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    Quote from Skullad

    Try connecting using<INSERTPORTHERE>
    It should act the same as localhost, but allow you to add a port in. I'm a bit confused about what you mean when you say you can't use ports if you connect using localhost?
    You should also be able to connect using your external IP if you have your server set up correctly.

    Try creating the server using online-mode: false and see if it changes anything. If it doesn't, make sure you set it back to true!

    It's highly likely that I don't know what I'm talking about when I talk about localhost, considering I've never heard of it before, so please excuse my ignorance :tongue.gif:

    Well the problem is I never touched my internet settings or my server settings, or pretty much anything. It just suddenly stopped working.

    But yeah, I've tried out and here are my findings.

    I have three options currently listed in my server list for this server.
    (My own IP, which I will hide):25565
    and localhost.

    Localhost has full green bars and works fine, My external IP says "Can't reach server" and doesn't work, and says there is a communication error, but oddly works fine.

    This is all very confusing.

    Edit: And I've tried the online/offline modes, didn't change anything (other people could join but I couldn't)
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    Here's some extra info I forgot to add:

    I run my server on a PC.
    I also own a mac (That I tried using to get on my server, and failing)
    Java is up to date.
    No mods installed.
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    So basically, I've been running a server with my friends for quite a while. It usually holds about 3-4 people on a daily basis, so it's never had THAT much load. But yesterday, I booted up the server and couldn't join. My friends could, but I couldn't.

    I never even got a signal from my server. I tried pretty much everything I knew, and even googled around and hopped on the most easy fixes on the support topics.

    Like using Localhost as your ip. That worked, but now I can't use ports, which I really need to use (to avoid telling people to not play on my server :/).

    So I need a final fix that will make it so I can join my own server again.

    I've tried
    changing ports to several different numbers (after forwarding, of course)
    using a different server client (from .jar to .exe)
    generating a new settings.properties
    booting up other, smaller maps (same problem, I couldn't join but my friends could)
    Closing pretty much every other internet using thing in the house and trying. still doesn't work (and I have pretty fast internet here in Korea)
    Using a different computer on the same IP to try to join.

    None of these worked.

    I think it's worth noting that I've been having internet problems lately, but nothing as odd as not being able to join my own server.

    So yeah. Help would be lovely, friends.

    Edit: It's also worth mentioning that I can join OTHER servers.
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    Please post screenshots for peoples' convenience, and in the future make sure to title your threads properly with the correct format.

    Otherwise, your map seems pretty decent. Try to make the blue coaster have a stop, it keeps looping.

    Oh, and try to have more of a view in the map, so we can see the outside world whilst riding our coaster. Have attractions in the background, like pixel art or buildings, or cotton candy stands, etc.
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    Are you serious?

    You post a map that's already been done by other people in much better quality,

    Tell us straight off that you have a pirated copy of Minecraft, which is evident by your screenshots, and you have the balls to ask for donations for a project that other people have already done?

    Wow. Just wow.

    If you had bought Minecraft and didn't ask for donations, then I wouldn't be as angry as I am. But this is frankly just insulting towards our community.
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