About Me

Hi guys! I am Singapore123, and I go on Pokemon Showdown/Smogon and Minecraft forums. I used to go onto Ace Attorney Online, so if you think you find me familiar, you know who I am!

If you are reading this from Pokemon Showdown/Smogon, I am a room staff of the Game Corner and Mafia room. If you would like to meet me there or are dealing with moderation issues, go ahead and leave me a private message! I am also room voice of the Survivor room, but I am not doing moderation issues there.

If you are reading this from the Minecraft forums, I am just a causal player. I used to play the LowCraft server which has since closed down. My personal favourite aspect of Minecraft is the redstone, as it uses logic (literally) and to me, its a lot of fun to build awesome looking things. As expected, my favourite mod would be the RedPower mod, alongside with some other technical mods like Buildcraft and Thermal Expansion. However, after a hiatus of playing Minecraft due to losing interest in it, I now only play Vanilla.

As also stated, I used to go to the Ace Attorney Online a few years ago, and when I was still quite immature. If you had any bad experiences with me then, I sincerely apologise for my past behaviour and I hope that I will work better with you from now on.

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