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    Quote from IronicAlbatross »
    The souls of the damned. Can be forged into fancy moving paintings! Yeah!

    :||||: :||||: :||||:
    :||||: :Notch: :||||:
    :||||: :||||: :||||:

    :||||: = Paper

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    After reading all these awesome ideas for Hell, all I know is that the Halloween Update is going to be great and just about any halfway thought-out implementation of this is going to be awesome.
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    I'm really excited for the new torch change myself. I like the idea of creating something with more value and more permanence while also altering the way we go about spelunking, right now it's just too dull (even though I still love it).

    Also I'm sure someone has already said this but, I'd love to see the area around you lit while having a torch or lantern selected on your toolbar. Holding it allows you to actually use torches as we most commonly see them used in movies and such: portable light source.
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    Quote from Onkle »
    Alright, so this is my opinion on how he should act.

    Whenever he appears the current random "cave" or "dungeon" sound should play. That is, whenever he spawns on the map you're on. Not when you see him.
    He should only be able to appear in fog. And I agree with fog being a nature condition.
    Whenever he sees you he should stop and stare, if you don't see him, he should follow you.
    He should normally keep 10 squares away from you.
    Rarely, he should go REALLY close.
    Whenever you turn around and see him, he should stare at you for about 3 seconds, then turn around and just run away and keep on running until you're not seeing him anymore. Then he should dissapear, or keep building random stuff.
    He should NOT be able to hurt you or destroy anything you build.

    So what do you think?
    Also, hurray for me making my first post after finding the register link! :iapprove:

    I completely agree with this, maybe not on all the specifics, but this would be a cool and creepy feature I'd love to see implemented. Also, make him really rare so you aren't likely to see him in every game file or maybe only once after long hours of play time, any more than that and we'd just become friends!

    Secondly, this is also my first forum post! Hazaa!
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