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Hello, my name is Nick. I go to Heartland Community College to get my general education out of the way. I plan to be a computer science major, and someday wish to work for State Farm.

I work for Olympia High School, as a Technology Specialist Intern, helping setup computers, and finding solutions to unanswerable problems! I also work for Jewel, as a Meat Clerk. I wrap meats. Its quite a dull job, but I'll take what I can get. I work with lots of wonderful people who make the work shift go by really fast!

I love to tinker and play with electronics, you'll see me working on peoples computers when they go bad. I also like to see what makes thing tick.

Yes, I am a fan of apple products. I own a MacBook Pro and absolutely love it. But I'm not solely a apple fan, I have a linux and windows partition. I in general love computers. shiny computers.

I also love to play and listen to music. I play the guitar, i prefer acoustic over electric. I like soft, folky/indie, melodic music. I also enjoy a variety of other music and really enjoy classical music such as orchestras. I want to learn to play the piano, and also the violin because I think that both instruments have a pretty sound.

I love to be outside. I love love love to camp and hike. I also like to fish. There is just something about being outside that is really nice and relaxing. I love stars and astronomy. If I didn't have to sleep I could stare at the stars all night.

I also like to be out gardening, growing vegetables and flowers. I wish I had room to grow my own tomatos at the place I live now. But, I'm a college kid and alas, do not have the money nor the space to do so.

I do some art sometimes. I like to write cute little stories. I tell childrens stories, and write poems, and short stories. Things that come to me, that I know just have to be written down. I also draw, and like to draw cartoony things, and manga/anime. I havnt drawn in a long time, but I constantly think of things I could be drawing. I never have enough time to do what I want to do.

I like video games, and am a major fan of Real Time Strategies(RTS). My favorites would have to be Civilization IV, and Warcraft 3. I also enjoy Role Playing Games (RPGs) such as Fallout: New Vegas, and Oblivion.

I used to be a major nerd/geek, and enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons. There is something about being able to play as someone else and escaping reality that is really appealing. I would play, but have no one to play with. Lol. Well, no one I want to play with.

I'm 6'2", tall and slinky as some might put it. I have dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. Or hazel eyes, depends on the day. I love the color purple, a deep dark purple that almost seems mesmerizing. Its such a calming color. My favorite color to wear though is green. Both colors are great. My favorite food depends on the day, but I love a good fried catfish.

I have a wonderful girlfriend who supports everything I do, and helps me out so much. If it were not for her, who knows what street I could be living on, struggling to get through life. She's helped me through lots of hard times, and I really appreciate her and everything she does for me. ♥
Interests Computers, Gardening, Anime, Painting, Drawing, Java, Video Games, Movies, Playing Guitar, Playing Violin, Playing Piano, Minecraft, Oblivion, Skyrim, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2

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