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    Hello! This is my first attempt at creating mods for Minecraft (or any game, for that matter!).

    I was going for more of an "expansion" approach which just adds to vanilla minecraft, rather than changing anything, while also keeping the same style and feel of vanilla (instead of turning it into being about machines or Pokemon). Mine stuff and then make it into other stuff. The Mod is meant to be survival friendly, so (almost) everything added in this expansion can be produced naturally in game without the creative menu or commands.

    Current Version (Mod Version 0.0.1 Alpha)

    • 16 New Sets of Armour, most with accompanying tool sets (without hatchets)
    • 37 new blocks
    • Fully paintable and craftable Road line blocks which blend in with black wool--these blocks are based on facing and will change directions based on which way you're looking
    • 7 craftable road signs, with traffic light and safety cones
    • Randomly generated asteroids that can be mined for rare minerals
    • Bacon, Corn (can be grown), and Caramel Apples
    • Available in English (US), Spanish (Spain), and French (France)

    Known Issues

    • Generator item does not work
    • 10mph sign block is incomplete
    • "Krysta" joke armour set is incomplete (not survival friendly)
    • Diagonal Line Block (for Roads) has tinting issues when painted
    • Corn is not yet survival friendly

    Future Plans

    • Increase number of minerals to generate in world
    • Expand uses of minerals already added into expansion
    • Maybe port it to newer mc versions? If I knew how to do that?
    • Translate to Pirate Speak
    • Add entities/mobs at higher levels than existing ones
    • New, unique structures
    • Write crafting guide

    JAR Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/42mu9b31g4lwsxj/Metropolis_Expansion.jar/file

    Mod is based in Forge using MC 1.11.2 and has not been tested on compatibility with other mods.

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