher? Because your torso can be put on creeper legs and ender legs. If you would make your torso 2F higher, it will float above creeper legs and float inside the ender legs. For that reason, try to make your bodyparts around 0, 0, 0. On to the torso
    public BodyPart[] initTorso(ModelMinion model) {
    float[] headPos = {4.0F, -8.0F, 2.0F};
    float[] armLeftPos = {-4F, 0.0F, 2.0F};
    float[] armRightPos = {8F, 0.0F, 2.0F};
    BodyPart torso = new BodyPart(mobName, armLeftPos, armRightPos, headPos, model, 16, 16);
    torso.addBox(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 8, 12, 4, 0.0F);
    return new BodyPart[] {torso};

    as you can see we now have 3 positions. One for the head and two for the arms. Just add them to the BodyPart constructor and you'll be fine. Also, note that the torso is created at 0, 0, 0. As you have read before, that is to ensure it fits on any type of legs.
    finally, the head and arms
    public BodyPart[] initHead(ModelMinion model) {
    BodyPart head = new BodyPart(mobName, model, 0, 0);
    head.addBox(-4, 0, -4, 8, 8, 8, 0.0F);
    return new BodyPart[] {head};
    public BodyPart[] initArmLeft(ModelMinion model) {
    BodyPart armLeft = new BodyPart(mobName, model, 40, 16);
    armLeft.addBox(0.0F, 0.0F, -2.0F, 4, 12, 4, 0.0F);
    armLeft.mirror = true;
    return new BodyPart[] {armLeft};
    public BodyPart[] initArmRight(ModelMinion model) {
    BodyPart armRight = new BodyPart(mobName, model, 40, 16);
    armRight.addBox(0.0F, 0.0F, -2.0F, 4, 12, 4, 0.0F);
    return new BodyPart[] {armRight};
    These don't have locations stored in them, that's because there is nothing connected to them.

    congratulations, you now have your model. On to animating.

    create a new method in your NecroEntityExample class
    public void setRotationAngles(float par1, float par2, float par3, float par4, float par5, float par6, Entity par7Entity, BodyPart[] bodypart, String string) {

    this looks a lot like your regular setRotationAngles method, but this one has two extra parameters. The bodypart array contains the bodyparts you have initialized, the string contains the type of bodypart that needs to get animated. I'll just show you the biped animation code:
    public void setRotationAngles(float par1, float par2, float par3, float par4, float par5, float par6, Entity par7Entity, BodyPart[] bodypart, String string) {
    if(string.equals("head")) {
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleY = par4 / (180F / (float)Math.PI);
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleX = par5 / (180F / (float)Math.PI);
    if(string.equals("armLeft")) {
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(par1 * 0.6662F) * 2.0F * par2 * 0.5F;
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleZ = 0.0F;
    if(string.equals("armRight")) {
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(par1 * 0.6662F + (float)Math.PI) * 2.0F * par2 * 0.5F;
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleZ = 0.0F;
    if(string.equals("legs")) {
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(par1 * 0.6662F) * 1.4F * par2;
    bodypart[1].rotateAngleX = MathHelper.cos(par1 * 0.6662F + (float)Math.PI) * 1.4F * par2;
    bodypart[0].rotateAngleY = 0.0F;
    bodypart[1].rotateAngleY = 0.0F;

    As you can see you can use the last parameter to see what is being animated. The biped model contains 2 legs, therefore the bodypart array contains 2 bodyparts.

    You have now created and animated a model!

    You should now have a class that extends NecroEntityBase and has it's own model and animations defined or you have a class that extends NecroEntityBiped or ModelQuadruped. All we have to do now is make sure players can create your mob. Change your constructor to this
    public NecroEntityExample() {
    headItem = new ItemStack(exampleMod.exampleHeadItem); // the head item
    torsoItem = new ItemStack(exampleMod.exampleTorsoItem); // the torso item
    armItem = new ItemStack(exampleMod.exampleArmItem); // the arm item
    legItem = new ItemStack(exampleMod.exampleLegItem); // the leg item
    // you use ItemStacks to support damagevalues
    texture = "/mob/zombie.png";
    //texture location
    textureHeigth = 64;
    //the zombie texture is not 32x32 but 32x64.
    hasHead = true;
    hasTorso = true;
    hasArms = true;
    hasLegs = true;
    //you can set these to false if your mob doesn't have some bodyparts. Creepers don't have arms for instance
    and we need to add recipes
    public void initRecipes() {
    headRecipe = new Object[] {"SSSS", "SBFS", "SEES",
    'S', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 4), //skin
    'E', Item.spiderEye,
    'F', Item.rottenFlesh,
    'B', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 0)}; //brains
    torsoRecipe = new Object[] {" LL ", "BHUB", "LEEL", "BLLB",
    'L', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 4), //skin
    'E', Item.rottenFlesh,
    'H', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 1), //heart
    'U', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 3), //lungs
    'B', Item.bone};
    armRecipe = new Object[] {"LLLL", "BMEB", "LLLL",
    'L', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 4), //skin
    'E', Item.rottenFlesh,
    'M', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 2), //muscle
    'B', Item.bone};
    legRecipe = new Object[] {"LBBL", "LMML", "LEEL", "LBBL",
    'L', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 4), //skin
    'E', Item.rottenFlesh,
    'M', new ItemStack(organs, 1, 2), //muscle
    'B', Item.bone};

    Those are the recipes for the zombieparts. As you can see the item organs is used. This item stores brains, hearts, muscles, lungs and skin. Their damage value is in that order. Do not make any reference to "organs" outside this method. If you do, it can crash the game when the necromancy mod is not installed.

    You are now ready to distribute your mod. You need to compile, obfuscate and publish the API alongside your mod. If you do not do this and someone installs your mod without mine, their minecraft will crash.


    For additional information, check the wiki.

    First things first. you need to get some blood. In order to harvest blood you need some Bone Needles. these are crafted like so:

    Craft yourself some Glass Bottles and hit a mob with a needle. This will consume the needle and the bottle, but you will get a Jar of Blood in return. If you're on a server you can also hit the other players to get their blood.
    Next up, the Necronomicon.

    With the necronomicon you can create yourself a Summoning Altar! Place 2 cobblestone and a plank in a row (in the world, not the crafting bench) and right click the plank. You still can't summon a minion yet though. You need to get some souls first. How? With a Scythe, a Blood Scythe.

    Use this weapon to kill some mobs and make sure you have some glass bottles left in your inventory. If you use the Scythe to deliver the final blow, a bottle will be filled with a soul.

    One more thing. You need a Sewing Machine to create bodyparts. It is crafted like so

    Now this is where it gets complicated. There are a lot of recipes so i won't post them all, but i'll show you the basic recipes, or templates if you will
    You need to start with getting some skin.

    with the skin, you can create heads, torso's, legs and arms. You'll also need some organs, these can be obtained by killing mobs.

    You'll notice that these recipes won't work and that they have holes in them. Like I said before, these are the template recipes. Let's say you want to create a spider head, you take the head template recipe and put some string next to the brain. If you want a zombie head you put some rotten flesh next to the brain.

    Back to the Summoning Altar. You should have body parts now and you should see a couple of slots in the Altar. The left one is for blood, the right one is for souls. Place your body parts in the center to create a minion. If you are happy with the way your minion looks and you have supplied the altar with blood and a soul, you shift right-click the wooden part and the minion will spawn. If you aren't creative, the altar will use up your blood, soul and body parts. If you have The Harken Scythe mod installed, you can also use their souls instead of mine.

    So what can you do with your minions? As of now, not much. They will follow and protect you. You can also saddle them by using a saddle on them. Keep in mind that this only works if you minion has a spider torso. Shift right click to mount the minion and right click again do dismount. If you want, you can craft yourself a Brain on a Stick to control them.

    One last thing. If you're the exploring kind, you might prefer to go to the nether to get your blood. Nether Chalice's spawn randomly in the lava lakes.

    They hold a ton of blood, but it can be dangerous to reach them. The blood can be picked up with buckets. You can transform Blood buckets to and from Jars of Blood like so

    Happy Summoning!


    crew and stuffs
    sirolf2009 main coder, idea's, models, textures
    Mr_boness idea's
    TheBlackPixel textures
    HP. Lovecraft writer

    Deborah W. $5.00 first donater ever!


    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot SOME_SLOT is already occupied by SOME_MOD.SOME_BLOCK when adding SOME_MOD.SOME_BLOCK

    Browse to appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/config/ there should be a file called necromancy.cfg, open it and look for the conflicting ID. once you've found it, change it to some other random number. note that this might screw up existing worlds.

    My minecraft crashed!
    There should be a log inside .minecraft/ForgeModLoader-client-0.txt post it or I can't help you

    Can I include this mod in my modpack?
    Yes, as long as you put up some clear credits to me and my team.

    Will you be adding more mobs?
    yes, maybe not all of them though. Slimes and blazes don't really have bodyparts and ghasts are a bit big to name a few


    The most recent review

    Foreign mod reviews



    Download this mod version for your Minecraft version.
    Download Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
    Drag and drop Forge into the minecraft.jar
    Drag and drop this mod into the mods folder.




    Necromancy mod

    3/8/13 1.4
    Updated to 1.6.2
    Added: Thaumcraft API support.
    Added: Attributes
    Changed: The name of the altar for compatibility with the Aether mod.
    10/3/13 1.4b
    Fixed: Missing textures
    Fixed: Soul harvesting
    Added: A WIP block

    20/6/13 1.3
    Fixed: Crash when Minion owner is offline
    Fixed: Sewing recipes
    Fixed: Special scythes are rendered only for special people
    Fixed: Changing body parts
    Fixed(?): Buggy needles and blood harvesting

    17/6/13 1.2
    Added: Bone Scythe
    Fixed: Unable to harvest souls in multiplayer
    Fixed: non-opped players can now acces the minion command
    Fixed: Weird scythe rendering
    Changed: Needles now work with right mouse button
    Removed: Minion spawn eggs

    12/6/13 1.1
    Added: Cemetery (spawns in villages)
    Added: Necromantic villagers (spawn in cemeteries)
    Added: New command:
    /minion [set] [aggressive/passive]
    set your minions to aggressive or to passive
    /minion [friend] [*]
    set a player as a friend
    /minion [enemy] [*]
    set a player as a friend

    Changed: Ghouls spawn in every biome
    Changed: Minions have more health and deal more damage
    Fixed: Crash when harvesting souls
    Fixed: Crash when using skulls

    7/6/13 1.0
    updated to 1.5.2
    Added: NecroApi support
    Added: More bodyparts
    Added: New mob: Ghoul (AKA Nightcrawler)
    Added: Special scythes for special people
    Added: New command: "/remodel". This will re-initialize every bodypart from every minion
    Changed: BodyParts have their own tab in the creative menu
    Changed: The appearance of the necronomicon
    Changed: Rewrote the rendering system to support the NecroApi
    Changed: appearance (the page in the mod list)
    Changed: The appearance of the altar
    Fixed: Lag spikes

    22/12/12 open beta 4
    updated to 1.4.6
    recipe for the teddy bear
    rideable minions
    craftable Brain on a Stick
    Nether Chalices now generate in the nether
    liquid blood
    blood buckets

    16/12/12 open beta 3
    better SMP support (it's still not perfect)
    better algorithm to remove lag spikes
    fully functional sewing machine
    new mob: enderman
    christmas hats (will automatically be activated on christmas, or when you set christmas hats to true in the config file)

    24/11/12 open beta 2
    Update to 1.4.5
    Added Blood Scythe
    Removed Minion eggs
    New Necronomicon recipe

    Necro API

    3/8/13 1.2
    Added: Enum BodyPartLocation. Several methods have adapted this as a parameter rather than a string that indicates the location.
    Added: Attributes

    3/3/13 1.1b
    package changes; the classes have not changed

    13/2/13 1.1
    better documentation
    2 new methods in NecroEntityBase: preRender and postRender (used for rotationg)
    new class: NecroEntityQuadruped
    new interface: ISaddleAble, contains 2 methods: getRiderHeight and getSaddleTex
    changed the example class to not give errors


    This mod is free to use, donating is appreciated but not required.


    If you're wondering what that latin at the top means: Welcome friend. Let me tell you about my work, for you shall rule the world with it.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from Kuchenjaeger

    I really like this mod :D
    But i have a question: Is it Multiplayer compatible?

    Barely, I've had a conversation with someone who ownes his own server. He has offered me to help test the SMP compatibility for the next version.
    Quote from Oxygen25

    1.5 update please

    Here's what you do:
    1) Spend the next year learning java. This involves buying books, following classes etc.
    2) Spend the year after that studying the source code of Minecraft. Make sure you know how everything fits together and how everything works.
    3) Download the source code from my mod and put it in a Minecraft 1.5 enviroment. Study the errors and fix them in a way that they don't interfere with anything else and still make the code as efficient as possible.
    4) Compile it and you have the next update! It'll only take you around 2 years and you don't have to bug me or wast my time by posting insanely stupid posts!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from Valkiden

    So now that blood is available from the nether chalices, can you add an option to the config so that you can't get blood from hitting mobs with needles? This would make it more interesting to an make it so I cant get the mobs until the nether.

    you need netherwart for the necronomicon, so you can't make mobs until you get to the nether anyway. I think i'll keep the blood needles so that i can use them or the blood in lower-tech equipment.

    Also, i have been very busy lately. Therefore i can't make the 1.5 release. hopefully it will be next week, if not, it'll be the week after.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from WolfLord77

    This happened in the nether, looks like a random conflict with the battle towers mod

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // Uh... Did I do that?
    Time: 2/2/13 7:22 PM
    Description: Exception getting block type in world
    at ayh.c(
    at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.sendPacket(
    at atomicstryker.infernalmobs.client.EntityTracker.askServerForMobMods(
    at atomicstryker.infernalmobs.client.EntityTracker.onEntityJoinedWorld(
    at net.minecraftforge.event.ASMEventHandler_109_EntityTracker_onEntityJoinedWorld_EntityJoinWorldEvent.invoke(.dynamic)
    at net.minecraftforge.event.ASMEventHandler.invoke(
    at yc.a(
    at zz.c(
    at im.c(
    at im.d(
    at yc.e(
    at yc.a(
    at necromancy.generation.WorldGenNetherChalice.a(
    at necromancy.generation.WorldGenerator.generate(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry.generateWorld(
    at im.a(
    at zz.a(
    at im.c(
    at il.<init>(
    at ik.getOrCreateChunkWatcher(
    at ik.d(
    at gm.d(
    at iv.a(
    at eb.a(SourceFile:136)
    at cf.b(
    at iv.d(
    at iw.b(
    at bec.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.r(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.q(
    at bdz.q(

    at atomicstryker.infernalmobs.client.EntityTracker.askServerForMobMods(

    i think the problem is on his fault, as i am just generating and he made a custom entity tracker. You'll probably have more luck posting this log on his thread
    Quote from Mr___Pink

    Maybe what i'm asking is a bit too much , but how about a set of different stats that bodyparts can have ? Obviusly with a value to every part in relation to how much powerful it is and a cap to avoid OPness . Here some ideas a bit based on the classical classes of rpgs :

    -zombie parts should give passive armor ( a zombie has 8% passive armor so 2% per part ) and around 2.5 hearts ( as a zombie has 10 hearts ) and with all 4 parts from a zombie the creature should have some regeneration but zombie legs will make the creature slow as a zombie ( so zombies should be tanks )
    -skeleton parts doesn't add a lot of hearts ( as a skeleton actually doesn't have so many hearts ) but with skeleton arms and skelton head the creature should be able to shoot arrows with a bow ( skeletons should be ranged class )
    -spider parts should be very low on health but spider legs should give the ability to climb walls , the body can be rided as it is now and the head should give the rider night vision
    -zombie pigmen parts give as much health and passive armor as zombie's ones but the pigmen parts will not have the regeneration bonus , their legs should be more speedy and the pigmen arms will make the creature able to carry a sword ( so a pigmen should be the damage dealer )
    -and finally the creeper , creeper legs should be "sneaky" and it wont aggro other mobs , the body should give the creature the ability to explode but randomly and the creeper head could act as a trigger to the explosion making it no more random

    We have actually been discussing this for a while now. This is what we're at:
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from Dnny2011

    Okay Idk why this happens
    but everytime I try to spawn my creation
    by right clicking the altar
    He spawns "invisibly"
    it even says "craft me thy dark command"
    but then disappears after 2 seconds
    No Im not playing on peaceful
    although I did create the world while on peaceful
    something just doesnt seem right :(

    most of the rendering part is being overhauld for the necro api, i suggest you wait for the next version
    Quote from Claustric

    As much as I like this mod, I honestly would have to say that the version that ChimneySwift11 did a spotlight on was the best version. Despite the inclusion of Enderman parts, the recent changes including the sewing machine just seemed to have messed things up. One, the minion doesn't even show correctly on the summoning altar (he's fine after you spawn him via shift-right click, but he looks a mess on the altar). And two, there's significantly less parts. The only heads now are just the Enderman and Spider? I understand no Creeper arms since they don't have arms, and same for spiders, but I'unno... Things just seem like they've changed too much for my own personal tastes.

    Still, great mod. Keep up the good work.

    as said above, the rendering part is being redone. bugs like that will be or are already fixed.
    and you can use the vanilla heads as bodyparts
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    so... here's a list of content for the next update (which will be the 1.0 update!):
    Necro API
    Better algrorithms to remove lag (hopefully) completely
    fully functional necromantic villagers
    cemeteries for the necromantic villagers

    and as a little extra
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from SpyCruZer

    First of all, thank You for releasing such an awesome mod.

    I confirm issue with disappearing souls bottles, too. And also would like to ask, whether there will be any opportunity to supply summoned mobs with weapon and armor.

    ps. Sorry for grammar, Engish is not my native language.

    there will be
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from Articcamel

    how the hell do you use the sewing machine? please reply anyone :)

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: GRATE MOD:Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    there is a guide section in the OP
    Quote from DimentionalALice

    So what about traincraft compability? I wanna see both trains and minions :3

    i've send the coder of traincraft a PM to ask what he changed
    Quote from Bulbaswat

    Please let there be slime!

    when i figure out a good way of implementing them (see the next reply for more vague information)
    Quote from BeTheMac

    I can't remember if I mentioned this idea, but a little while back on this board a lot of folk were asking for all mobs to be brought in to use, which you weren't keen on doing. I believe I thought of a compromise - make it so that you can use "modifiers" when creating minions. So, add a slime ball to the creature and it becomes gelatinous and can resist damage twice as much (or something). Add a blaze rod and the little bugger can float and shoot flames. Ghast tear - float and shoot fireballs. Ender pearl - teleportation and a cool ender effect and colours.

    Hope you can incorporate this. :)

    i have a better way in mind. i'm not gonna tell to much about it. but it will be an advanced type of altar.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    Quote from Eliminator

    You said that you wouldn’t add mobs like blazes, ghasts or slimes, however creepers don't have arms so if you put gun powder in the arm slots it make it nothing. You could do the same for slimes so it only uses the head slot and the rest do nothing.

    good point. but if i add slimes, i want it to be for multiple body parts. i was thinking, big slime as legs, medium slime as body and arms, small slime as head. that way you can have some kind of slime snowman :) and you'll be able to put a small slime on top of a creeper :D
    Quote from Bulbaswat

    So, does this mean Christmas day or sometime between now and Christmas?

    sometime between now and christmas
    i need to do this:

    create textures for bodyparts
    create recipes for bodyparts
    bind texture for every bodypart
    before pushing a release
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