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    Looking for players who would like to play any of these Modpacks on our server.[/b]
    The server is 24/7 with plenty of room for people.[/p]
    Modpack we currently run:[/b]
    Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles
    Final Frontier
    Sevtech Ages
    Ape Strong Together

    EXPERIMENTAL[/b] - Ape Strong Together
    (A new Modpack we are making so if you want to support us feel free to download it from CurseForge)[/p]
    Sevtech[/b] is currently the most popular with player Event happening every few days/weeks.
    Example: Build a path from home to spawn for a special reward[/b][/p]
    You can find the Ip for each Modpack on our Discord Server.[/b]
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Gtx8qHs4Fx[/i][/p]
    Were looking forward to hearing from you!!![/b]
    There's plenty of Great people for you to meet!

    [/b][/p] If you need any kind of answers feel free to dm any of the Admins on the discord server.[/b]
    If you'd like my Discord name its EggnogSama#3114

    [/p] A few rules to keep in mind before joining[/b]
    --No Griefing (Stealing, killing destroying etc.)
    --Don't be Toxic (Mean, Unreasonable)
    --No Harassing
    --Use Common Sense[/p]
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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username:EggnogSama
    • Platform you play on: PC
    • Age:19
    • Gender:Male
    • Country/Timezone:GMT+2
    • How someone should contact you:
    • Discord: EggnogSama#3114
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft:3-4years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game:Automate/Redstone
    • Any additional things you want to say:
    • I love Modpacks, especialy ones with automation/puzzle solving/quests
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    posted a message on Looking For People to play Sevtech Ages of the Sky with

    I'm looking for mature people (who wont blow up/destroy hours worth of work) to join my Sevtech Ages of the sky server.

    I host a MC server with the Modpack Sevtech Ages of the sky for me and a few others to play on
    i host it every day (GMT+2) whenever someones asks.
    I always join them to keep them company and progress with the game.

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