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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from timbrewitz»
    my ign is: timbrewitz

    Quote from NEONRACCOON»
    My Ign is Gouldster
    [quote=RelaxingRonnie;/members/RelaxingRonnie;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4861]hi! i love your server!:D my username is relaxingronnie
    [quote=captaingreen12;/members/captaingreen12;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4862]Ign: captaingreen12
    [quote=PrOXhDGamERz;/members/PrOXhDGamERz;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4865]Hi great server (But can i have my rank plz and fly etc)


    [quote=RelaxingRonnie;/members/RelaxingRonnie;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4866]nice server!! could i gave the member rank?

    my IGN; relaxingronnie

    Also everyone spams you like.

    Join facitons
    [quote=Miaronny;/members/Miaronny;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4868]My IGN: ZombeHunter47

    [quote=PinkCreeper13231;/members/PinkCreeper13231;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4870]When i got on to this server i was amazed! plots are huge and nice decor for the hub :) My IGN is thepinkpurple no caps or no spaces :) Thanks! see you!
    [quote=5_star_thunder;/members/5_star_thunder;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4872]can I get the member (ign is 5_star_thunder
    [quote=gabby2390;/members/gabby2390;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4873]Awesome server Schuttle!

    IGN: Insane_For_LIfe

    (yes the I in life is capital too)
    [quote=Ex3nDER0;/members/Ex3nDER0;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4874]I'd like to get member rank :D

    IGN: same as my profile name
    [quote=Rarity7946;/members/Rarity7946;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4875]My IGN: angie_jamie2011
    [quote=zachoyo123;/members/zachoyo123;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4876]My IGN is: zachoyo(No caps)
    [quote=catcreeper24;/members/catcreeper24;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4877]friends ign for her plz articpufle
    [quote=deanunicornpies;/members/deanunicornpies;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4878]my ign is deanunicornpies! thanks!
    [quote=xXWolfLuverXx;/members/xXWolfLuverXx;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4880]My IGN; xXWolfLuverXx
    [quote=TheBetaXI;/members/TheBetaXI;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4882]My IGN Is BetaforceXI , Currently In The Server. Checking Out A Few Things. Not So So Clean . Im Looking For A Proper Modern Design / Architectural Server.. This One Doesn't Seem To Fit The Thing I Was Looking For... But It Looks Okay And I Could Stay Here For A While Since I Was Banned From The Modern Design Type Server I Loved For No Reason ...

    Overall : 6.86 / 10

    [quote=bassman49;/members/bassman49;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4883]IGN: bassman48

    Thanks, cool server.
    [quote=DarkenedLithe;/members/DarkenedLithe;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4884]hi, i am going to make my friends get Member if you want to know C;

    IGN: paigebrando

    IGN: NuclearBedrock

    Thank you!

    [quote=TabbycatMC;/members/TabbycatMC;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4885]Cool my ign is TabbycatMC

    [quote=IronClad456;/members/IronClad456;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4888]Helllo, My name IGN is TechieGuy10, and if you could, can i be a member thx -Tech
    [quote=Blossomgirl747;/members/Blossomgirl747;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4889]Please may the following user have member.


    [quote=xXSophiecatXx;/members/xXSophiecatXx;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4890]IGN : xXSophiecatXx

    Im just posting for a member rank
    [quote=EirikBrunLundeDeadpool612;/members/EirikBrunLundeDeadpool612;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4891]My IGN is : EirikBrunLunde
    [quote=TheFlameLeaf;/members/TheFlameLeaf;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4892]My IGN is codeman321
    [quote=SarahMinesBlocks;/members/SarahMinesBlocks;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4893]IGN: SarahTheAwesome_
    [quote=randomguy4;/members/randomguy4;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4894]hi my IGN is HeyoJoowie for member plz thanks
    [quote=dodolord69;/members/dodolord69;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4895]my ign is JDQ1
    [quote=FionaLikesMC;/members/FionaLikesMC;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4896]Ign: rose9999 Like the server :D i love that everyone can set warps ^_^
    [quote=Jerry_Na;/members/Jerry_Na;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4897]IGN : Jerry_Na
    [quote=Eletricray;/members/Eletricray;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4899]oh, wow! amazing server. Awesome 400x400 plots :o its big enough to build a small city!

    may i have a member rank?

    my ign is electricray

    Awesome server :)

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    My IGN: StupidWiseGuy1

    Quote from TsunamiOnYT»
    My IGN is nme25 and i think you should try to set up different chat channels for the rp'ers. it can get annoying whaen you have a rp going on and your trying to build and chat to your friends.

    Quote from xXAsianCraftXx»
    My IGN is _AsianGirl_

    btw my old account was xXAsianCraftXx if I want to be added to my old plot can someone help me I got a new account cause' I forgot xXAsianCraftXx


    Quote from Schiefen»
    IGN: Schiefen
    IGN: Schiefen

    Quote from TOPPBEYOND»

    Wow, i really like the server its really nice

    And my IGN is airgamer1345


    Quote from The_Block_Boy5»
    Love this server, can i please be member

    IGN: The_Block_Boy5

    Quote from mia786»
    Hello, my IGN is mia786 for member please. Thank you :)

    I did not mean to post two it was an accident with my laptop

    Quote from MuchBetterHD»
    my ign MuchBetterHD

    Quote from Blossomgirl747»
    Hey, my friend Luna1980 is unable to post here and she would like the member rank, so I thought I would post this for her. Thanks.

    IGN: Luna1980

    IGN: Benj_9

    Quote from berry10sarah»
    My IGN is berry10sarah

    Quote from krististina»
    IGN is Krististina (owo)/

    My ign is:koki2003 add me please

    Quote from Nenonut»
    My IGN Is Nenonut

    Quote from Natesl»

    Quote from UnicornQ»
    IGN: UnicornQ

    Quote from Fluffycon»
    Hey :D I switched to a new account and now I don't have member rank!
    My ign is Fluffycon

    Quote from LostCause1313»
    my ign is LostCause1313

    Quote from sonictom2»

    Count me in

    Quote from doctorninja32»
    My Ign is doctorninja32

    Quote from Catteh4Eva»
    nice! Please Please PLEASE, can i get Member? my IGN is xCattyCutiex :RFlower:

    Quote from ExaustedLoki»
    My Ign Is xxTrae0130xx:Zombie::Zombie:
    My Ign is xxTrae0130xx

    Quote from munoz75»
    ign: munoz75

    Quote from Pinksparklypup»
    my IGN is Sharmelle

    and thz so much for making the server is AWESOME! :D

    IGN: JettCraft112

    Quote from n1ghtfury3000»
    This server is AMAZING! :D I really like the big plots, they're awesome for big builds!

    IGN: Kira_Cheese

    ^^^^^^^^^ For the Member rank :)

    Quote from djrapper33»
    my ign is ssmcb_fox_face please give me member rank thanks

    Something Something my ign is OblivionCreator

    Quote from Sarafina_»

    Quote from SGTmuffin12»
    my ign: riggedout

    Quote from rsloans84»
    IGN: Tempest8407

    Quote from ninetails5»
    ign ninetails5

    Quote from TheMultiRugga»
    Awesome Server

    My IGN is TheMultiRugga

    Quote from HotRodServers»
    My IGN is domwaldrom

    Quote from Smosh1120»
    Smosh1120<----- thats my ign

    Quote from XTREMECOASTER»
    May i have member IGN: XTREMECOASTER

    Hi, My IGN is


    and i <3 the server! As a suggestion, is there a way to DELETE a warp? I have several warps that are no longer used, and people accidentally make warps somethimes.

    Quote from Nightmare_008»
    hey awesome server Ign: Nightmare_008

    Quote from missspelled»
    Are you still adding? IGN: Eumi

    Love this amazing server! <3 I would love to be a Member Rank :D

    My IGN is: lawrencedavid129

    Thank you! :D

    Quote from Jadon255»
    MY IGN Is Jadon255
    Btw i love this awesome server! I'm currently building a pretty sweet castle!

    Quote from DanwenMc»
    I would like to be disgner and have a plot with 5000x5000 because I will build a huge airport with the runway length of 4000++. My IGN:DanwenMc I am a good player.

    Quote from BluBluSays»
    Hey :P Can I be member?

    My ingame name is tomusmus

    Quote from Craftykingly»
    hi my username is craftykingly

    Quote from lolololol111»
    nice! btw my ign is kweef and i am looking forward to being a member on luxwander and being member because i will finally be able to help my friend robertdigdig who is a vip!

    Quote from irule8032»
    Nice server you have! MY ign is iruletnt

    Quote from grumpygaming»
    hey man my ign is grumpynicoghost {btw could i have the meber rank}

    i love your server especaily the cretive server

    Quote from Caveboy02»
    My IGN is Caveboy02

    btw This is my fav minecraft server by FAR
    My IGN is Caveboy02

    Quote from RlZ58»
    good server

    my IGN is RlZ58

    Quote from SkyTheRaventux»
    I love this server. It's awesome.

    Please can I have a member rank??

    My IGN is SkyTheRaventux

    Quote from Qw3rTyUiOP»
    Great Server!

    IGN: CreepersSuck34

    Thank you! ^_^

    Quote from skycode2012»
    its so amazing i would love a rank so i can do /nickname cause i can never donate and i love it cause there are huge plots and todays my birthday

    (can i be a mod maybe)

    btw my ign is skycode101

    Quote from boomie12»
    plz make me a member my IGN is: boomie12

    Quote from rab4271»
    My IGN is neblaer, may I have member please?

    Quote from Thatweirdkat»
    My ign name is Thatweirdkat :3

    Quote from CatyDerp»
    May I please have the rank? i really like the server!:Diamond:

    Quote from laur3nnnn»
    my ign is @laur3nnnn

    Quote from darknyx16»
    My IGN Is darknyx16 May I please have Member rank?

    Quote from Blossomgirl747»
    Please may this player become member: ForbiddenMagic


    IGN: joe927

    Member plz :3

    Also, this person told me he wants member and he can't make an account for some reason.

    IGN: whiteslenderman

    Quote from Sonic0890»
    Can you also add my friend 343Modding?

    Quote from MacyMouse»
    Can I please have the rank? My IGN is MacyJanvier

    Quote from PapayaGamer»
    Hey, could I be added? My username is Maiapapaya.


    Quote from LaserDolphin77»

    Quote from pastelxblood»

    Quote from mikderd»
    Loving The Server. IGN mikiderd_gamer

    Quote from Spiderpiggydog»
    my in-game name is Spiderpiggydog

    my i have member rank plz

    Quote from Danata»
    May I have the Member rank?

    IGN: DanataMC

    My IGN is Madisyn. Thanks! :DORE:

    Quote from fsdecenfc»
    my ign is: thewicked123

    Quote from minekami»
    IGN: Minekami

    Hi! My ign is: SteffTheSausage

    Thanks! :)

    Quote from Lilypad28»
    my ign is Lilypad28

    Quote from desperateguy»
    my ign is YashTheTroll can i be a member please?

    Quote from BobTheAirplane»

    Hi! Could I have the emmer rank please? My In Game Name is BobTheAirplane

    [quote=justmyself95;/members/justmyself95;/forums/servers/pc-servers/creative-servers/763082-1-7-6-majestic-creative-free-rank-and-fly-no?comment=4681]My ign is justmyself123

    Quote from sophi1032»
    Luxwander is the Best Server Like EVER keep up the awesomeness :D I really want a member rank my IGN is sophi1032

    Quote from Harryson»

    Quote from jshaw100»
    hello i would like to be a member

    my ign is joshshaw

    luxwander is a great server cos me and my friend but mostly him have created a city on it!!!

    Quote from MiniLava101»
    This is quite significant for a server, A majority of people go on and they are mostly nice with each other. From my eyes this is an fantastic server to play on.

    And I want to be a member for the free rank thing and my Ign: MiniLava

    Quote from Lite012»
    Amazing server, My IGN is Lite012

    Quote from FirestarJames»

    Quote from DRPete3»
    Ign: DRPete3

    Quote from ParisMidnight»
    My IGN is MidnightParis (the server is great love it! :D)

    Quote from SkittleBacca»
    My ign is SkittleBacca

    Quote from MinerForDayz»
    My IGN Is : MinerForDayz

    Quote from bombay96»
    IGN: bombay9

    Quote from X_superleon_X»
    IGN: X_superleon_X

    Quote from Aarianna_Owens»
    For my sister

    her IGN: nice_diamond

    Quote from AknitaSky»
    I Love The Chat Colour(green) And my IGN Is AknitaSky :D YAY!

    my IGN is joshthetrickster

    :creeperdance: by Alvoria Hello Majestic Creative!!!! I would Like to become a Member! Thank you!!!, AttackOfTheJake (P.S: My IGN is FollowOtto) :creeperdance: by Alvoria

    IGN: magicsuperman

    Quote from shinypepliper»
    ign is Riellia16

    My IGN is hurricanejustin

    Quote from sparkymon»
    My ign is Sparkymon

    Quote from UGAqwerty5»
    The server's great!I use it to make all of my best redstone creations! Btw my IGN is UGAqwerty5.... *Hint Hint* ;)

    Quote from Guntara»
    My IGN is zimbag.

    Quote from Deadbush2508»
    My IGN is ryan2508


    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from Gymnast816329


    Quote from williamayin

    My ign is: theayin123

    Quote from sonicrules11

    My IGN is sonicrules11 http://people.ign.com/sonicrules11

    Quote from VorskelQ


    Quote from Luckas2004

    My ign is luckas2004

    Quote from taylorthebuilder

    My IGN-


    Quote from big123345

    Ign: Big123345

    Quote from MrDerp_3000



    Quote from TheRealShmowzow

    This server rocks. My IGn is sam92614. Thanks! :)

    Quote from CocoPuff9191

    This server is soo sick!! LOVE having soo much space to build (400 x 400 plots ) My IGN is CocoPuff9191 :coalore:

    Quote from Ianaver

    Pure awesome!!!! massive plots with no limit to the creativity!!! keep it up! (I am building a MASSIVE mc roller coaster after this!)

    IGN: Next_Gen_Gameing (yes spelled like that with caps)

    Quote from Synteck
    IGN: Synteck Just joined! :)

    Quote from Comrade91

    IGN: Comrade91

    Ign: abba12 epicgirly112

    Please rank me and my best friend :) thanks!

    Quote from CalCal89

    Hey my IGN is 50_Cal_

    Love the creative and how big the plots are

    I have been working on a castle could you have a look. its not finished tho

    /warp Stone_Wood_Stronghold

    Quote from MasterCreep1455

    ign is creeperinmyyard

    Quote from Endercacti

    IGN:endercacti thanks for doing this :D

    Quote from AndyhasUnicorn

    My IGN is AndyhasUnicorn

    Quote from Aarianna_Owens

    My IGN is Aarianna_Owens ^-^ Awesome Server btw -3-

    Quote from AlistairChitty

    Hello! My IGN is AlistairChitty

    Quote from F20pixels

    my IGN is glitter_elephant :)

    Quote from kksayshi

    my username is kksayshi i want member

    Quote from Main_Man_2002


    Quote from DefaultAsAwesome


    Quote from RobberryanGames


    Quote from harley1000

    Ign Harleyking10
    My IGN Harleyking10 :D

    Quote from kaechan2000

    My IGN is kaechan2000

    Quote from J_James
    Hi My Ign Is JJG2005 May i Please Have Member

    Quote from Izzy765z

    My ign is Izzy765z

    Quote from llVelocityll

    Amazing Server!

    IGN: TheNoblePoop

    Quote from Buddha20

    My IGN is Buddha20

    Quote from NobleSon180

    my ign is:NobleSon180

    Quote from Navidh

    Hello by IGN do you mean mine craft name? It is Entelex

    Quote from minorman4

    My IGN is: minorman4 :P not to hard to remember.

    may i be member


    Quote from preslieinc

    IGN: preslieinc

    Quote from RyuShuriken

    IGN "RyuShuriken"

    thnx! :D

    Quote from Ottoattack

    Hey man, Cool Creative server.

    Enyoy building on it.

    My ign is Ottoattack

    Quote from N0ZIE

    IGN: mojang5894

    Quote from WiErDo412

    My IGN is WiErDo412. The plot size is awesome! Thanks for that!

    Quote from kaechan2000

    My Ign is kaechan2000 and i really want to be a member luxwander is the best server ever:grass:

    Quote from MCFUser3166072

    cool my IGN is Saphire888

    Quote from RockLB

    Nice my IGN is RockLB

    Quote from Seanrcool

    My ingame name is Seaniscool2, and this server is AMAZEN.

    The plots are so big :o

    Quote from jjstrikeforce



    Quote from Lewl_I_Farted

    My IGN is finchfarm


    Thanks for reading :D

    Quote from Jakublibera

    My in game name is denio02

    May I have member?

    Btw I LOVE the server keep up with the good work!!!!!!

    Quote from hansi90010

    my name at minecraft is hansi900

    Quote from lambojerk2

    I would like to be member, my IGN is lamborghinijerk2

    Quote from gojan13

    I love your server and hope to get a free rank

    Quote from secuiucristian20

    I would like membership for me and my RL friend.

    My IGN is Vantive , my friend is GhtCostin

    Can we also get free rank? Thank you! :)

    Quote from Smartessa13

    Hi... Can you Please make me a member rank... My IGN is Smartessa13. BTW This sounds like a great server! Im going to try it out!

    Quote from JPGRRocks

    IGN: JPGRRocks. I have big plans for what I am going to build and I am excited to be able to accomplish them.

    Quote from RockRobot789

    Wow, can't wait to add this to my list! ^_^

    IGN: Rockrobot789 :creeperdance: by Alvoria

    Quote from littlecaliver

    My IGN is littlecaliver and this server is pretty awesome

    Quote from applez159

    My IGN Is Professional_MCP And I Love This Server Been Playing For A Long Time!!!

    Quote from DaHokremerMc

    ign hokremer

    My IGN is: Soulstorm2013

    Quote from GreenDeadlox

    1st best server I have ever been on! my ign is GreenDeadlox

    Quote from Selly09

    I play on this server evryday. Its awesome! My ign is Sellly09 and i was wondering if i could be member from this free rank post:D

    Quote from TheTigris

    Heyo, Really like the size of the plots and the server already looks great ^-^

    My ign: MysticalVision

    Quote from Tit026

    ign Tit0

    Quote from sixty60fifty50

    Sixty60fifty50 is my username, could I have member rank please? c:

    Quote from lukey057


    can u please rank me to member? :P

    Quote from Jeffro2001

    My name is jeffro2001 I think this server is really cool

    Quote from Demolisher02

    ign: Demolisher02 and may i have member rank plz

    Quote from DeeDeeDoodlez

    ign: DeeDeeDoodlez

    Quote from TheBuilderCanz

    My IGN is sanalcicocuk and i would like to become a member :)


    Quote from Doctorj1

    ign: Minecraftdoc1

    Quote from cmoore993

    My IGN is cmoore993, can i be a member now?

    Quote from APoisonPancake

    My IGN is APoisonPancake. Can I have member?

    Quote from XXXEPICXXX

    my IGN is Agustv can i have world edit

    Quote from Mitzflix


    Quote from FuzzyAwesome

    Member plz?

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from PoptartChris

    Seems awesome! I love these kind of servers.

    IGN: PoptartChris

    Quote from foureyes44

    This server ROCKS! IGN foureyes44

    Quote from Austinedhouse

    ign xVeynz

    Quote from Tehzshattler

    Im zshattler Can I Has Member

    My IGN is axel_evert

    Quote from MGPWNER


    Can I join? I like building on any server.... My username is in the Spolier


    Quote from Spectral961

    IGN Spectral96

    Quote from randomrob7

    IGN: randomrob7

    Nice server guys, it's awesome!

    Quote from dannynub

    Love This Server!!!!!! Btw My IGN is dannyben12345


    Quote from BootsofButter

    I'm BootsofButter c: lol it's obvious

    Quote from 1QT

    Hi, may I please have the member rank? my ign name is 1QT

    Also, can JadJor have the rank also please? JadJor is my friend irl(in real life)


    Quote from caregg

    my IGN is caregg

    Quote from MarMin08

    I want to add my alt to the member rank. My alt's username is: MarminGames

    Quote from armouredhuman

    For member, IGN is i_aint_scared

    Quote from 1QT

    Swaggy Server dude! Igns : 1QT and JadJor

    thank you! <3

    Quote from Aslynn1008

    ign: Aslynn1008

    Quote from poses_awkwardly

    my ign is emmathebanana

    thanks :) :Diamond:

    Quote from LegoHunter12

    My IGN is LegoHunter12

    Quote from SuperBacon26

    Hey I would appreciate if you could give my brother the rang as we'll IGN:Pedroia26 Thank you so much :D

    Quote from Vanester

    IGN: Vanester

    Quote from Bottz3


    Quote from pizzaforthewin

    My in game name is cupcakeforthewin please member me! I love the server It's my favorite server! I would love to get member!:lol:

    Quote from RowanMC

    EPIC SERVER!!!!!! Oh, my ign is rowan821 could a get Member rank???:tnt:

    Quote from monkey4ggh

    Hello my IGN is monkey4ggh Thank You!

    Quote from Takuuftw

    IGN - Takuuftw

    Quote from jmillgamerpro

    My IGN is jonjoniscool100

    Quote from Danieldylan1

    My IGN is leapon

    Hello My IGN is n00bkiller776 an i really want the members rank :D and i really want to work my way up like becoming a moderator or a administrator


    Quote from FancyGorilla

    Can I become a member please? Thanks!

    My IGN: RoyalSquid3

    Thank you very much

    Quote from minecraftgeek770

    Hey My IGN Is Minecraftgeek770 :)

    Quote from Vanester


    Quote from foureyes44

    In case you didn't know, this is for membership on luxwander...:mellow:

    Quote from valrobrol

    ING: valrobrol

    Quote from Mugwamp9

    IGN: Mugwamp9

    Quote from Flamyicicle21


    Quote from megaluis64

    Ign:megaluis64 Age:14 i want be member of this awesome server :D :Notch:

    :creeperdance: by Alvoria

    Quote from Bruinsnation

    IGN: Bruinsnation
    IGN: Bruinsnation


    Quote from Eec2005

    My IGN is Eec2005, Great Server btw!!!!

    Quote from rubydragon900

    My IGN is rubydragon900

    Quote from MC_Scout

    My IGN is MC_Scout

    Quote from jumjum

    Herro!!!! i would like to become a member. IGN: jumjum87\

    Quote from SnazzyPup101

    My IGN is SnazzyPup101, thanks!c:lol:

    Quote from Blueshadowlove

    My ign is Blueshadowlove. Are you still giving out member ranks?

    Quote from Minecraftioyolo

    Hi my IGN is minecraftioyolo please member me :Rose:

    Quote from LegoHunter12

    MY IGN IS LegoHunter12!

    Quote from ClaymanGamer

    My IGN Is AForbidonMidget

    Love to be a member if this excellent server!

    Quote from vegetablehazzard

    ign : vegetablehazzard :>

    Quote from technotuna9000

    My IGN is jasonrobinson and I am really looking forward to joining the server!

    Quote from nyudhfcue

    my IGN is nyudhfcue


    Quote from GamerGuy75

    My IGN is GamerGuy75

    Quote from nradoto7

    My IGN is Nradoto7

    Quote from Awesomeness3135

    Hey great server. May I please have member? This is for my cousin but her ign is horserider1210

    Quote from baboonking

    i am collincannonball i love the server plz give me member rank

    Quote from MrLowie321

    IGN: MrLowie321

    Quote from pikachu22222

    My igm is oshawott22222

    Quote from Aslynn1008

    my ign is Aslynn1008


    Quote from izzdaiz

    my IGN is whoviancupcake :)
    IGN: whoviancupcake

    Quote from fantwo1

    My ign is ~ khanqas ~ ADDD ERRRR UPPP :)

    Quote from annefrank12345

    My IGN is annefrank12345!

    Quote from X_superleon_X

    can I have a member rank please I'm a co-owner of a server and I'm going to be a co-owner of another server I don't know why that's related but still can I please have the member rank.

    MacDoesMinecraft. :Diamond:

    Quote from NUCLEARBULLET83


    Quote from GummybearzZzZ

    My IGN is GummybearzZzZ

    Quote from KatastropheMLG

    Hey, I just joined the server and would LOVE to have Member rank! My IGN is KatastropheMLG

    Quote from Jessica1110

    I love your server x_x

    -(Btw my IGN is Jessica1110)-

    Quote from klkljo

    I am the mighty klkljo!

    Quote from Blackglitter

    My IGN is Blackglitter

    Quote from _nicolesawyer_

    amazing server!! love the spawn

    for member my name is: _NicoleSawyer_!!!!!!

    Quote from Elmo_02


    Quote from Hupnosis

    Member rank please: Hupnosis

    I enjoy playing on here. i see its a network

    Quote from Plushnerd

    IGN WILL106
    for member rank

    Quote from iiKrytosis

    IGN: Dragon19s

    Quote from WizSwagg

    My Username Is WizSwagg

    Can I Have Member?

    Quote from Kopatar

    hello , been playin i nthe server 2 days , alrdy on 1/10 of my building ... wi would like to be made a member if posible ,ty IGN: Kopatar

    Quote from Scoop34

    Wow this server is pretty sweet, check out my theme park in the Majestic Creative world with /warp Scoop.

    My IGN is ScoopGaming

    Quote from valrobrol

    ING: valrobrol

    I love this server big plots fun games this is AMAZING

    Quote from cmoddoesgames

    ign cmod3

    Quote from RoGamingHd

    MrPotaoMC (ign)

    This Server Seems Fun

    Quote from _nicolesawyer_

    Ign: _NicoleSawyer_

    Quote from polkadottie123

    my ign is polkadottie123


    hehe sry i had to say that

    Quote from MissLagalicious

    IGN: MissLagalicious

    I love your Majestic Creative Server! So AWESOME!!!

    Quote from srbearit


    btw can i have member ign srbearit

    Quote from AwesomeMiniMunch

    My IGN Is TheShyDash <3 :iapprove: :lol:

    Quote from smitedpotato99

    This server is awesome my ign is smited_potato99

    Quote from redvip3rgraphics
    member please


    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from NanoRec

    Love Building on this server with friends, HUGE plots for unlimited room ( IGN NanoRec )

    Quote from adioairwalk

    My ign is adioair, can i have membership please?

    Quote from cole_mac

    My ign is cole_mac

    Quote from chickibo

    Hey, just here to say my ign is chickibo and im loving the server so far!!! hoping to get member soon! - chickibo out :ph34r:

    Quote from ZZZJJJBBB

    IGN: LordBunghole

    Quote from bambob100

    I like the server! BTW, My username is bambob100.

    Quote from Vampire_Girl101

    is it too late to reply? if it isn't can you add me and my sister? our ign is Vampire_Girl101 and Samsez thx

    Quote from jordan2win

    best server ever (btw may i have my rank)

    Quote from monkeymannzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    Quote from zion18521

    Hi Since The Time I Been On This Server I've Had Lots Of Fun And I Would Like To Move Up Into The Ranks. (member rank to be precise)

    IGN: zion18521

    Quote from Darknox2530

    My IGN is Darknox2530 Please add me :P

    Quote from Pancakesplatter0

    IGN: Pancakesplatter

    Quote from MrMario1701

    IGN: MrMario1701

    Quote from Gizmo7002

    IGN Gizmo7002

    Quote from Nezzy0727

    Magestic creative IS AWESOME and can I haz member Rank Ign Is legoguy0727 and Nezzdiya THX

    Quote from jacktheladMC

    ign: jack_the_lad_301

    Quote from Kathy_Web

    Already a long-term player, enjoying Gigaplot.

    IGN: kathy_web

    Quote from SadisticRainbows

    I would like to be added as a member so here is my IGN: The_Sims_3

    Quote from bigbomb20080

    Hi may I have the member rank? Username is bigbomb20080

    Quote from ChloeMichael
    IGN: ChloeMichael

    Thanks!!! :D

    Quote from Meggzeh

    My ign: MeggieJ

    Quote from VenomPlays

    My IGN: SuPrEaMVenom02

    Quote from SamanthaOfSpook

    I don't know if I am late with this, but loving the server!

    I saw the link to this in the chat :3

    IGN: PoofOfSpook

    Quote from freakysnacks

    My ign is Freakysnacks


    Quote from sandoceddi

    It looks like fun!

    IGN : SandoCeddi

    Quote from jvideoman101

    can i have member rank just to see what its all about

    I don't have and ign, but my username jvideoman101

    Quote from anna223


    Quote from MrTwentyFour24

    My IGN is mr24

    Quote from marqese28

    my ign is marqese28

    Quote from UndeadGrneadier

    IGN: UndeadGrenadier

    My IGN is:ExpulsoRS

    Quote from monkeymannzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    IGN: monkeymanzzz

    Quote from xXKoalaGamerXx

    This Server is awesome! IGN: apurvathespy

    Quote from JMAClover

    This is my ign: Pinkcow100 ^_^ ( i wanna FLY!!) :lol:

    Quote from cirice114

    My IGN Name is cirice

    hope you can add me


    Quote from Joscyy

    My IGN is TheJoscBoss

    Quote from BlackSand75

    IGN: DarkEnd75

    Quote from redbvll

    ign: jane4president

    Quote from GlitterGirl2015

    IGN: GlitterGirl2015

    Quote from discohannah

    My IGN is: KatnissOtto

    Quote from DiabloTurtle

    IGN: Diablo_Turtle

    Quote from MonAlex

    Rad server.... uhh my ign is MetalGamer97 :)

    Quote from aquajewel101902

    My IGN is KittyPop1

    Quote from LollipopBaby

    My IGN is Kellynn16!

    Quote from Ojesundrum

    IGN : sharks1234567890 (thx in advance)

    Quote from Dawiz

    My IGN is Dawiz (: or was it DawizHC :o!! Anyway please member me cx .:goldore:

    Quote from AlphaMoon

    IGN: KIller_Dude1506

    Quote from kittykyr

    ign = kittykyr

    Quote from LyblazeMC

    My IGN is LyblazeMC.

    Quote from Quoteno


    Quote from MrMcMike

    ign is mrmcmike

    Quote from RocWolfTheHunter

    ign: RocWolfTheHunter

    Quote from Some1stolemyname

    My IGN is DragonEye37

    This server looks flippin amazing!

    Quote from JustThatHarvey

    Hello there ^^ This looks like a nice server to play on.

    My IGN is ThatGuyHarvey

    I'll see you shortly ^-^

    Quote from zdodger

    Hi My IGN is zdodger may I have member rank? also magificent server btw. :)

    Quote from QueenOfBudder

    My IGN:QueenOfBudder28

    I took a screenshot with you Schuttle :D

    Quote from YyAmyAwesomeyY

    Hey, My IGN is YyAmyAwesomeyY Member please :D Thanks c:

    Quote from megamasterc27890

    my ign is megamasterc27890


    Quote from NoivernityKraf7

    My ign is Zorkalz_


    Quote from TheMonkeyAlli

    My IGN is Allimonkey10

    I like the server so far.


    Quote from Valango

    My IGN is Valango and I really want member for gigaplots. Please :c

    Quote from candiizen

    I'm doing this on behalf of my sister who doesn't have an account, nor is allowed to use the internet.



    Quote from brainiac711

    My IGN: brainiac711

    Quote from cmur1234

    my ign is cmur123

    Quote from TheWolfLink

    I would like Member Rank! IGN: TheWolfLink

    Quote from jemitche


    Quote from GAVEN1000

    My IGN is GAVEN1000

    Quote from bluepaintcan123

    My IGN is bluepaintcan123

    Quote from kainw123

    my ign is: kainw123

    Quote from lgilbreth

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Our latest showcase video.

    You can post your build here and it may be featured in a video on our channel.
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from Aarone2004

    my ign is diefordie33 may i have member

    Quote from AirBornBeast

    Hello! My IGN is AirBornBeast098. My sister's IGN is lpscrazy555. Thanks!

    Quote from karateblack11

    Hi my IGN on minecraft is karateblack11 can i please have member?

    Quote from GumGummy

    very good, my IGN is GummyJon

    Quote from EmberPlaysMC

    IGN: EmberPlaysMC

    Quote from Mohamed_Nay

    my ign is Mohamed_Nay

    Quote from coleminescoal

    This server sounds epic


    Quote from ryn_0

    my name is ryn_o i really want member

    Quote from awesomelink123

    My IGN for Minecraft is awesomelink123. Thank you for letting me be a member.

    Quote from Susypink_16

    Hi, I love this server, and wanted a member rank for Majestic Creative

    My IGN is: Susypink_16

    Thank u!!

    Quote from JazzieRox

    My IGN is JazzieRox :) This server is fun!

    Quote from Strellus

    IGN: Strellus

    Quote from ghostson80

    My ign is ghostson80

    This is the best server because i have never seen anything like it Great job who ever made this server!!:wub:

    my ign name is spiritmoonwolf great server too! can i have a member rank?

    Quote from minecrafters4eva

    my IGN is crunch6

    Quote from EmberPlaysMC

    IGN: EmberPlaysMC

    (For Member)

    Quote from AllisonTheGamer2

    My IGN is: AllisonTheGamer2.Thanks! c:

    Quote from poepoe12

    I am applying for member my IGN: poepoe12


    Quote from ThatShadowKirby

    My IGN is pandamaster0324 :)

    Quote from DiegoSpyMan

    I'd like to be a member on your server. My IGN is DiegoSpyMan. I recently joined and found that the 400x400 plots were a great place to do mega builds, as I had planned on doing. Thank you for having that. Have a good day.

    Quote from mimm62

    ign name: mimm62

    plz can i get member rank im always using this server

    Quote from aza89

    My IGN is qwqw85034

    Quote from MineStep26

    Hey, this is quite an awesome server! (btw my ign is CrethiusWoW) could I plz get member rank

    Quote from King_of_Titanz

    Hey my IGN is NavSpectre id like to get the member rank. Also if i may say i personally think the creative plots are too big and may be laggy because i culdnt even load my entire pot! thats how ig it was its bigger thn any other server ive been on! Good looking spawn too BTW.

    Quote from ThatShadowKirby

    Aye! My IGN is pandamaster0324 :)

    Quote from StonePiston

    IGN: tortilla123

    Quote from TheHawtGirl

    Hello My Name Is Rager37, I Love Your Server :D Btw, May i have Member Rank? :)

    Quote from pikachubros2012

    my ign is togepi76

    and my luxwander account is pikachubros2012

    i would like a membership please

    Quote from flamingbow77

    My IGN is christopher0506

    Quote from NarwhalLuv

    May I have the Member Rank? :3 My IGN is NarwhalLuv

    Quote from Bubble2490


    Quote from OrwellianStuff


    Quote from softgamings

    IGN: Softballgirl2002

    Please make me a member! :D

    Quote from Atomic_Leo

    My IGN is: Atomic_Leo

    Quote from MckinleyBP

    Can i have the member rank? Minecraft IGN: MckinleyBP

    Quote from bubbyfong


    Quote from sunshinesweetie


    Absolutely love this server! The fact that it has an active time cycle is wonderful enough, plus the massive plots are perfect - finally have enough room to go completely insane with my creations :D

    Could I please get the member rank? My IGN is Artkame


    Quote from NATEDICO

    Love The Serves its all I wan to do. And may I be a member?


    Quote from draaknick

    my ign is draaknick

    Quote from bakebeanmachine

    my ign is bakebeanmachine

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
    Quote from Boyman95
    Uh whats the Ip address cuz i am lost Atm :unsure: :SSSS: :Diamond:

    ip: mc.luxwander.com
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    posted a message on Luxwander | 1.8 | 200+ Players | WIN STEAM GAMES! | Creative | HG | Survival | Factions | Anarchy | Active Forums & Staff | Co
    Quote from ppandas34

    Hi! Awesome Server!!!!! My ign: crazyfunkaypanda Can i have Member Rank?

    Quote from OMG_its_chubz
    really awesome server

    my IGN is OMG_its_chubz

    Both added! Welcome!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from Cutepink101

    My IGN is Cutepink101

    IF you member me, thanks!

    Quote from martinsaal1

    my name is Sniperboy5678 :) Ty

    Quote from Sishkaa

    My IGN is Sishka

    Quote from Gerafa

    IGN: Gerafa

    Quote from colbykds4

    my ign is colby18918

    Quote from XXwarfighterXX

    Ign; XXwarfighterXX

    Thank you

    Quote from Kukikomari

    my ign is Mr_PoopyPants99

    for the member rank

    Quote from mvee

    Looks great. My IGN is mvee18!

    Quote from MCSuperKing_12

    My Ign is MCSuperKing_12 btw

    Quote from Coolkat2014

    My IGN is Coolkat2014

    Add me? :3

    Quote from iChest123

    Hello I would really like a member rank :3


    Quote from Cooliosgirl

    May I please have member rank?!? My ign is birdlady152 thank you ☺️

    Quote from Epicsplasher

    Hello Schuttle: IGN: EpicSplasher I used to play back when the server lobby was undergoing changes (1.5.2-1.6.2) I love this server!!!

    Quote from ShadowPrimeMC

    My IGN is ShadowPrimeMC

    Quote from MYCAMARO

    Hi! I would like to become a member of this amazing server. My IGN; MYCAMARO :D

    Quote from xXToxic_SlimeXx


    Quote from malachi577

    My IGN: Malachi577

    Quote from matthewteixeira

    My ign is matthewteixeira (i hope i get member and im really excited of the server its really fun

    Quote from SPC1012

    My IGN is SPC1012

    Member plz! Thx

    Quote from Dosisboss

    IGN: Dosisbosss. Server sounds really fun!

    Quote from LillyPikachu

    My IGN: LillyPikachu


    Quote from 18aidanme

    My IGN is 18aidanme! Thanks!

    Quote from Gerafa

    I want to be a Memeber Please IGN: Gerafa

    Quote from anna223


    Quote from JacobCorticalGS

    IGN: triplewowtv

    Quote from NycholasMines

    :mellow: IGN:NycholasMines i like to be a member in this server

    Quote from Buster805

    my ign is Buster805

    Quote from Sdudyoy

    My IGN is Sdudyoy.

    Quote from Kreeper011

    My ign is Kreeper011

    Quote from jonathan45719

    My IGN is jonathan4567 :)

    Quote from Damio522

    My IGN is damino522

    Quote from Purpledodo

    ign: PurpleDodo

    Quote from Mullenise

    IGN: Muselline

    Quote from MarnixDR

    Mi IGN is MarnixDR

    Quote from A_Toaster

    IGN: vegtradex365

    Quote from Jasmerd504

    IGN: cheeseylego

    Quote from NemisisByDesign
    IGM:NemisisByDesign plz add me

    Quote from xXLunaCakesXx

    Hey! I'm in the server! My IGN is xXLunaCakesXx for membership!

    Quote from John_Smithers

    My ign is secretman14

    Quote from CourtneyKitten

    My IGN is Puppysrock123

    I would like to be member :P

    Quote from gaxel07

    IGN: gaxel07 c::GoldBar:

    Quote from gerorge4321

    this is an epic server, i like it lots, my ign, gerorge4321

    Quote from Flashpole

    great server, the big plots are big enough for cities =o

    Would like to be a member, as i can see myself using this a lot for creative. My ign is Flashpole.

    Quote from xxx_panda_xxx1

    My IGN is: frozenmotion007

    Quote from StarryNightSkye

    IGN: 1Skylar1 Ehm, thanks!

    Quote from wolfs333

    My ign is wolfs333

    Quote from AWESOME21232
    My username is AWESOME21232!!! thanks so much :D

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from ARMENIAN101

    IGN: Fario3

    Quote from ARMENIAN101


    Quote from andree20051

    ign formlessrug6

    Quote from poisoneyev12


    Quote from Silverfish04

    Hello! I love your server! IGN: Silver929 :D

    Quote from Minecraft_Loved

    Can I have Member IGN: Minecraft_Loved also interested on the staff apps thx

    Quote from UltraOblivion

    IGN: UltraOblivion

    Quote from Tarq

    my IGN is berserkr

    Quote from robbiexx653

    IGN: robbiexx653

    Quote from siriusblack11

    IGN: siriusblack11

    Quote from _Lyris_

    Sick server

    ign: _lyris_

    Quote from thenoobbomb

    Hit me up! IGN: Thenoobbomb

    Quote from Annnaaaa

    My IGN is jellyfish13456. Thank you! : )

    Quote from Xplayyip


    I love the server :D

    Can i get the member rank?

    My IGN is sheal123

    Quote from Lavalord03

    Ok this is just cause for some reason cant use other thing but k ok i love creative but heres one suggestion maybe make a local chat and a global cause everyone chatting rps in global is so annoying can even build (ik about the turn off chat thing to)

    Btw Ign:Lavalord03

    Quote from Emmygirl2013

    IGN: Emmygirl2013

    Quote from trolls0

    My IGN is trolls0.

    I really love this server! :)

    Quote from CuppiecakeZombie

    My friend and I love this server so much <3 I'm already a member, but I was wondering if you could make my friend, FarmGurl, a member? That's her IGN

    Quote from WillHTheKid

    May I have dat member rank? IGN: WillHTheKid <3

    Quote from BenD54321

    MY IGN IS:::: BenD54321

    Quote from TyGuyMLG


    My IGN Name Is TyGuyMLG

    Quote from puppydog132

    my ign is puppydog132

    Quote from Hawkbone

    my IGN is Hawkbone838

    Quote from fluffbun

    Hi! my ign is: Fluffehrainbow
    c: Thank you.

    My IGN is buttercoot, thanks in advance! Great server, btw!

    Quote from Gabeandthemike

    can i have member plz :steve_csi:

    btw my ign is Gabeandthemike

    Quote from jm7657

    My ign is jm7657 thank you for making this server and I hope you'll let me be member :Notch: :creeper: :cheap:

    Quote from pedrickbunch

    Could I get a Member Rank? IGN: pedrickbunch :steve_lol:

    Quote from coldsnowqueen

    Hi i love the huge plots they are amazing! when do the plots allow animals and creatures

    my IGN is: [michaelasprings] i am really looking forward to upgrade a rank :D i am good at minecraft but not a pro

    how do you get the profile pics?

    Quote from tazzzerr

    my IGN is tazzzerr

    Quote from DuckyDuck67

    My IGN is monkey5747 :)

    Quote from Zackamoca

    IGN: Zackamoca
    Great server, very friendly, keep up the good work!

    Quote from Nittyjr

    Cool server! my ign is: nittyjr

    Quote from xmaskids

    Best plot server ever! Ign: xmaskids

    Quote from makinbaconpankes

    IGN: Komikz

    Its a nice thing your doing here, with a cool server, keep up the good work man!:o

    Quote from Kage17

    Ign: Kage17

    Thx :D

    Quote from PhantomPvp

    IGN: MegaSlashGamer


    Quote from anna223

    My IGN is _iAmInsanity_

    thanks :3

    Quote from RisingNinjaMC

    cool server, love thet you can go into survival. ive been on the server for a long time (a few years) and i would like member my IGN: Dodgecraftman

    Quote from Itz_Mee

    ING: GlidingGlorea

    nice work on the plots in creative!

    Quote from MDMCxDoubleJ
    Pretty awesome server I would like to be a member please my IGN is MDMCxDoubleJ thanks...

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from ilovepeyton10

    ign ilovepeyton10ilovepeyton10

    Quote from Zedexx

    My username is 987123upr plz make me a member!!!

    Quote from Guardian_Cynthia

    My IGN is Guardian_Cynthia
    Add me as a member, thankss~ :3

    Quote from o0AceOfSpades0o

    This i s a wonderful server. By the way my IGN is CreeperKing223 (for member) :D

    Quote from miner00012

    this server is awesome i play on it every day and it would be great to have the member rank

    my ign is miner00012

    Quote from coleb08

    Quote from Schuttle



    Reply to this thread with your IGN to earn your first rank of Member
    and gain access to /me, /fly, and the chance for rank ups!

    Majestic Creative is a plotworld server and our players have instant access to 32x32 and HUGE 400x400 plots to build freely and are fully protected! We have a vibrant community and active staff ready to help our players!

    When you join you instantly have creative mode and you can instantly obtain a 32x32 plot by using the command “/plot auto”, if you require a bigger plot go to our big plotworld with HUGE 400x400 plots with the command “/mvtp world”. Want to return to the small plotworld? No problem! Use command “/mvtp plotword”.

    You can do many things with your plot such as adding trusted friends. There is a full list of commands listed in game with “/plot help.”

    You are able to add as many warps as you wish for your events and builds simply do this by standing at where you want your warp to be and use command “/setwarp yourwarpname” and tell players your warp and they’ll visit!

    You have full access to teleport request commands for easy transport across the server. To request a teleport to someone simply use command “/tpa playername”

    If you have impressive builds please post them here, please make sure to follow the post format here. Posting your builds gives you a chance to earn the rank of Builder. Builders have access to World Edit, you must be a Member to earn Builder.

    1. Do not grief.
    2. Do not hack, cheat, exploit, or use illegal clients.
    3. Do not cause lag.
    4. Do not spam or use caps.
    5. Do not advertise other servers.
    6. Do not disrespect other players or admins.
    7. Do not impersonate other players or staff in game OR in teamspeak OR on our website.
    8. Do not swear or use racial slurs.

    We always welcome new players and love to check out new builds! Test your skills on Majestic Creative! Our active staff and friendly playerbase will surely convince you that this will be the last creative server you will need.

    Thank you! If you have any questions or need help please let us know, we try our best to keep everyone happy and having fun!

    hi I play minecraft could I be a member
    Quote from coleb08

    hi I play minecraft could I be a member

    Quote from ChrispyT2

    IGN: ChrispyT2

    Quote from skaeterrelph

    Mah IGN is: skaterralph

    Hey May I please Have Member Ship
    P.S: My In-game name is Emerson10810

    Quote from ItsMePandora

    Hello, I am semi new to this whole dealio. I play Luxwander regularly, My IGN is PandoraGamingFTW

    Quote from maxwelltim122

    My IGN is mte122My IGN is mte122

    Quote from Guy901

    IGN: Guy901

    Quote from JFabey

    my ign is JFabey thx
    this is a great server

    Quote from epic207

    My ign is epicmonkeyguy, plz make me member

    Quote from MCFUser3560384

    My IGN is :

    thanks for reading :)

    Quote from jordey116

    my IGN is psycho_maniac6

    Quote from DataOsku

    my ign is DataOsku and i really love majestic creative!!!

    Quote from Bellapinky9MC

    lgn is Bellapinky9 :D

    My IGN Is Minercrafter290


    (do i get member rank)

    Quote from Deadlyshadow78

    MY IGN


    Quote from palmad2b

    IGN; PalmaD2B

    Quote from megaluis64

    my ign is:megaluis64

    Quote from TheHerkendergen

    Seems cool and i look forward to building on it

    my ign is gameaddict318

    Quote from Louisajane2003

    My In Game Name Is LouisaJane2003 And I Really Love Ur Server

    Quote from MCFUser3457607


    Quote from KaylaLovesGraser

    My ign is KaylaRoseGaming

    Quote from Flame2012

    Username is Flame2012 I'm online right now :D

    Quote from SnoopyDaDog

    Hey i love the server and everything you do with it is their a chance that i could get member my ign is cherokee329

    My IGN is Gurgifriends

    Quote from Pokey_Beaver
    IGN: Ventragon

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from cinderangel99
    Quote from Marshall_Lee101
    I love this server i come on it when ever i can it would be cool to have a member rank! :D My IGN is: Marshall_Lee101
    Quote from SillyGirl143
    Hi I'm sillygirl143 in minecraft, can i be a member?
    Quote from wytime2929
    Wow amazing server IGN is wytime2929
    Quote from Marshall_Lee101
    I love this server so much it would be cool if i could become a member! :D My IGN Is: Marshall_Lee101
    Quote from The_Big_Bacon
    Quote from johnnyboro
    I Would Love To Have A Members Rank IGN: johnnyboro :)
    Quote from Griffindorgamer
    Hi, My Ign is Griffindorgamer this server has been my favorite server and my first. I have made so many cool things on your awesome server so please allow me to get member.
    My IGN is:DiamondDudes and by the way I really feel the need to say that this server has the biggest plots i've ever seen!
    Quote from Shiquara
    Yo. My IGN is shiquara. Could i pls has member? BTW, best server ever. 400X400 plots rock cuz im always building a TON!!!
    Quote from wetguy237
    IGN: wetguy237 for member
    Quote from Nobody_You_Know
    My IGN: Master_Crafter48
    Quote from _TCF486_
    Quote from Theoden24
    My IGN is KnowledgeIsPower. I'm also Theoden24 on Minecraft.
    Quote from Technology2011
    My IGN is EvilChief
    Quote from acwakip
    My IGN is acwakip
    Quote from _CheerGirl123_
    I <3 <3 this server My IGN is: _CheerGirl123_
    Quote from GoldenxXxmarine
    Ign: GoldenxXxmarine. Thanks
    Quote from ShadeyStyle123
    My IGN is ethan245
    Quote from tdog077
    IGN is tdog077 please make me member also love the SERVER!!!!!!
    Quote from ianscott98
    Ign ianscott98 Thanks for member :D
    Quote from Edmond1818
    I want a member rank and my IGN is Rainingtaco
    Quote from Mryoshi12
    IGN : MisterYoshi12 Thanks :D
    Quote from snowishnoge1223
    my IGN is: snowborder2
    Quote from leozza
    leozza this is my IGN. pls make me member :D
    Quote from MouldyEmu
    Hello, I would like to become a 'Member' My IGN is - Itz_Joeeeeeee (7 e's) Thank you! :steve_sillyface:
    Quote from Emma123456789
    May I have the member rank please? My username is Miss_Ravenwoud
    Quote from tdog077
    ign tdog077 love the server its awsome
    Quote from Majestic500
    My ign is Majestic500
    Quote from Nojus1113
    I want be a Member my IGN is: Nojus1113
    Quote from _slydacate_12
    Love this server ^_^ My IGN is _Sydacate_12
    Quote from WanderLostFox
    My IGN is WanderLostFox And yes this is for member :o
    Quote from BoxBeaver
    Just joined and love the SERVER!!! Btw can I have a member rank? Ill give you a cookie!
    Quote from alcatraz_100
    my ign is alcatraz_100
    Quote from snowishnoge1223
    snowborder2, is my IGN can i plz have member? thanks bro!
    Quote from JamzGaming
    This server is awesome! my friend Tamar and I have been making a village in the creative world @ /warp TJT_Village! ( My IGN is JamzGaming and Tamar's IGN is Tamarkipp )Member please? :D
    Quote from DemonicMe_
    Ign: DemonicMe_ thanks for reading :) :DPANTS: take my pants
    Quote from thedoggyplayer
    T H A N K U i love giant plots!My ign is:ThedoggyPlayer :Sheep:
    Quote from Lilldaddy120
    i love this server it is very fun and very active my IGN is Lilldaddy
    Quote from ianscott98
    I like the creative server, the plots are huge. Please give me member Ign: Ianscott98
    Quote from MrMoroe
    I Like how the server looks :Sheep: IGN:MrMoroe
    Quote from Ultimate_Cobra
    HI my mc username is Ultimate_Cobra (with the capitals) PLZ make me a member xD!!!!!!!
    Quote from whitewolffire
    IGN: whitewolffire
    Quote from TheMagesticQueen
    My IGN is TheMagesticQueen
    Quote from Darkpeyman
    My IGM is Darkpeyman
    Quote from kiwiluvver
    This server is awesome! IGN: Kiwiluvver I like building too!
    Quote from xxCrystalManxx
    WOAH, biggest plots I've ever seen! Thank You! This server is amazing!!! (its also majestic) lol. BTW my IGN is xxcrystalmanxx.
    Quote from m1022801
    Very nice server! My IGN is m1022801. Sorry about the numbers.
    Quote from CheesyyKidd
    This is an amazing creative server! I love the huge plots and everything else!IGN: 41PRED (BTW: My friend also wants member, his IGN: Derailer77. He can't go on the web browser because his parents blocked everything on it). :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :|): :|): :|): :|): :|): :Dboots: :Dboots: :Dboots: :Dboots: :Dboots:
    Quote from Hammie9230
    awesome server with huge plots! IGN: hammie9230
    Quote from Atributer
    Well my IGN is "MythikiX" and that's about it. Make sure you spell it correctly and make sure the M and X are capitalized. :P
    Quote from DEATHKILLA555
    My IGN is DEATHKILLA555 and this server is my favorite (Can I possibly become member rsnk? :D)
    Quote from KillGuyMachine
    My IGN Is = KillGuyMachine Please Make Me :)

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from lala4900
    I have been playing on this server for about a week now and love it. My IGN is lala4900, and it would be great if I could have the member rank. Thanks!
    Quote from crazylaffatack
    :ph34r:My Ign is Crazylaffatack Thanks :steve_csi:
    Quote from Maple333
    Quote from SKIpedy
    I've known about this server for quite a while, and I have to say, it's awesome. :) My IGN is SKIpedyX_CG btw.
    Quote from doctoredwardo88
    can i be member my ign is doctoredwardo8
    Quote from Taylortttv
    My ign is Taylortttv. I would really like to become member
    Quote from obviouslymejazz
    Quote from DeAtHxStAlKer24
    My IGN Is DeAtHxStAlKer42
    Quote from Ninjadogg17
    MY IGN IS Ninjadogg17 Thnx This Server Is Dope Freshness aka awesome
    Quote from Fire_Fox_Tsuna
    mine is Fire_Fox_Tsuna
    Quote from SpellHumb
    Quote from SteelyPipesMC
    Hey, I joined the server just today and I am LOVING IT! When I saw the plots this automatically became my favorite Creative server. So I was wondering if maybe I could get the Member rank?My IGN is SteelyPipes
    Quote from TheCrystal0912
    I already have this server and L.O.V.E IT! + I did get some Minecraft selfes with you while the Creative crash :3 *btw my IGN is IceCrystal0912*
    Quote from doctoredwardo88
    can i be member ? my ign is doctoredwardo8 and my minecraft username is doctoredwardo8 aswell
    Quote from miner00012
    my ign is miner000012
    Quote from Jojobeats11
    My IGN is Jojobeats11

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Our latest showcase of a build on our creative server.

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    posted a message on [1.10] Majestic Creative | FREE RANK AND /FLY | No Whitelist | PLOT WORLD | HUGE Plots | No Lag | Dedicated Server | Active
    Quote from pdog11
    ign: pdog11
    Quote from BudderHunterz
    this is an awesome creative server i love it :P i would love to become a member please >.< my IGN is Budder_Hunterz Thanks :)
    Quote from Chidchilli
    I wanna become a member! :D IGN: chidchilli
    Quote from MistyMay
    MIstyMay2 Is my Ign
    Quote from Lara_Croft97643
    My IGN Is Lara_Croft97643 May I have member please? My IGN Is Lara_Croft97643 May I have member please?
    Quote from Ultimate_Miners
    Hi my IGN is Ultimate_Miners. Couls you please give me the member rank?
    Quote from Wolf_Sparklez_
    :D Hi! My IGN is Wolf_Sparklez_
    Quote from yack_cky
    My IGN is: yack_cky I love the 100x100 plots in Majestic Creative!
    Quote from partydude11
    Epic server glad it reset i got stuck with a speed boost that crashed my game when i walked and i couldnt get rid of it (ign partydude11)
    Quote from andrewsexton
    hello i have been playing for about 5 months and i have become a pretty good builder. do /warp andrewsmh to see my latest build in progress. My IGN is DarkPheonix1258.
    Quote from xAlekthenDx
    IGN/Nickname: Alekthend Add me as member or a possible rank
    Quote from ArcaiPlays
    IGN; Cheetahchug
    Quote from DragonMaker
    My IGN is hghyfjhg its true dont blame me I was really mad at my computer
    Quote from Elette
    ign: Elette
    Quote from stormguy111
    IGN: stormguy111
    Quote from InnMac8
    InnMac8 Is my IGN :steve_lol:Thanks for listening
    Quote from jdog7733
    ign: jdog7733
    Quote from coolyoutube2
    Can i be member rank my IGN is coolyoutube2 (BTW cool new spawn keep up to good work)
    Quote from candeecane21
    My IGN is aliarcy :steve_sillyface: :steve_lol: Can i be a member?
    Quote from NinjaFreckles
    My IGN in NinjaFreckles.The other creator has the IGN of calicocruzer.We would be so grateful if we could become a builder.The warps are:/warp the_midevil_times_that_will_amaze_u/warp mansion_for_awesome_peeps_(you_will_like_it)/warp THE_1_and_only_awesome_village :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :GP: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_joyous: :steve_lol: :steve_lol: :steve_lol: :steve_lol: :steve_lol: :steve_lol: :steve_sillyface: :steve_sillyface: :steve_sillyface: :steve_sillyface: :steve_sillyface: :,,,,: :////: :||||: Thanks a BUNCH!

    All added! Welcome to Majestic Creative!
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