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    posted a message on I have to Login to Microsoft every time I want to play

    Might want to report it on the bug tracker, could be that Linux doesn't play well with the new login system and it doesn't remember you.

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    posted a message on Axolotls killing themselves?!

    They die if they're out of water for more than five minutes so it probably has something to do with that.

    Maybe if the chunk isn't loaded they don't move?

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    posted a message on World Edit Stairs not cooperating

    I've had the same issue, I think it started when they finally disabled block ids. I've also had problems with glass panes not connecting to anything when I place them with world edit and I think that might be for the same reason.

    I don't have a solution for copying directly, but when setting or replacing stairs at least I've found that if you specify their direction in an NBT tag it works. You could do something like

    //replace prismarine_stairs prismarine_stairs[facing=north]

    to set the correct orientation after copy and pasting. A bit cludgy but that's the best way I've found so far.

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    posted a message on I calculated my total Minecraft playtime. Intresting storytime:

    Tallying up the playtime from the worlds on my current computer comes out to ~2000 hours. I've had it since around 2017 and I started playing sometime around 2012 or 2013 so I'd say a low estimate of total time would be double that, 4000 hours.

    I do feel like I used to play minecraft a lot more than I do now though and, unlike some people, I've lost a lot of my old worlds, so could be as high as 6000 I'd say.

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    posted a message on A Heavily WIP Yet to be Named Map

    Update 11: Castle Rebuild 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    Quote from silveroug2»

    Progress is still coming along, I should have the next update ready shortly.

    Anywhooo, it's been a while. Things have been progressing, these past 7 months, albeit a little slower than I would like. The biggest thing that's changed since my last post is that I've just finished rebuilding the castle again, well the exterior anyway, still working on inside. Honestly there's so much space inside I'm not even sure what I'm going to fill it with. I may have gone a little bit overboard with the imposing factor but I think it looks great. Mainly I cut the back off, pushed the front out and built on top of that new space. In my last redesign I think I said I didn't care that those windows on the back were a strategic nightmare but if the story's going to be focused on power struggles I think it makes sense that the castle is at least a little bit secure. Overall, I'm super happy with how it turned out, in all likelihood this will be the final major revision.

    Here's just another render of just the castle, that's a bit easier to see the detail in. I really like how the tower turned out, I tried out a new roof style on it and personally I think it works great. It's absolutely going to be some sort of laboratory/wizard's tower when I finish the interior. The larger dome will likely be the treasury (because that's just ridiculous) and the smaller dome will be the new private chapel.

    I've been exploring chunky recently and I'm honestly impressed how easy it is to get beautiful renders out of it - like the ones in this post. Shaders are great and all, but if you're willing to wait (and have enough memory) you can render your whole world in chunky, the one at the top of the post took 14 hours but I think it was worth it. If you look carefully just behind the castle for example, you can just about see the rooftops of Fairgrove, which even at max render distance aren't loaded from the castle. That alone opens up so many more possibilities and I'm sure I'm only just scratching the surface of what it can do.

    In other news, I've also built that market street with a mansion beside it, the shipyard is basically done, and I've added a graveyard wrapping around the base of the cathedral. I'd like to get started on the street that goes to the north gate but I haven't settled on a style for those houses yet. That's the next thing that really needs work and then all that's left to do is the simple and easy, I'm sure it won't take another 5 years, step of doing all the interiors for all the houses. After that the build is essentially complete, and I can get to work on the adventure map part of it, which I'm sure will be quick and easy too. Some screenshots of those changes below.

    So this is an overview of basically all the new buildings. I'm not sure I'm sold on the sandstone style I went with for the market street, but I do like that it stands out. The mansion dead center is actually fully furnished, I'm thinking that's the house of the landlord for the shops on down the street, possibly also the harbourmaster. The ship in the shipyard is my best design yet, but I'm still not super happy with how the shape of it turned out, and I still need to do the sails, so it's probably in for some more revisions eventually.

    Said market street, still needs more decoration. I'm thinking various storefronts will jut out onto the street. This area has a very different vibe from the rest of the city, and while that's interesting I'm still not sure that it fits so I haven't fully committed to this yet.

    This is the square from my last update, I wasn't really happy with it so I redid it and came up with this. I'm really happy with how the clocktower turned out. You can also see the new graveyard in this shot.

    This is just a better image of the new graveyard, I wasn't really sure how to put houses in this area so I decided it would be better to leave it sort of open.

    I'll close off this update with some street level shots of the new shops by the clocktower. I'm fairly happy with how these turned out, right now I'm thinking with a few more tweaks I could use this style for the market road to the north gate. The facade floating about the water in the overview shot is another option I've been toying with for that area of the city but I think they might be a little too far from the style of the rest of the town.

    I can't say that updates will be more consistent from here on out, but I can say that I'm determined to finish this city eventually and I'll keep posting here every now and then.

    Actually if anybody has any ideas what to put in the castle please let me know, I've got a library, giant throne room, treasury, ballroom, dining hall, guest bedrooms, royal bedrooms, servants quarters, council chambers, private chapel, alchemy lab, dungeon, guard barracks, and still a metric tonne of empty space.

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    posted a message on Will it be possible to build below bedrock in 1.17 on words generated pre 1.17?

    I'm no expert but I don't think they can modify existing chunks with an update, non-destructively anyway.

    If they do anything I might expect new chunks to have bedrock walls below 0 on the sides bordering old chunks.

    But they haven't said anything about it so who knows?

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    posted a message on even more (theory of TOOL)

    excuse me?

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    posted a message on Problems after changing minecraft username

    They probably logged your old username and haven't updated it yet.

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    posted a message on Different mossy variants to blend better on lush caves

    I'm not sure how useful mossy clay would be, but I can definitely see more mossy stone types.

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    posted a message on mc forum

    This forum is a lot more dead than it used to be, I like the more chilled out vibe honestly, but at one point you could almost count on having a discussion close to real time.

    I'm sure it's a lot easier on the servers now at least, there's only 100ish users online right now (that's the highest I've seen in a while too) compared to the peak of nearly 35,000 in 2014.

    On topic, I much prefer this forum to reddit, probably the biggest minecraft community right now. I've always liked the way threads are set up here better, I find on reddit it's less about discussion and more about content, if that makes sense. Maybe that's just a consequence of having less traffic though.

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    posted a message on Question for Minecrafters

    They probably wanted the player to feel unique, makes the world more unknown I suppose

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on Hardcore mode?
    Quote from YeahSoUhh»

    Yeeeeaahh... Having just one chance in a game is more difficult than infinite chances, and it still technically affects moment to moment gameplay because you have to be real careful with what you're doing at all times. And you don't have the chance to switch difficulties to save yourself. Opinion or not, that still counts as being harder.

    Oh dear god. No, no and no. I'd rather be tortured for 3 years straight before that nightmare stuff is added. Why do you think those ideas get shot down without mercy? "They would add to the challenge without being too annoying"? Are you honestly being serious? Wrong wrong and wrong. Those ideas aren't touching the game for that very reason alone. Those garbage additions would just be headaches we'd have to keep thinking about that break the flow of gameplay. The addition of hunger alone still angers a lot of people.

    Natural disasters are just trollish things that would happen to our worlds out of nowhere. That isn't difficulty, it's fake difficulty. Why do people even keep bringing these ideas up? There were already tweets/announcements saying ideas like this would never happen. It's like fighting villagers, people keep suggesting it when Microsoft/Mojang themselves said it wasn't ever gonna happen.

    Just because they're the player's choice to use them doesn't suddenly make the ideas better, because there's no place for that in vanilla. This is why things like that work best as mods. Hardcore still allows you full freedom, and you can throw yourself at danger if you want, but the cost is much higher if you screw up.

    Difficulty is a subjective thing, ultimately. The developers can add more challenging mechanics or more consequence but it's up to player whether or not they feel the additions make it more difficult. Personally, when I'm playing hardcore (rarely I'll admit) it doesn't feel any more difficult than hard to me, maybe I'm just a person who doesn't see consequence as difficulty whereas you do.

    As far as the other suggestions I made, I never claimed they're the best suggestions in the world, just that I see them come up frequently so they're the first things I thought of. Whatever form it takes, I'd like to see more difficult mechanics added to hardcore as in my opinion it isn't fundamentally different from survival.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»
    I would like a higher difficulty tier than hard that still provided more than one chance being added to the game, some players would want something like that so there could be more challenges added to the game without destroying the classic feel of the game for long term players who have gotten used to the mechanics in the current game and don't want those changed.

    Expert mode could have things like food poisoning, pillager raids being much more destructive and can dismantle stone walls, and loot chests and attack player bases, and with regard to natural disasters, those could be limited to specific biomes only, like volcanic eruptions occurring in a new biome called volcanic, but not without warning, to give players enough time to escape danger, and that if they choose to ignore the warning such as the rumbling sound of the earthquake, then the consequences are on them.

    Or better yet, natural disasters could simply become a world option, disabled by default, so players have the choice to enable them if they want them.

    I'm not sure I'd like pillagers to steal my stuff but it could add an incentive to seek out pillager towers if they stored it all there. I'd imagine the novelty of natural disasters would wear off pretty quick honestly so a toggle would be welcomed.

    I really like hardcore mode because it reminds me of when video games were hard. I enjoy the challenge of only having one life, and the punishment of your world becoming unplayable after you lose that life.

    Oh I'd agree, some games are just insultingly easy. I guess you could compare hardcore to arcade games and the like where you had to start from the beginning every time, in a way that makes accomplishments more impactful. As I mentioned before though, for me that gets overshadowed by the threat of losing it all, and personally that's not what I play minecraft for.

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on Hardcore mode?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    A Very Hard mode or Survival Expert mode with the unlimited respawns but much more advanced survival mechanics would be nice, then Mojang could begin adding far more customizations to the vanilla experience, with this new difficulty mode having monsters deal higher damage, you having to have all your hunger points restored to get natural regeneration, not just 9 out of 10 drumsticks or 20/20 points full.

    Natural disasters, diseases, rarer ore generation, enchanted books from librarians and emeralds from other villagers trades being twice as expensive or more, skeletons could have higher probability to use Flame bows, monsters will be able to wake you up at night in your bed if your base isn't secure, pillagers able to steal player items and break into buildings, and invade player bases exclusively on expert or hardcore mode only,

    They could customize it to give an optional limited lives system, either infinite or 3 lives only then the world gets delete.

    These ideas as long as they're not forced on the lower difficulty modes will provide the game enough of a challenge, but not so much that the game ends up being ruined for everyone else. Mojang should add these in my honest opinion because this does fit the sandbox concept of the game.

    Quote from somuchdirt»

    Honestly, I think their time is better spent on things that affect all players. Cave update is a good example of that. I won't lie, I think it would be very interesting to see mechanics like that in minecraft, it's just a fact that it kind of divides the fanbase while also having to balance another version of the game. They already have java and bedrock to worry about. Things can easily get messy or neglected since all this does require time to make. I'm a bit surprised you can't edit world conditions.. Things like being able to adjust mob density, hunger rate, some of the things you mentioned etc, similar to games like don't starve.

    That's a really good point, I'd love to see more mechanics like agtrigormortis mentioned but it might not be such a great idea from a development standpoint. Mojang probably has enough resources to create a separate hardcore team though. More customized world generation would be great, does anyone know if they have plans to bring back customized worlds? I'm sure they could add those options there.
    Quote from Chokolada»

    I don't know it probably just has something to do with accomplishment of hard tasks and dedication. When you play on hardcore everything becomes more valuable and of course you really rage when you die :P. Of course minecraft hardcore could be improved for example they could add illusioner to be hardcore-exclusive and maybe some other mobs/buildings/NPCs... Sometimes hardcore can lose it's use that would be the case if you just do farming or something that is not dangerous like exploring caves, Nether... Minecraft hardcore isn't actually mine favorite thing to do because it just gets boring within couple of days/week I prefer multiplayer with friends but yeah there's definitely something interesting with the fact once you die you just spectate world you used to modify :)

    Yeah, I guess that's the main draw of hardcore. I guess it's just always been a little bit disappointing to me.

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on Hardcore mode?
    Quote from YeahSoUhh»

    Uhhhh, yes. Yes it does. Technically that's just straight up objectively wrong. Having one life is harder than having infinite lives. It's not the most creative idea in the world to add difficulty in that way, but it still adds difficulty. I'm not here to stomp on your opinion, but I don't see how Hardcore Mode is as bizarre as you think it is.

    I agree, Hardcore isn't this genius idea for adding difficulty, and I think there should be an "Expert" or "Harder" mode that still has infinite (or maybe even limited) lives where the damage done to the player is higher than Hard. But Hardcore Mode is fine too. As for the part I marked in blue, this is something a lot of players love. The freedom of doing what you want is still there, you just have to be careful to not rush into those Zombie Pigmen fights where you're outnumbered. You have to think a little more before rushing into the Nether with little to no armor. You have to plan your movements before throwing yourself in those Cave Spider filled abandoned mines.

    Maybe you find it ridiculous that days and days of work could vanish from one mistake, but that hanging over your head is something a lot players adore because it keeps them on their toes. The mere fact of infinite lives spoils it for them. There's probably some players out there going "how can anyone NOT play hardcore mode? if you can just respawn forever, where's the real challenge?" Again, Hardcore Mode isn't for everyone, and no one is forced to play it.

    I'd still argue that the added consequence of hardcore does not make it more difficult than hard moment to moment. Damage does not change, hunger depletion does not change, the length of a night doesn't change, mob spawning rates don't change, the only change is the consequence of failure. That forces you to be far more careful, of course, but the actual difficulty is the same. But honestly its just semantics at this point, I think you understand what I mean.

    Aside from that, I can see how it would appeal to a player that likes the heightened level of danger and feels that being able to respawn is a detriment to the experience. For that reason, I appreciate that Mojang added it, more options for the player base is never a bad thing. I guess I'm just not a fan of it, though I would be interested in an expert or very hard difficulty.
    Quote from somuchdirt»

    Yeah, hardcore is not for everyone. These kind of modes should always be optional. If there was a similar mode available to how I described in my previous post then I could easily see myself gravitate towards it while not being too scared to have creative builds or try risky things... Even if it meant losing all items in chests. I've played so many permadeath games, stuff like FTL (faster than light) and there's something special about accomplishing those things, it can also give nail biting moments that you wouldn't get in a normal game. We can bring up such games but the reality is that a lot of them are designed around such mode.. The time invested while still experiencing the best parts of the game is not as punishing as Minecraft.

    I agree with some of the posts above how hardcore in minecraft is more about the consequence than adding challenging mechanics. I wouldn't expect them to make super challenging bosses or something tho. There's nothing wrong with skipping builds etc. to beeline the enderdragon or whatever your end goal is, but in order to not have a ton of time with EVERYTHING flushed down the drain over a slip up, then you can't get too involved building ambitious things or long adventures, which puts a huge dent in minecrafts charm/gameloop.

    If my character dies several times in survival then I got the supplies to easily get back on my feet. I may experience moments of panic, they are less likely to happen now. Having those super intense moments don't really exist for me. Also, at some point it's going to be difficult to decide, "okay now I'm finished." The experience of having to start from scratch serves a unique vibe and I rather not ignore. So I guess my plans are to keep playing on this world, but if it gets stale then I'll fly far away and start a new base without my items. I hope that explains why I hope for such mode to be available some day, cause it really would offer a unique feel for the game. Ooop I just read there's no hardcore in bedrock so looks like I can't even experience that anytime soon. lol

    I love FTL, I've been playing a lot of slay the spire recently too, and darkest dungeon is fun even though I'm not very good at it, I generally enjoy rougelikes. Games like that work because they really lean into it and the fun comes from understanding and using the systems to your advantage, and then delivering a satisfying pay-off. And like you said, Minecraft wasn't designed like that, so hardcore's always felt a bit tacked on to me, that's not to say I think they should remove it though, the people who like it would be really mad at that.

    Rather than really hard bosses, I'd like to see them add more challenging mechanics to hardcore or a different expert mode with respawns like you mentioned. I think it would be interesting to add the common suggestions like thirst and temperature, maybe even natural disasters, that get shot down for being too disruptive to hardcore (or a special expert mode). In a mode like that, they would add to the challenge without being too annoying as it's the player's choice to use them or not. I doubt that they ever will though.

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on Hardcore mode?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    It was never meant to be a difficult game, but it isn't overly easy either, I can think of games that are far more stupidly easy and boring, Fez being one of them, death is literally inconsequential in that game, you don't get game overs, when you die you just respawn and worst of all you lose nothing, no items.

    At least in Minecraft there is a consequence for death, even on modes lower than hardcore, the possibly of losing items and you definitely don't get all your XP back, and you may lose track of where your items were, or what happened to me once on my current survival world, where I picked up most of my gear, but a netherrite hoe (which I crafted, it wasn't from a rare trade thank goodness) just glitched through the ground so was lost due to being out of site, which was absurd but whatever, I can make a new one, I just have to keep my feather falling 4 boots on to prevent another death by falling.

    The reason I took them off is because they had frost walker, so were a potential hazard for me when I was using riptide while it was raining over an ocean. In bedrock edition frost walker causes water to become ice even if you're stationary on the X and Z coordinates, which should not happen, but it does and is a known bug.

    I don't feel like the game should be made too much harder though, otherwise enchantments would begin to lose their value because enchantments would then be unable to protect you from most hazards in the game., then it would defeat the point of the addition of enchantments and potions.

    In the Caves and Cliffs update I am predicting that ravines will become much more dangerous so we will need to be extra careful about them by the time this update is released to all versions. At the moment though with full enchanted armour ravines don't matter all that much, even with ones with lava at the bottom if you've got Fire Protection 4, you usually have enough time to get out before fatal damage is done, but you shouldn't mess around or you'll pay the price for it because lava can destroy non netherite items.

    I've never played fez, but yeah I heard it wasn't that great.

    As far as minecraft, I actually like the level of consequence in regular survival, it's enough to make you want to stay alive but it's not so punishing that you don't want to play. For me at least, hardcore pushes too far towards the punishing side and I see no incentive to play it. I'd be more interested in it if there were more changes to the core gameplay, currently it doesn't feel any harder than the regular game but if I mess up, I lose everything. IMO that isn't more difficult, it's just more annoying.
    Quote from YeahSoUhh»

    Yeah uhhh...

    It's simple, if playing that mode is an issue, then just don't play it. People wanted a difficulty harder than Hard, and what's exactly what they got.

    The mode is not for everyone. It prevents people from getting careless or completely fearless about "well I'll just run back to the spot I died and pick up all my stuff". It adds that sense that one mistake will cost you everything so you better make every move count. This is the added difficulty that people wanted. A lot of people who play it already created everything imaginable and now want to play against the game instead of having all that pure freedom.

    Simply to see "how good I am" or "how far I could go" just for the heck of it.

    Yeah I figured that would come up, I don't play hardcore, I think I've tried it twice - fairly recently and quite a while ago. Which is why I made this thread, personally I think it's a weird design choice to add more consequence rather than more difficulty in a "hardcore" mode. That doesn't make it any more difficult than hard.

    As far as that last sentence, I've always seen it as a challenge mode, but not a very compelling one, I don't really understand why you put so much effort into something that will ultimately end in failure.

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