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    Nice having you with us Kyzadex. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    posted a message on ### Atlantia SMP ### {1.16.3} {Survival} {Fabric + Vanilla tweaks} {Community} {Player Economy} {Whitelist} {16+}

    Thanks Ghosty! It's been a pleasure having you on the server.

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    Hello Everyone

    3 Months ago we started a vanilla server with a few friends. So far we are at 19 active players and we are looking to reach a player base of about 25-30. Althought the server is 16+, we have a good range of players from 16 to 33 years old. Currently we have only made a few shops (on a gigantic mushroom island) so you won’t be far behind when you start. We are going to be quite selective of who we want on the server as we are looking for good people over sheer numbers. The server is vanilla, no plugins, only a few fun vanilla tweaks a la Hermitcraft.

    Key Features

    • Community Farming Projects
    • Player based Economy
    • Armour Statues
    • More Mob Heads
    • Player Heads
    • Multiplayer Sleep
    • Tag
    • Track Raw Statistics
    • Silence Mobs
    • Lithium and Phosphor

    We have a few goals for the server and although lofty, they are quite simple.

    1. Creative Community

    Creating a tight-knit, fun-loving and creative community. Drawing inspiration from popular smp's like Hermitcraft and Legacy.

    A place for people to build whatever they would like, create games, cooperate in scenarios and even create their own content.

    • Technical Training

    Creating a safe space for technical players and redstoners to test and improve their skills. Drawing inspiration from servers such as Prototech and Scicraft.

    Whether creating your own technical designs or following tutorials/ recreating concepts, we can all learn and benefit together.

    • Economic Excellence

    Creating a strong and long lasting player based economy together where innovation is key. Drawing inspiration from our own experiences.

    Services and unique ideas will take the forefront as more and more of the base game items become free through community farming projects, pushing the boundaries of what a server economy can be.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please fill out the this application form and one of our Admins will get in contact:


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